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PW Boards Draft 2019 - Official Write-Ups Thread

  • 07-02-2019 11:16pm
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    Welcome one and all to Official 2019 Write-Ups Thread!

    For those new to the game, I strongly encourage you to check out last years thread to see what others have done.
    Some go crazy and submit many shows and a PPV - others simply post their dream card from their available roster.

    I can't strongly stress enough though that at minimum a PPV card with planned matches from your roster should be posted if at all possible (I know there are some with busy RL schedules, but a single post with simply the match-ups wouldn't take too long to compile :D )

    Anyways, here are the rules for the write-ups this year, please make a note of the deadline:
    - Posting is highly encouraged. Participants don't have to write weekly shows for their rosters if they don't want to. Its up to you if you want to do shows, however this is NOT MANDATORY.

    - There is a max to what you can post. Last year after plenty of back and forth on the issue, it was voted by the participants that there would be a 4 post limit. This is still in place for 2019.
    You can use your 4 posts as you please, whether it be 4 posts totally devoted to a PPV, or 3 weekly shows and a PPV, or whatever your creative mind whats to do.
    The only requirement is that you have a PPV card for at least 1 post as that is what you will be judged on.

    - the deadline for submissions shall be 4 weeks after the final pick is made in the Picks thread. There is no plan at present to issue any extension.

    - Once the submission deadline is passed, voting cards will be issued via PM. Players will have 1 week to read up on shows and submit their votes.

    You may commence your write ups any time from now until the deadline (which will be updated once the final pick has been made).

    Good luck all!


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    Welcome one and all to NCW - Behind the Scenes: Our primetime preview show ahead of the crown jewel of our calendar year -

    NCW - Natural Selection IV!

    Here we're going to give a breakdown of the matches, why they came about and all of the major movers and shakers in NCW for the past 12 months.

    Without further adieu, let's get this show on the road!
    The Villain VS The Best

    "CM Punk, I'd like to bring CM Punk out of retirement and wrestle him for sure. I don't know if CM Punk listens to this show, but if he does… but CM Punk, if you're watching, come out of retirement. We can cause quite a bother of a wrestling match. What do you say? And that'd be fun, right? Yeah, that's one for the headlines!"
    Sourced quote

    Shots across the bow before either man was signed to the NCW Roster for the 2019 season were fired by Marty Scurll. Upon hearing of his trade deal to join NCW in place of Rob Van Dam, Scurll was noted to have taken one look at the roster and jumped on a plane to sign the contract.

    Indeed ‘The Villain’ would be in the crowd as a guest on Tuesday Night Destruction as co-owners Necro and Shane McMahon unveiled Punk as their flagship signing.

    Scurll wasted no time in making himself known to ‘The Best In The World’ – hopping the barricade and entering the ring to stand face to face with the man he had been clamouring for a match with for almost two years at this point.
    Yet Punk would decline Scurll’s challenge – stating it would never be a money match, which is his business nowadays. He told Scurll to call him in 20 years when he hit even half of the heights that Punk had. Maybe then he’d consider it – if the price was right.

    Scurll would be left standing in the ring, frustrated and angry at the rejection by the man he had wanted to face.

    Punk would go on to face off against Strowman for the NCW Championship whilst Scurll began his career in NCW facing Joey Abs in his debut match. Scurll made quick work of Abs and immediately got on the mic, stating he would not be ignored and that this would be his year.

    And he proved a man of his word as later that night he would interfere in the Championship match, striking Punk with his umbrella, directly resulting in Punk losing his hugely hyped return match to the undefeated Monster Among Men.

    Scurll would appear on Tuesday Night Destruction to denigrate Punk, expecting an immediate response – but it would not happen. Behind the scenes Punk had stormed away after the PPV, claiming Shane McMahon planned the screwjob to further humiliate Punk just like his father had.

    Punk took to Twitter and said he was done with NCW, claiming the company never really wanted him there in the first place, and that McMahon only brought him in to make a fool of him one more time. Questions raged about Scurll, and Punk refused to answer them repeatedly.

    Scurll ramped up the pressure, mocking Punk’s persona and indeed claiming it for his own. ‘The Best Villain in The World’ continued his tirade on social media, repeatedly calling out Punk and making light of his UFC career.

    Yet Punk still refused to engage with Scurll – and again reiterated he was done with wrestling, and that NCW could kiss his ass while he sat on it and waited out his contract.

    Eventually the furore died down and NCW continued on without their prized asset, but Scurll would not let it lie, taking matters into his own hands.

    At a Comic-Con event in Chicago, where Punk was a guest of honour – Scurll would show up and continue his tirade in front of thousands of fans. Punk finally snapped, and a brawl broke out between the two men that was not easily seperated. As he stormed off the stage, there was a look in Punk’s eyes as Scurll was stunningly cheered loudly by his once loyal, rabid fanbase.

    Scurll would appear on NCW again, ‘The Best Villain in The World’ and state he was done with Punk. He saw it in his eyes at the event – Punk was afraid. He was now a beaten down old man, trying to squeeze the last few droplets of cash out of anyone that would have him. He told the NCW crowd that Punk charged over $25,000 for his appearance – to his own fans in his own city. Punk had become everything he once railed against – a part time loser clinging on to fame for that last pay cheque.

    And finally… Punk would answer. To the shock of the fans and Scurll, Punk appeared and came to the ring to face ‘The Villain’. Punk said that finally – he understood what he loved about wrestling again. For a long time, he had hated everything about it. The work, the constant travel, being away from his family – and it got to the point where he hated it.

    But Scurll had showed him something at Comic Con – the fans. It reminded Punk of himself back in the days of ROH, scratching and clawing to climb the ladder and become more than everyone said he could possibly be. He said he had to admire Scurll, he was nothing if not persistent. Perhaps Scurll could be… not ‘The Best in The World’, that was him and that would never change – but perhaps Scurll could be a star on his level.

    So forget about 20 years and what he said before, he wanted to see whether Scurll could truly back up his words right now. This time it was Punk making the challenge – to a one on one match at Natural Selection, against Marty Scurll. He warned Scurll to be careful what he wished for – because The Best in The World was coming for The Villain.

    Scurll accepted and the staredown between the two men was cheered louder than possibly anything heard before at an NCW event.

    And now the stage is set. The old lion will defend his patch against a new pretender to his crown. CM Punk will step inside the squared circle to face Marty Scurll in one of the most hyped matches in NCW history.

    A Monster Problem

    Elsewhere Braun Strowman has continued his utter dominance of NCW as Champion, continuing on from his monumental win in the main event of Natural Selection last year.

    Lou Thesz – the man who retired Antonio Inoki last year, returned from his injury shorn of his UnCorrupted stable members, but not of his new attitude. Thesz continued to rail against the perceived injustices in the company.

    Strowman’s controversial aforementioned defence against CM Punk gave Thesz even more ammo to run down both the champion and NCW itself, Thesz claiming favoritism for the champion and NCW doing everything they possibly can to keep the aura of Strowman alive.

    Strowman would respond in typical fashion and storm the ring, Thesz beating a hasty retreat and claiming he was being set up by management to be hurt.

    In fact it was Strowman that issued the challenge to Thesz, stating how Thesz liked to talk a lot but not do much about it. He laid his title down on the mat called Thesz down to the ring. Thesz accepted the offer and the match would take place that night.

    The wily Thesz stunned the NCW universe however, attacking Strowman backstage with a cinder block to his knee, and when a defiant champion came to the ring determined to gain revenge – Thesz would utilise this opportunity and hand Strowman his first ever loss in NCW, claiming the NCW Title in the process.

    The subsequent rematch provided further stress on a clearly injured Strowman’s knee, but this time he would battle through the pain barrier and was on the cusp of winning when Thesz scarpered from the ring, handing Strowman the victory by count out – but not the title.

    The following night Thesz would claim he was finished with Strowman, he had tried and failed to regain the title and now was the time for a new contender to come forth. Step forward Pete Gas to the outrage of the crowd, and Thesz stated that Gas would be his opponent for Natural Selection. He believed – unlike NCW – in giving people the chance to better themselves, and Gas would have the ultimate opportunity to do so on the grandest stage of them all.

    Yet Necro would have other ideas about this plan of Lou Thesz’s. He came to the stage and stated that whilst he applauded Thesz’s attempts, Pete Gas would have to prove he was worthy of a title shot. Necro stated if Gas could overcome his opponent in the main event tonight, he would make a believer out of Necro, and he could even choose the stipulation for the match.

    Gas accepted immediately despite the protests of Lou Thesz – and Necro unveiled the enraged Strowman as his opponent.

    The main event lasted 4.5 seconds, as Strowman destroyed Thesz’s would be ‘contender’. Necro was true to his word and allowed the victor to choose the match type for Natural Selection... and Strowman stated his choice would ensure Thesz had no way to run from – and no way to hide…

    An enraged Thesz however would attack Strowman and do further damage to the already injured knee. Against medical advice, Strowman has grimly pushed on however and on Sunday, the two men will meet inside the dreaded structure.

    Can the force of Strowman overcome The Greatest Ever? Or will the injured knee play too much of a factor and allow Thesz to retain his title?

    Factions Collide:

    Meanwhile, Shane McMahon was busy putting his own little group together to assert control over NCW. His first recruit – The Celtic Warrior, and reigning NCW Rising Star Champion – Sheamus. Over the next few weeks more were added to the ranks in the form of the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, The World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock – and the three colluded with Shane to assist their newest recruits in gaining the NCW Tag Team Championships – The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan.

    Cue the arrival of The Bullet Club – Prince Devitt – otherwise known as Finn Balor – Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga. This impressive fivesome were highly coveted by Shane who personally brought them to NCW and planned to include them into his stable. Shane even offered to change the New Corporation’s name and together the 11 men would become a juggernaut, with no one having the power to stop them – The Corporate Club.

    But Finn and his counterparts would reject Shane’s advances, stating they worked alone and no name change or promises in the world could change their mind.

    So, a change of tact from Shane. His New Corporation systematically attacked the Bullet Club at every opportunity, and NCW was now on the brink of a civil war between the warring factions.

    Balor would challenge his Irish counterpart Sheamus – the anointed leader of the New Corporation – to a match for the Rising Star Championship at Natural Selection.

    Shane himself would interject and force Balor into a gauntlet match against the entire New Corporation in order to earn his shot – with the rest of the Bullet Club barred from ringside.

    Balor would battle gamely through Buchanan, Boss Man, Shamrock and somehow squeak a win against Henry – but Sheamus would leave him laying and take the win. Balor was then systematically beaten down by the other members, and as Balor’s Club mates attempted to aid him they were also taken out.
    Sheamus would add the ultimate insult to Balor, driving him with force through the announce table with his own maneuver, the Coup De Gras.

    Balor would not be seen for weeks as rumours swirled that the weight and force of Sheamus had crushed Balor’s ribs.

    During that time the New Corporation repeatedly beat down the other members of the Club, and declared themselves the winners of a war that never really started.

    That night Fale and Tonga took on Boss Man and Buchanan for the NCW Tag Team Championships, and Balor chose that point to return – as the Demon.

    Sheamus would hightail it from ringside as Fale delivered the Bad Luck Fall to Boss Man – and new tag champions would be crowned. To make matters worse, Shane was left stranded and Demon Balor would deliver a Coup De Gras of his own to the co-owner.

    Shane’s reaction was one of fury, and he determined that the Bullet Club would be eradicated from NCW for good at Natural Selection.

    Sheamus and Balor would collide for the NCW Rising Star Championship, just as Balor wanted.

    The countrymen will clash in an extremely personal encounter – one wonders which version of Balor will arrive at the event.


    Shane himself, alongside Henry, Boss Man and Buchanan would take on the other four members of the Bullet Club in a 4 on 4 elimination match – with a dramatic stipulation. The losers of this match must disband their stable and never team together again. The implications for both sets and indeed the NCW Tag Team Championships could be monumental.


    Who will reign supreme at Natural Selection – The New Corporation or The Bullet Club?

    The Beautiful Alliance

    As for the women’s division - With Chyna and Beth Phoenix departing for other companies, a void was created in NCW which had so far seen 4 champions crowned. Necro turned to his old reliables for help – Velvet Sky – a former roster member – and her long-time friend and partner – Angelina Love. Necro immediately arranged for a match between the two to crown a brand new NCW Women’s Champion.

    Yet the Beautiful People would orchestrate the perfect heist to keep their friendship and also claim the gold. A double pin left questions rather than answers – which we would find out the following night.

    Love and Sky claimed dual ownership over the Women’s Championship, planning to defend it as stables in the past had done with tag team titles. The new – ‘Beautiful People’ rule it was proclaimed by them. Necro would respond and state that while he disagreed with their decision, there was nothing much he could do if they chose to defend the title that way.

    But not for long – as he introduced the newest signing to NCW – Michelle McCool. Necro immediately booked a triple threat match for the title and stated there could only be one winner, one champion. McCool vowed to take the title from the Beautiful People and give it back the respect that it deserved.

    At Agony, it would seem McCool would in fact do just that, taking both Love and Sky to the limit in an exciting and fast paced contest. Yet again, The Beautiful People were one step ahead. They played the numbers game to perfection and eventually wore down McCool. Both members pinned her at the same time – and thus they kept their reign intact.

    To add insult to injury they locked McCool in a dumpster after the match and pushed it off the stage – McCool has not been heard from since. The Beautiful People planned a ‘eulogy on the career of Michelle McCool’ for Tuesday Night Destruction.

    Running down the career of McCool proved to be a mistake however, and the casket they wheeled out to dump a lock of her hair and a photo of her into was not actually empty.

    A familiar GONG was heard in the arena and McCool herself, clad in a version of her husband’s ring gear.

    The Beautiful People beat a hasty retreat from the ring as McCool vowed that both women would ‘Rest In Peace’ at Natural Selection.

    Can McCool and her new outlook overcome the duo of Love and Sky to gain the title?

    Or will the force of the Beautiful People be too much for her to withstand?

    Can Love and Sky keep their alliance alive given only one can leave this Sunday as champion?

    Hardcore Beginnings:

    The departure of Rob Van Dam to WWF Classic left a huge void in the newly created Hardcore Division within NCW. Initially signed to be the star attraction for the division, contractual issues and complaints from other more high profile roster members saw RVD traded amidst a cloud of controversy.

    Tazz immediately staked his claim to become the first ever NCW Hardcore Champion, stating that no one on the roster had the pedigree of the former ECW Champion.

    Steve Blackman had other ideas however and came to the ring. People expected words from Blackman – he gave them action instead. With several devastating kicks he left Tazz laying and put a marker of his own down to become the new champion.

    The battle between the two would only intensify from that point as Tazz assaulted Blackman first in the backstage area, then as he made his way to the ring for a match, choking him out with the Tazzmission on both occasions. Blackman would respond in kind and a huge brawl between the two ensued.

    Yet another would make their presence felt during this latest battle between the two.

    Baron Corbin would arrive in NCW, laying both Tazz and Blackman out with some vicious chair shots and finishing them both off with his trademark - End of Days.

    The stage is now set to crown the first ever NCW Hardcore Champion at Natural Selection.

    Corbin, Tazz and Blackman will collide in a 3 way dance which is sure to be as violent and extreme a match as there has ever been in NCW.

    Betrayals and Octagons:

    When Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson announced his official signing to the NCW roster for the 2019 season, Ken Shamrock in particular was delighted with the news. Posting on social media that a ‘new force’ was coming to NCW, the two men seemed destined to team together.

    And that they did, having early success and fighting their way to an NCW Tag Team Championship slot. Yet in the background Ken Shamrock had also fallen in with the New Corporation, and in a stunning twist turned on Rampage mid match, allowing Boss Man and Buchanan to retain their titles. Shamrock would subject Jackson to his vicious ankle lock following the match.

    In the subsequent weeks Shamrock would run down Rampage, calling him a disgrace to the Light Heavyweight Division and putting money before his legacy. Shamrock highlighted his own career, saying he had forged the way for the likes of Lesnar, Punk, Rousey and others to cross between the two sports. But Jackson was not now nor would ever be good enough to do what he had done. He attacked and embarrassed Rampage to expose him as the fraud that he truly was.

    Rampage would respond with fury and the two men brawled around the ringside area, indeed it took half the roster to separate the men. Rampage challenged Shamrock to a match at Natural Selection, to which Shamrock accepted with one addendum – it would be a 2 out of three falls match, with the first fall a submissions only, the second pinfalls only – and the third – if needed, which Shamrock said it wouldn’t – an MMA match with five rounds, of 5 minutes in duration each.

    Rampage and Shamrock will meet in this unique contest to determine who truly is the toughest MMA fighter on the NCW Roster.

    Finalised NCW Natural Selection IV Card:

    Braun Strowman VS Lou Thesz - Hell in a Cell Match for the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

    CM Punk VS Marty Scurll

    Finn Balor VS Sheamus (c) for the NCW Rising Star Championship

    Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson VS Shane McMahon, Mark Henry, The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan - 4 on 4 Elimination Tag Team Match

    Michelle McCool VS Angelina Love & Velvet Sky (c) - Handicap Match for the NCW Women’s Championship

    Ken Shamrock VS Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson - Two Out of Three Falls Match - First Fall Submissions Only, Second Fall Pinfalls Only, 3rd Fall MMA Match with Five 5 Minute Rounds

    Steve Blackman VS Tazz VS Baron Corbin - NCW Hardcore Championship

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    Pyros flash and explode and the crowd go wild as Natural Selection IV goes live!
    Necro: “Good evening one and all, and welcome to Natural Selection - the pinnacle of the NCW calendar year. I’m Necro, co-owner and one of the announce team for you tonight, and what a night we have in store for you all. Alongside me is my co-host and NCW announce team mainstay - Jiminy Billy Bob!”

    Jiminy: “About time you introduced me, Necro - glad to have you back this year, although I hope you’re not planning on playing D&D here at ringside!”

    Necro: “Nah, I’ve moved on from that - this year it will be Vampire: The Masquerade! I’m repping a Lasombra Antitribu, you should check it out! But… anyways - enough about us - we’re here to talk about NCW!”

    Jiminy: “I actually thought you had forgotten, Necro. We have a night of what is bound to be filled with drama, excitement and shocks!”

    Necro: “Exactly - and to just quickly run you through our card - tonight we will crown NCW’s first ever Hardcore Champion in a triple threat that is bound to be two parts brutal, two parts amazing!”

    Jiminy: “I can’t wait for Corbin to show Tazz and Blackman how a real star operates!”

    Necro: “It will be interesting to see if Corbin can adapt to the Hardcore style that Tazz and Steve Blackman would be more accustomed to, for sure. If he doesn’t it will be a very rude awakening for the Lone Wolf.”

    Jiminy: “Of course he will! Just like my girls, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky show Michelle Mc Cool that the power of friendship overcomes any gimmick she wants to steal!”

    Necro: “To be fair, they kind of asked for it, who holds a eulogy for a dead man’s wife? That’s just asking for trouble. I’m just looking forward to having one singular champion again. That could be a defining factor in the match up!”

    Jiminy: “Whatever. The Beautiful People have a… beautiful, unbreakable bond. They’ll be fine!”

    Necro: “Time will tell I guess. But aside from that - Ken Shamrock and Rampage Jackson are set to collide in a barnbuster - a Two Out of Three Falls Match!”

    Jiminy: “Shamrock won’t need three falls, Necro - he’ll beat that fool Rampage in two!”

    Necro: “Who told you that - Shamrock?”

    Jiminy: “Well yeah! Who better than Ken himself! The first fall is a submission match - which you have to give an advantage to Shamrock in - he might snap Rampage’s ankle here!”

    Necro: “Both are skilled MMA fighters, one slip or mistake and the other will be tapping out. The second one is interesting, pinfalls only - Shamrock stacking the deck as again, this one seems to favour him!”

    Jiminy: “Exactly! Shamrock to win 2 falls to none! But… IF Rampage somehow manages to win one of them… he won’t…”

    Necro: “But should it be tied then we will go to a first ever here in NCW - a Five Round MMA match! And I definitely favour Rampage in this, his knock out power is scary!”

    Jiminy: “So is Shamrock’s! But that’s later on tonight and we’ve got four more matches to preview!”

    Necro: “Yes, then we have a huge 8 man tag - 4 on 4 elimination match! The Bullet Club - take on The New Corporation. And the losers can never team together again!”

    Jiminy: “This has been brewing for a number of months, ever since that damn Bullet Club turned Shane down when he brought them in to join him! There’s one thing that’s true in every federation, organisation or draft roster - you don’t cross the boss!”

    Necro: “Well I wouldn’t go that far Jiminy, but I certainly see your point. The implications for the NCW Tag Team Championships if the Bullet Club loses this match are unthinkable, Tonga and Fale would essentially have to vacate the titles as they would not be allowed to team together again!”

    Jiminy: “The stakes are high indeed! Even more so in the NCW Rising Star Championship Match - when Sheamus defends against Finn Balor in an extension of Bullet Club VS New Corporation! Your two country mates, Necro!”

    Necro: “Yes - The Pride of Ireland - and the NCW Rising Star Championship is at stake in a huge match up. Borne out of respect, but this rivalry turned to pure hatred as the match was made! Balor and Sheamus have both left their marks on each other in the run up - but who will stand tall after tonight?”

    Jiminy: “You asking me? Is that a question or are you doing your weird summary thing?”

    Necro: “No, it was more for the audience… never mind. You are incorrigible Jiminy.”

    Jiminy: “And I’m here all night! I wonder if our next match - both superstars will be though. One has a history…”

    Necro: “Don’t say it.”

    Jiminy: “Say what? That the guy has a history of…”

    Necro: “Come on, we need to use our own material. Don’t say it.”

    Jiminy: “You trying to censor the media on your own brand Necro? I was trying to say - one of the guys has a history of taking his ball and leaving. Marty Scurll VS that very guy - CM Punk. The Villain VS The Best in The World.”

    Necro: “(Sighs) We are SO going to get sued. But yes, Punk has returned after a… let’s call it hiatus..”

    Jiminy: “You mean when he quit and told you to shove your job up your…”

    Necro: “Come on Jiminy! Anyways… Punk and Scurll will collide in a highly anticipated match. Punk’s sole match in NCW was a losing effort where Scurll intervened to cost him the NCW Championship - and you have to think that is playing on Punk’s mind.”

    Jiminy: “The Villain has had the upper hand this entire feud if you ask me! He dragged Punk back here by sheer force of will - but now he has to back it up!”

    Necro: “Indeed. And finally - a hellacious main event, quite literally. Lou Thesz defends the NCW Heavyweight Championship against The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman.”

    Jiminy: “You left out the best part… well for some anyways. This will take place inside the demonic structure known as Hell in A Cell - what did Thesz ever do to deserve this?”

    Necro: “Oh he only stole the NCW Championship, and then ran out when making a defence, I am struggling to have much sympathy for him to be honest!”

    Jiminy: “You’re heartless Necro!”

    The crowd cheer wildly as Tazz comes to the stage, towel on his head in typical fashion.
    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is a Three Way Dance - and is for the NCW Hardcore Championship! In this match there will be no count outs, no disqualifications and anything goes! Introducing first - The Human Suplez Machine… TAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!”

    Tazz comes to the ring and poses, folding his arms in typical fashion - facing the stage as he awaits his opponents.

    The crowd boo loudly as Corbin hits the stage, smirking and pointing at Tazz.
    Announcer: “And his opponent, Baron…. CORRRRRRBBBBINNNNNNN!”

    Corbin strolls down the aisle as Tazz beckons him to enter the ring. Corbin shakes his head and strolls around the ring as the crowd boo him.

    Necro: “God this guy. Does he want to wait till Tazz’s back is turned or something?”

    Jiminy: “He’s just biding his time, no point rushing in!”

    Ring Announcer: “And their opponent.. The Lethal Weapon..... Steve… BLLLLLACCCCKKKKMANNNNNN!”

    Blackman comes to the stage to loud cheers. He looks down at the ring and his opponents and holds up his hand for one moment. Then he goes backstage again!
    Jiminy: “Where is Blackman going, the match is in the ring!”

    Necro: “Patience Jiminy, I’d imagine he has…”

    Blackman re-appears with a garbage can full of weapons! Tazz smirks in the ring and watches as Blackman makes his way down to ringside - Corbin slips into the ring and rolls Tazz up!

    The referee sounds the bell and drops for the count



    Tazz slips out!

    Blackman tosses the garbage can into the ring as Corbin slips back out again and Tazz gets up and tries to grab him. Blackman rolls in as Tazz turns, Blackman picks up a kendo stick and hits him in the side with it! Tazz takes the shot and stares down Blackman - ‘Is that all you got? Come on!’

    Blackman smiles and gestures to the garbage can - Tazz goes to select something from it - Corbin pulls it out of the ring!

    The crowd boo as Corbin throws the garbage can and assorted items underneath the ring and shakes his head. Blackman and Tazz look at each other and nod - Blackman leaves the ring one way, Tazz the other and they advance on Corbin!

    Corbin looks around and puts his hands up as both men try to corner him - he slides into the ring and shakes his head!

    Tazz follows him in and Corbin exits the other side - this time Blackman is there though to cut him off! Corbin tries to talk his way out of it - Blackman unleashes on Corbin with the kendo stick, beating him until it breaks!

    Jiminy: “This is uncalled for, it’s just common assault!”

    Tazz is on the outside now, and has retrieved the garbage can, and withdraws a Stop Sign from it!

    Necro: “I’d love to know where they find these things…”

    Blackman has ripped the shirt off Corbin now and is whipping him with it! Tazz comes around the side as Corbin tries to back away - Tazz clatters the Stop Sign across his back! Corbin falls up the ramp as Tazz and Blackman look at each other and nod again!

    Corbin scoots back up the ramp as Tazz advances on him with the Stop Sign, Blackman goes back to the garbage can and pulls out not one but two more kendo sticks. He then empties out the can and puts it under his arm.

    Tazz is about to blast Corbin in the head with the sign when he lashes out and hits a low kick to his knee. Tazz stumbles and Corbin pops up, grabbing the Stop Sign and blasting Tazz across the head with it!

    Tazz goes down but Blackman is now moving towards Corbin. Corbin throws the sign at Blackman - who sidesteps it!

    Blackman drops the kendo sticks as Corbin runs at him, he pulls up the garbage can and bounces it off Corbin’s head! Corbin staggers backwards and Blackman dumps the can across his head!

    Jiminy: “Ah come on - this is uncouth behaviour! Corbin doesn’t deserve this!”

    Necro: “A whole new meaning to taking out the trash, huh!”

    Blackman picks up the kendo sticks and poses for the crowd as Corbin tries to extricate himself - Blackman unleashes a fury of shots to the trash can!


    Corbin stumbles backwards and falls to the ramp, rolling away whilst still in the trashcan as the crowd cheer Blackman loudly!

    Corbin finally manages to extricate himself from the can and gets to his feet, a dazed look on his face - Blackman charges - THRUST KICK TO CORBIN!

    Corbin falls backwards through one of the stage panels - shattering it!

    Jiminy: “Someone get the medics out here, Corbin could be badly hurt!”

    Blackman drops for the cover as the referee races up the ramp

    Tazz breaks up the count!

    Tazz stomps on Blackman a couple of times and throws him down on the stage. Tazz goes for the cover on Corbin..

    Blackman breaks up the count!

    Tazz and Blackman leave Corbin laying prone and begin to brawl down towards the ring. Tazz begins to get the better, hitting a hard knee to Blackman’s gut. He wraps Blackman up and delivers a huge T-Bone suplex on the steel ramp.

    He makes the cover
    Blackman kicks out!

    Tazz gets up and stomps on Blackman a few times. He hauls him up and drags him to the ringside area, and whips him into the steel steps. Tazz then looks under the ring and pulls out a table!

    Necro: “Things heating up here between Tazz and Blackman. Corbin seems to have been taken out of the proceedings completely!”

    Jiminy: “And I for one think it’s a disgrace!”

    Tazz sets up the table and picks up Blackman, looking to wrap him up again - Blackman pushes him off and hits a heel kick knocking Tazz face first onto the table! Blackman looks under the ring and pulls out a chair and cracks Tazz in the back, before setting him on the table. He leaves the chair on top of Tazz before climbing onto the apron and looking around at the cheering crowd. He raises his arms - dives at Tazz -

    Who rolls off the table just in time! Blackman crashes through and onto the floor!

    Necro: “Blackman taking a big risk there and it failed to pay off!”

    Jiminy: “Oh man… none of these guys will be right after this. Poor Corbin is still down!”

    Tazz hauls himself up using the ring apron as the crowd are chanting about some sort of religious fecal matter.

    He grabs Blackman and tosses him into the ring. Blackman is somehow trying to get up as Tazz gets in as well - Tazz slips behind Blackman -


    Tazz cinches the hold and grapevines Blackman, dropping to the mat as the lights are seeming to dim.

    Necro: “This is it, new champion in the making here!”

    Blackman goes limp and the referee reaches for his arm to check on him -

    Tazz is attacked by Pete Gas and Joey Abs!

    Necro: “What? These guys - what are they doing out here?”

    Gas hits Tazz with a chair to the back and Abs stomps on Tazz to make him release Blackman. Gas follows up with another two chair shots before they drag Tazz up and hit a huge double DDT on the chair!

    Necro: “Oh come on - Tazz seemingly had the match won - why are they doing this!”

    Jiminy: “I’m as perplexed as… oh… now I get it - brilliant!”

    Corbin staggers back into the ring as Gas has picked up the chair and struck Blackman now. Abs kicks him from the ring as Corbin hauls Tazz up -


    Necro: “I should have figured. Corbin had an insurance policy. This is not right!”

    Jiminy: “No disqualifications Necro - you wanted Hardcore!”

    Corbin makes the cover on Tazz as the crowd boo him loudly...

    3 - Corbin has won the Hardcore Title!


    Corbin’s music plays as he is helped to his feet by Gas and Abs. The referee hands him the championship and he holds it high as the crowd boo.


    Necro: “It wasn’t pretty, and it damn sure isn’t right - but Baron Corbin is the first ever NCW Hardcore Champion!”

    Jiminy: “I know, it’s great! What a way to start the night. Chalk one prediction down to Jiminy, Necro!”

    Necro: “Well, he might have got one over tonight, but I expect pain in Corbin’s future courtesy of Tazz and Blackman!”
    Why book it this way: Corbin winning the title with help sets up better matches going forward. Tazz has a legit gripe with how he lost and so could filter into a feud over the title with Corbin and his new lackeys for the next few months.


    Backstage, Jenny Jameson is with Sheamus.


    Jenny: “Sheamus, later tonight you face Finn Balor for the NCW Rising Star Championship. Many are calling this battle - the Pride of Ireland.”

    Sheamus: “Pride of Ireland? Well, of course Jenny - I’m involved. Look, I’m the champion and a prizefighter - and tonight they put me at a serious disadvantage. I mean, who is Finn Balor? Will he be the smiley, collar flicking fella we see all the time now? Or call himself a Prince like they did in Japan? I’ll tell you one thing, Princes bow down to Kings - which is what I have been called before. Or… will he turn up as… the Demon (loud cheers)? It doesn’t matter, Demon’s, Princes, smiley collar flickers. I’m not giving up my title, and he’ll taste my Brogue Kick regardless. Finn Balor should be worrying about what version of Sheamus turns up - but I’ll give you a spoiler, fella. The Sheamus that turns up tonight is the one that has kicked your ass in the past - and that won’t change tonight. This is my title, and the Corporation will crush your crummy little club tonight as well!”

    Sheamus walks off leaving Jenny standing there in confusion.


    Necro: “A… strange interview there with Sheamus. I think he seems rattled to be honest.”

    Jiminy: “No way! Sheamus is trying to lull Balor into a false sense of security, he’s going to kick his head off his shoulders!”

    Necro: “Time will tell I suppose. But now we move on to something of a similar matter - the battle between the New Corporation - and The Bullet Club.”

    Jiminy: “Yes, I’m looking forward to this stupid Club being wiped out by the New Corporation!”

    The crowd boo loudly as Shane McMahon comes to the stage first and dances.


    Shane waits as..

    The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan join him on the stage. Together all three make their way down the ramp, Shane stops halfway and starts pointing back at the stage…

    Henry stomps to the stage and makes his way to join his team mates.

    Jiminy: “That man there is why The Bullet Club have no chance tonight - he’s going to crush every last one of them!”

    Necro: “That remains to be scene, but Henry certainly presents an enormous challenge to the Club tonight. He has vowed to personally induct every one of his opponents into the Hall of Pain tonight. Ominous threats, and he has proven in the past he can back it up.”

    The New Corporation enter the ring together and stand facing the stage awaiting their opponents.

    The crowd cheer loudly as Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga - the NCW Tag Team Champions - alongside Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson all come to the stage together. The four men Too Sweet at the top of the ramp - and then run for the ring!

    Necro: “The Bullet Club not wasting any time here, this match all set to break down before it starts!”

    Jiminy: “Of course they aren’t they have no honour! Like how they stole the Tag Team titles from Boss Man and Buchanan two weeks ago thanks to that no good Finn Balor!”

    All 8 man stand across from each other in the ring as the crowd chant for the Bullet Club. Shane is smirking and mouthing off at the four men across from him - Anderson jumps Shane and the fight is on!

    Gallows and Boss Man begin brawling while Tonga tries to club at Henry, who shrugs it off and drops him with a headbutt.

    Buchanan runs at Fale who hits a Shoulder tackle planting Fale. Shane escapes the ring and Anderson gives chase! Henry and Fale square up, looking ready to fight but Tonga and Buchanan get back up and jump their respective opponents. Gallows and Boss Man are on the outside as this match seems to be breaking down. Buchanan hits a huge shot on Fale, knocking him back against the ropes - he backs up looking for the Bicycle Kick - Fale sidesteps and throws Buchanan headlong to the floor below! Fale follows him out as Henry beats on Tonga in the ring.

    Henry tosses Tonga to the outside as Shane rolls back into the ring to get away from Anderson. Anderson follows but runs headlong into Henry. Anderson looks around him, backs up and hits the ropes running at Henry looking for the Rocket Kick - Henry grabs him in mid air!


    Henry makes the cover

    3!!! Anderson is eliminated!

    Necro: “Wow. Henry making short work of Karl Anderson after some… trickery from Shane.”

    Jiminy: “This is going to be a clean sweep for the Corporation - no one can stand up to Henry!”

    Finally some form of order is being restored as Shane is dancing above the fallen Anderson, mocking him. Henry is back on his feet beating his chest and shouting ‘That’s What I Do!!’

    The remaining Bullet Club members look frustrated as Anderson is escorted to the back, shocked to be down a man so quickly. Bad Luck Fale steps over the top rope and stands across the ring from Henry.

    Necro: “Well, I wouldn’t say no one, Jiminy. If anyone can - it’s this guy!”

    Both men engage in a staredown with each other, Henry with a smug look on his face. Fale nods, grins - and punches Henry in the jaw to the cheers of the crowd!

    Jiminy: “Hey! That’s not legal, that should be a disqualification!”

    Necro: “Really?”

    Fale and Henry trade blows and Fale backs Henry up, starting to get the better of the World’s Strongest Man - but again Shane comes into play and as Fale is near the ropes he pulls at his leg! This distracts Fale long enough for Henry to make the tag.

    Necro: “I don’t like it, but Shane’s tactics so far have the Bullet Club on the back foot so far.”

    Jiminy: “He’s a genius!

    Boss Man is in and Buchanan now holds Fale’s legs so Boss Man can hit a clothesline. Boss Man picks Fale up and whips him against the ropes, looking for the Boss Man Slam –

    Fale counters with a huge boot and hits the Bad Luck Fall!

    Necro: “WOW! I stand corrected!”

    He makes the cover –
    2 - Shane comes off the top with an elbow to break the count!

    Jiminy: “Ahahaha! Shane again the difference maker!”

    Fale and Boss Man are down, and crawl to their corners to tag in Tonga and Buchanan respectively. Buchanan rushes Tonga but gets dropped with a Samoan Drop which he barely kicks out of.

    Tonga is back up and looks to hit the Tongan Twist – again Shane interferes, pulling on Tonga’s hair from his corner!

    Buchanan bounces off the ropes and hits the Bicycle Kick knocking Tonga flat!

    Necro: “This is getting really tiresome now…”

    Jiminy: “For you maybe! I’m loving this!”

    Shane calls for the tag and Buchanan obliges – Tonga is in the corner and he looks for Coast to Coast....

    Jiminy: “Shane leading by example and showing how it’s done here. Get him Shane!”


    Necro: “Woah, what a counter! Shane could be broken in half!”

    Both men are down, Tonga crawls to the corner and makes the tag to Fale.

    Jiminy: “Uh oh...someone help Shane!!”

    Fale drags Shane up - Bad Luck Fall to Shane!

    Necro: “You reap what you sow I guess…”

    Fale then tags in Gallows! Gallows picks Shane up and delivers a huge powerbomb before making the cover as Fale and Tonga stand guard –
    Shane is eliminated!

    Jiminy: “Oh Shane… no! That damn Bullet Club!”

    Necro: “And with that we are all tied here with one elimination each. A crucial stage of the match now."

    Gallows points at Henry and challenges him to come in next – Henry obliges.
    Both men trade blows, and Gallows seems to stagger Henry, he bounces of the ropes looking for a big boot – Henry catches him –


    Jiminy: “Just like that - Henry is amazing!”

    The cover…
    Gallows is gone!

    Henry roars down at Gallows and beats his chest as Tonga is next in the ring.
    Tonga gets pounded on by Henry and tossed about the ring.

    Henry tags in Buchanan who is measuring Tonga for a second bicycle kick – Tonga ducks, bounces off the ropes – Spear to Buchanan!

    The cover…. Boss Man pulls Tonga out of the ring and whips him head first into the ring post!

    Fale is trying to get to his aid as the referee argues with him –
    Henry uses the distraction to hit a World’s Strongest Slam on the floor!

    Necro: “Sweet Jesus this is destruction by Mark Henry, he’s almost singlehandedly destroying the entire Bullet Club!"

    Jiminy: “Insurance policy, I did tell you!”

    Boss Man and Henry roll Tonga back in as the referee turns back around –
    Buchanan drapes an arm across Tonga...

    Tonga is eliminated!

    Necro: “The team count is 3 members of the New Corporation left to just… 1 of the Bullet Club. Insurmountable odds perhaps.”

    Jiminy: “Especially with Mark Henry, he’s worth about four men!”

    Fale is in like lightning and drags Buchanan to his feet before he can make the tag –


    And the cover

    Buchanan is gone!!

    Necro: “And a quick elimination from Fale reduces the deficit - can he go the distance?”

    Boss Man is in immediately and pummelling Fale though before he can get back to his feet.

    For the next while Boss Man and Henry work in systematic tandem with regular tags as they dominate Fale.

    Necro: “I don’t want to be pessimistic on behalf of the Bullet Club, but it’s not looking good here for Bad Luck Fale.”

    Jiminy: “Of course not! The New Corporation are clearly the dominant faction!”

    In the ring, Boss Man hits the Boss Man Slam and makes the cover – Fale barely kicks out!

    He looks at Henry in disbelief who is calling for the tag to finish Fale off – Boss Man shakes his head.

    Necro: “Oooh I’m not sure about that move by Boss Man, Henry would likely have finished Fale there.”

    Jiminy: “It doesn’t matter, it’s elementary at this point! There is no way…”

    He hauls Fale up and looks for a second Boss Man slam – Fale counters with a huge shoulder tackle!

    Necro: “You were saying…?”

    Jiminy: “.......”

    Both men get to their feet – Fale hits the Grenade!

    He falls into the cover


    Boss Man is eliminated!

    Necro: “And after some miscommunication, and frankly a poor decision by Boss Man - Fale has somehow levelled this match!”

    Henry slaps the top rope in anger and enters the ring, running through Fale as he gets up with a shoulder charge of his own.

    Jiminy: “Yeah but uh… it doesn’t matter! Henry has this match!”

    He shouts down at Boss Man as he is rolled with the ring.

    Henry turns around as Fale is back to his feet and is hit with a big boot!

    Henry staggers but doesn’t go down – Fale backs up and runs at Henry again –


    The cover…



    THR - Fale kicks out!

    Jiminy: “Wha? How…”

    Necro: “I can’t believe it either Jiminy!”

    The crowd are on their feet in amazement as Henry looks down in disbelief at Fale.

    He shakes his head and drags him to the corner, ascending the middle rope looking for a huge splash – Fale staggers to his feet and shoves Henry, sending his head bouncing off the outside ring post!

    Necro: “Henry looks out, is this the moment, can Fale capitalise?”

    Henry slumps forward, still on the turnbuckles as Fale gathers himself – sets Henry –


    The cover...




    He gets it! The Corporation are done!

    Necro: “Against all odds, Bad Luck Fale has survived a 3 on 1 scenario to keep the Bullet Club alive - what an achievement!”

    Jiminy: “I can’t believe the New Corporation have to disband - this is terrible!”

    The Bullet Club are back at ringside to celebrate with Fale as Henry lies prone in the ring. The crowd cheers them loudly as they pose on the ropes before heading to the back as Henry slowly gets to his feet.

    Buchanan and Boss Man are down and arguing with Henry in the ring – Henry shoves Boss Man! Buchanan tries to attack Henry and gets dropped with a World’s Strongest Slam as Boss Man unsheathes his night stick to hit Henry – who catches his wrist!

    Boss Man shakes his head and apologises as Henry roars at him that it was his fault, he should have made the tag – World’s Strongest Slam to the Big Boss Man!


    The crowd cheer Henry as he stands tall over his former Corporation members in the ring.

    Why book it this way: There’s infinitely more mileage in the Bullet Club in NCW, they simply had to win this match. Fale gets a big rub from taking out three guys by himself, while at the same time Henry looks like a monster. Henry laying out his former team mates at the end also sets the wheels in motion for a face turn and mini feud with his former stable mates before moving up the card again, possibly into a match with Fale based on mutual respect coming from this one.

    To Be Continued in Part 2......

  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 51,288 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    Jenny Jameson is now backstage with The Villain, Marty Scurll.

    Jenny: “Marty, how do you feel about the rumours that CM Punk is not going to show here tonight? In fact, the rumour mill is swirling that he isn’t even in the building yet!”

    Marty: “Listen luv, Punk will be here for me to rip him a new one. He’s gotta turn up and face his critics at some point, and what better time than to throw down with me - Marty Scurll. I’m not worried, I’ll see him out in the ring - and tonight I announce myself to the world! When I beat CM Punk - the match they all wanted to see happen - it will be an iconic moment. You can think of that time that some guy with an eyebrow raised faced a guy with millions of Villainiacs - or that same guy with eyebrow going up against the invisible man you can’t see…

    Multiply that by 20, and that’s the kind of hype this match deserves. CM Punk, you want to take a siesta? To show up late like the diva we all know you are? That’s fine. Just make sure you show up when it’s time!”

    Scurll nods at Jenny and leaves.


    Jiminy: “I’d be getting worried if I was you, Necro - I did say in the preview that this might happen.”

    Necro: “It’s fine, I’ve been assured that we have things under control and the match will go ahead. CM Punk will be here, and he will compete.”

    Jiminy: “That remains to be seen, Necro. Colour me sceptical at the very least.”

    Announcer: “The following contest is a Handicap Match - and it is for the NCW Women’s Championship! Introducing first - the challenger - Michelle MC COOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!”

    Necro: “Mc Cool comes in here as under dog tonight, knocking off both of The Beautiful People will be no easy feat.”

    Jiminy: “Glad to see she’s not infringing any gimmicks tonight at least!”

    Mc Cool is in the ring now and poses on the ropes as the fans cheer for her.

    Announcer: “And the opponents - the co-NCW Women’s Champions - Angelina Love - Velvet Sky - The BEEEEEEEEEEAUTIFFFFFFFULLLLL PEEEEEEEEEEEEOPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEE!”

    Jiminy: “The greatest champions in NCW History, holding themselves with class and honour, wouldn’t you say Necro?”

    Necro: “Class and honour? You need to stay off the jomba juice Jiminy.”

    Love and Sky make their way down the ramp mouthing off at Mc Cool in the ring. The referee orders her to the corner as the two enter the ring and pose with both holding the championship belt.
    Love and Sky then play rock paper scissors as to who will start the match as the referee calls for the bell - Mc Cool runs forward and kicks Sky in the face, knocking her out of the ring!

    Jiminy: “Hey! Velvet wasn’t ready! That’s not fair!”

    Mc Cool turns to Love who looks a little worried - Mc Cool takes her down! Love scrambles to get back up but Mc Cool grabs her by the hair and swings her across the ring! Love screams at the referee as the crowd cheer Mc Cool!

    Necro: “Mc Cool on fire here in the early moments of the match, taking both Sky and Love down!”

    Jiminy: “She just threw Angelina by her hair - how is that legal Necro?”

    Love gets back to her feet and is shouting at Mc Cool now who advances - Mc Cool forces Love back into the corner - she holds the ropes and the referee forces the break - Love tries to kick out at Mc Cool from the corner - Mc Cool grabs her leg and dragon whips her to the mat! Love gets to her feet again - Mc Cool takes her down with a clothesline!

    Love backs up to the ropes and tries to get to her feet but Mc Cool follows and forcibly pulls her up by the hair again! She whips her against the ropes, aiming to hit a big boot - Velvet Sky grabs McCools leg and trips her! Mc Cool stumbles and Love knocks her down with a facebuster, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her head off the mat! Love then rolls over and makes the tag to Sky who is back on the apron.

    Sky and Love then put the boots to Mc Cool and pose as the crowd boo them loudly.

    Necro: “ The two on one element of this match coming into play - it’s going to be very hard for McCool to maintain momentum.”

    Jiminy: “ I know, and the best thing is McCool asked for this type of match so when they beat her she can have no complaints!”

    Sky and Love continue to dominate for a little while, before Mc Cool stages a mini comeback which is cut short by Love making the tag to Sky. Sky sets Mc Cool for her finisher, the In Your Face (Pedigree) – Mc Cool counters and hits a big boot!

    Necro: “It appears there is some life in Mc Cool yet, here we go!”

    Jiminy: “ A false dawn, Velvet will be back up in no time!”

    Mc Cool then grabs Sky and twists her arm, she looks out at the fans who are cheering…

    Jiminy: “Oh no - don’t you do this! USCW will sue us yet!”

    She approaches the ropes and starts to climb, looking for old school on Sky….

    but Love shakes the ropes and Mc Cool crashes to the mat!

    Sky tags Love back in and she hits Lights Out on Mc Cool, dropping for the cover…


    THR – McCool just kicks out!

    Jiminy: “Ha! It doesn’t matter, the end is coming for McCool now.”

    Love slaps the mat in frustration and backs up as she waits for Mc Cool to get up, backing up to her corner.

    Velvet lightly taps her back for the tag unbeknownst to her.

    Mc Cool staggers to her feet – Love runs and hits it!

    The Botox Injection!

    She drops for the cover – the ref refuses to count as Sky had tagged her!!

    Necro: “I wondered if this would happen, the lure of the title too much for Sky to resist!”

    While Love gets up and argues with the ref, Sky runs in and covers Mc Cool –
    the referee drops for the cover



    – Love pulls Sky off at 2!

    Jiminy: “Oh girls… hold it together…”

    Sky and Love scream at each other, arguing over who pins Mc Cool –

    Love slaps Sky!

    Sky holds her cheek as Love tells her to ‘know her place’- Sky responds by booting Love with an In Your Face!

    Sky gets back to her feet and turns to Mc Cool – who rolls her up in a small package!



    Sky barely escapes!

    She rolls to her feet screaming – turning into a big boot from Mc Cool!

    Necro: “Uh oh, looks like The Beautiful People have self destructed, and it might just cost them the match and the title here!”

    Mc Cool kicks Love out of the ring and draws her hand across her throat -
    Sky stumbles to her feet in a daze – she sets her –

    Tombstone Piledriver to Velvet Sky!

    Mc Cool crosses Sky’s arms on her chest and sticks her tongue out as the referee counts to three – Mc Cool is the new Women’s Champion!


    Necro: Michelle Mc Cool defies the odds to become the sixth ever NCW Women’s Champion! And with that hopefully we’ve seen the end of co-owning championships!”

    Jiminy: “Dark days ahead Necro. Years of litigation with USCW for stealing their guy’s gimmick!”

    Necro: “Would you ever give over. She’s married to the man for chrissakes!”

    Mc Cool celebrates with the title as Love comes to on the outside and goes crazy. Sky lies prone in the ring as the fans chant Mc Cool’s name.

    She finishes with a typical ‘dead-woman’ pose and then a *GONG* sounds as the lights go out. When they come back up she is gone

    Why book it this way: Mc Cool deserved to give the Beautiful People her comeuppance and the title is now back to being defended by one person. Going forward, Love and Sky would get a rematch in a triple threat where Mc Cool would likely retain as a result of further dissension in the ranks between Love and Sky. And then Necro might actually sign some other females to his roster to give Mc Cool a new challenge as Sky and Love move into their own mini feud.


    Backstage again, Jenny Jameson is in the parking lot now.
    A limo pulls up to a screeching halt close by to her.


    Jenny: “It’s ok, I think that’s him. CM…”

    Lou Thesz steps out of the limo in a suit.

    Lou: “Oh I’m sorry, you were expecting someone else? A known quitter? You fools at NCW made the right choice I presume, putting me in the main event. Punk is not gonna show. And I…. I will go on to retain MY title when I crush Braun Strowman tonight. It doesn’t matter that the match type is foreign to me - and just another attempt by management to screw me over. It doesn’t matter that my opponent is a freak, genetically challenged and all. I am the Greatest Ever - wrestling is in my blood. And when I win tonight - you will all finally see me that way too.”

    Jenny: “Well, I was actually out here waiting for...”

    Lou: “Of course you were. Waiting for CM Punk. The top brass saw fit to pay him a ridiculous salary, and for what - it will come to nothing. All the hype - all the talk - and yet the spotlight is mine and mine alone. Once you’re done here waiting on a lost cause, you might want to view the main event for where the real star power is. Maybe that money will go to better use after tonight. Paying for the contract extension that NCW will have to give me in case I dump this title in the trash on some other promotion.

    LPW perhaps? Or maybe Monday Night Grappling… now that’s a premiere brand. Oh yes. An actual winner as well. That’s probably where I’ll go unless they pay me what I want.”

    Thesz walks off leaving Jenny waiting in the parking lot.


    Back in the arena, we have undergone a change of announcers as Necro has gone backstage.

    Jiminy: “Well folks, my new colleague here is Stephanie King. Necro had some… pressing engagements that he forbade me from discussing. But that means I get to do my thing if this next match goes to a third fall!”

    Stephanie: “It’s an amazing honour to be out here, even given the circumstances. I don’t even mind sitting with you Jiminy!”
    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is the 2 out of 3 falls match! In this match, the first fall must be won by submission only. The second fall can only be won by pinfall. And the third - if required - will be a Mixed Martial Arts match - with five - Five Minute Rounds!”

    Announcer: “Introducing first, The World’s Most Dangerous Man… Ken…. SHAMMMMMMROOOCCCKKKKK!”

    Jiminy: “My pick to win this thing coming out now - but I now kinda hope it goes to a third fall so I can do my MMA voice. I’ve been kinda channelling my inner Bruce Buffer for years now, don’t you think Steph?”

    Stephanie: “Uh… sure. Shamrock is for sure dangerous, but he’s going to have to deal with a determined Rampage Jackson here tonight. He’d better be able to reap what he has sown!”

    Announcer: “And his opponent - Quinton…. RAMMMMMPAAGGGGEEEE JAAAACCKKKKKKSSSSSONNNN!”

    Rampage comes out on fire and sprints towards the ring as the crowd chant his name!

    Jiminy: “Rampage not wasting any time getting to the ring here - but you know what they say about fools rushing in…”

    Stephanie: “I would LOVE if you said that to his face, Jiminy…”

    Jiminy: “Um… yeah.. not happening!”

    Shamrock and Rampage are jawing off at each other as the referee attempts to explain the minutiae of the match details to both of them - before calling for the bell - this match is on!!

    Shamrock comes flying out of the traps looking to take Rampage down, but Rampage stuffs the takedown and slips around the back -

    He catches Shamrock in a rear naked choke and grapevines it!!!!!!

    Stephanie: “Wow - Rampage capitalising on an uncharacteristic mistake from Shamrock - and this could be huge!”

    Shamrock flails and tries to get to the ropes for the break, but is unable.

    As he reaches out... he taps!!!

    The referee calls for the bell awarding the first fall to Rampage!

    Jiminy: “Oh Jeez! We need a do-over on that, Shamrock wasn’t ready!”

    Stephanie: “WOW!”

    Announcer: “The winner of the first fall by submission - Rampage Jackson!”

    Shamrock argues with the ref during the rest period as Rampage mocks him.

    As the buzzer sounds Shamrock goes after Rampage again who hits a vertical suplex! Rampage goes for the cover as Shamrock kicks out at two.

    Enraged, Shamrock gets to his feet and gets caught with a shot from Rampage, staggering him.
    Rampage looks for a DDT but Shamrock hits a sneaky shot to the groin and Rampage crumples up in pain.

    Stephanie: “Oh come on, that’s a low blow - it’s gotta be a DQ!”

    Jiminy: “I think you need glasses, Stephanie, it was clearly a hard punch to the gut, clearly above the belt!”

    Stephanie: “Yeah, it’s me that needs glasses, sure…”

    Shamrock then hits a series of suplexes on Rampage before beating his chest above him and roaring at him.


    Jiminy: “The early shock aside, Shamrock now taking control. Things are looking good for Jiminy!”

    Shamrock delivers a few shots to a grounded Rampage before locking in the ankle lock.

    Rampage grimaces in pain and makes his way gamely towards the ropes, grabbing hold – Shamrock refuses to break the hold!

    Stephanie: “Come on, this is ridiculous!”

    He grapevines Rampage and cinches it shouting to the referee he has 5 seconds, releasing it on 4.

    Jiminy: “Brilliant use of the 5 count by Shamrock, Rampage is badly hurt here.”

    Rampage holds his ankle as Shamrock kicks him out onto the floor and poses again as the crowd boos him.

    Dropping to the outside, Shamrock whips Rampage shoulder first into the steel steps before aiming to follow up with a knee to the head – Rampage just about ducks and Shamrock collides with the steps!

    Stephanie: “Oh that could be another bad mistake by Shamrock, he could have blown out his knee from that shot!”

    Rampage limps to his feet, grabs Shamrock and throws him back in the ring, where he still holds his knee tenderly.

    Getting back into the ring, Rampage tries for a clothesline but is a bit slow, still feeling the effects of the ankle lock.

    Shamrock catches him and hits a belly to belly before immediately clutching at his knee again. He backs up into the corner and sits down holding it as Rampage tries to come to his senses and again limps to his feet.

    Shamrock pushes himself up as Rampage advances, and using the ropes jumps up and blasts him with an enziguiri, knocking him flat!

    Jiminy: “That’s it, Rampage is done!”

    Shamrock collapses into a cover




    We are all square!

    Announcer: “The winner of the second fall by pinfall… Ken Shamrock - the score is tied at one fall each!”

    Stephanie: “I don’t like Shamrock’s tactics but so far they’ve worked. He’s levelled the match and now.. oh God…”

    Jiminy: “Yay! I get to do my thing now!”

    During the rest period Shamrock rolls to the outside as Rampage is leaning against the corner. He tosses the timekeeper to one side and folds up a chair, limping back towards the ring and entering with it still in his hands.

    Stephanie: “Come on, what is he doing! This is crazy!”

    As Rampage turns around he blasts him in the injured ankle with the chair!
    Shamrock then brings it crashing down on his back, knocking him back to the floor.

    The referee rips the chair out of Shamrock’s hands and warns him he will disqualify him – Shamrock grins nastily and points to the rest period counting down.

    Stephanie: “Ah jesus, how can Rampage recover, this is unbelievable!”

    Jiminy: “Ho hum, Rampage learning the hard way that rest periods aren’t for resting!”

    Shamrock limps back to his corner, still feeling his knee and relaxes as Rampage struggles back to his feet.

    His ankle almost gives out as Shamrock laughs at him.

    The rest period elapses and Jiminy stands, smiling with a mic in his hand.

    Jiminy: “ Ladies and Gentlemen - We. Are. Live!!! And NCW proudly brings to you - the third fall of this intense contest - an MMA Rules match!

    Without further adieu… ITTTTTT’SSSS - TIME!

    Five Rounds of bloody, brutal conflict in the NCW!

    Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner… if he can get back up that is… Quinton Rampage Jackson!

    And… in the red corner, the man on his feet right now - The World’s Most Dangerous Man - Ken Shamrock!!”

    Jiminy sits back down as Stephanie rolls her eyes.

    Stephanie: “Happy now, Jiminy?”

    Jiminy: “Ecstatic! I can’t wait to raise Ken’s hand when he wins in oh… about two minutes!”

    Both men make it to the centre of the ring, Rampage can barely stand and Shamrock is also limping badly.

    The referee starts the MMA match and the clock begins to tick down as the two men slowly and gingerly circle each other.

    Shamrock tries to shoot for a takedown, but Rampage stuffs it and catches Shamrock with a couple of shots. Shamrock backs away and Rampage tries to follow, but puts too much weight on his bad ankle and stumbles.

    Jiminy: “This is it, finish him Ken!”

    Stephanie: “You are the most un-impartial announcer I’ve ever met, you know that right?”

    Shamrock leaps in with a heavy kick to the leg and follows up with an overhand right, Rampage gets rocked and pinwheels, trying to keep his balance.

    Shamrock again shoots in, this time scores the takedown and immediately switches to side control.

    Shamrock throws some hard shots into Rampage’s side, before trying to grab the leg for a knee bar – Rampage rolls through and escapes.

    Shamrock now is in half guard, and tries to pass to a mount position but Rampage catches him with a left, knocking him back and allowing Rampage to escape into a sprawl.

    Shamrock tries to use a few elbows but Rampage has covered up pretty well, he pushes up and gets back to his feet!

    Shamrock throws a few lefts and then dives in with a right hand – Rampage catches him with a counter punch which floors Shamrock!

    Stephanie: “What a shot, Shamrock looks out, this could be it!

    The fans go wild as Rampage tries to move in for the kill – the buzzer sounds to end round 1!!

    Jiminy: “Oh my - PHEW! Saved by the bell I think - what a punch!”

    Rampage is looking to the referee to wave off the fight as Shamrock looks to be on dream street, stumbling back to his feet and in a total daze.

    The referee waves him off and orders both men to their corners.

    Stephanie: “If you’re scoring this fight it was all Shamrock that round really, until that last desperate shot by Rampage - but a knockdown is a knockdown!”

    Jiminy: “Meh, it’s still a Shamrock round. 10-9 to him says I!”

    Round 2 begins and Shamrock is much more defensive as Rampage pushes in. He manages to dodge most of the damage, with only a few glancing blows landing.

    Shamrock counters and goes for another leg kick – Rampage catches the leg this time, and trips Shamrock to the mat!

    Stephanie: “Oh, Rampage really pushing the advantage now, Shamrock down again!”

    Shamrock tries to cover up as Rampage tries to finish the fight, a couple of bombs breaking through but he’s still in the fight.

    He rolls to his back and Rampage tries to take it – Shamrock counters and dumps Rampage onto the mat himself!

    Jiminy: “Haha, fool Ken once, shame on you - but never twice - Shamrock is no fool. Rampage won’t be pitying anyone but himself!”

    Now Shamrock dives in with a huge right hand, but Rampage blocks it in his guard. Shamrock tries to pass but is unsuccessful and the two men are at an impasse – the ref steps in and stands them up!

    Jiminy: “No way, the referee was too quick to break that up - such bias!”

    Stephanie: “I guess you and he have something in common then..”

    Back on the feet now Shamrock seems to have recovered, and throws a few leg kicks at Rampage, who winces but pushes through.

    Rampage cuts Shamrock off as he tries to circle, backing him up against the ropes. Shamrock throws a left, Rampage dodges and counters with a huge booming right, rocking Shamrock.

    Stephanie: “The raw power from Rampage, I don’t think Shamrock can cope with it for much longer!”

    He moves in now and catches Shamrock with a left uppercut, Shamrock is reeling and trying to get away.

    Rampage hits a jab to the body, a left to the head and swings a massive overhand right which catches square on Shamrock’s left temple!

    The lights go out and Shamrock drops again, Rampage rushes in to finish – the referee gets in the way and waves the match off!

    Rampage has knocked out Ken Shamrock!


    Announcer: “Here is your winner by two falls to one - RAMMMMPAAAAGGGGGEEE JACKKKKSOONNNN!”

    Stephanie: “What a knockout, what a win! Rampage has arrived here in NCW!”

    Jiminy: “I have to hand it to Rampage, that was an epic shot that probably knocked out Ken’s ancestors!!"

    Rampage limps to the corner and celebrates on the ropes as Shamrock slowly starts to come to in the ring. The crowd cheer loudly for Rampage.

    Why book it this way: Giving Rampage the win after being turned on by Shamrock was the logical conclusion imo. But I wanted to create some doubt with the ankle of Rampage being damaged and then the chair shots prior to the MMA bout after early success. Going forward Rampage would possibly be pushed into the Rising Star title picture, with likely a heel turn in the coming months as he seems a more natural fit as a heel than a face but Shamrock is a perfect foil to get his career launched in NCW.


    The crowd pop as Scurll comes to the stage, an angered look on his face and storms to the ring.

    Jiminy: “Well… It’s put up or shut up time I guess. The one question we all have - and sorry Necro, but it needs to be said - is CM Punk now here?”

    Stephanie: “Well now you’ve broken the fourth wall, Jiminy - my guess is as good as yours. I will say it would be a terrible shame for everyone if he doesn’t.”

    Scurll has a mic.


    Scurll: “I’ve had enough of this pontificating backstage! Enough of us all wondering - will he show up. I know you don’t want me out here Necro but I couldn’t wait any longer. CM Punk - get your ass out here and let’s do this! You promised me a match, and I’m here to make you see through on that promise!”

    Scurll looks at the stage furiously as the crowd chant for CM Punk.

    Jiminy: “This is horrible. I don’t think any federation in history has had this happen before - and it’s all Necro’s fault! He took his eye off the ball with this one and heads need to roll!”

    Stephanie: “That’s very unfair, Jiminy. Punk was - IS - a huge name and you can’t blame management for agreeing to a deal with one of the very best.”

    There is no sign of Punk and Scurll is getting impatient.

    Scurll: “If this is your idea of mind games, Punk - you’re doing a *censored* job. These fans all paid good money to see us throw down here tonight. Don’t tell me you’re going to let them all down… again? I mean, it’s..”

    Jiminy: “Oh look, it’s the genius drafter. What has our dear leader got to say about this?”

    The crowd are booing now as Necro begins to speak.

    Necro: “Marty… I don’t know how to tell you this.”

    Scurll: “No way - don’t say it Necro - this is bull*censored*

    Necro: “It’s true. I’m afraid due to circumstances outside our control…. your match with CM Punk tonight… is officially… CANCELLED.

    The crowd are booing louder now, and a loud ‘YOU SUCK’ chant is aimed at Necro.

    Jiminy: “My God, what an absolute disaster. Necro is determined to run NCW into the ground! This is ridiculous!”

    Stephanie: “That is harsh Jiminy. I’m sure no one set out for this match to end like this… there’s only one person at fault here.”

    Necro: “Look, I know you’re disappointed Marty - I am gutted. I want to apologise: to you and most of all to the fans who purchased tickets to see what would have been an epic match up - of that I am certain. Things are up in the air now - but don’t worry, your pay is secure, at least I can give you that assurance.”

    Necro turns to leave as Scurll looks devastated in the ring.

    Scurll: “Woah - so that’s it? I’m off the card - just like that? No way - I came to the NCW on the promise I’d be able to highlight my skills and develop into the best. And now I don’t even get a match? Necro, don’t do this. Give me a match - I’ll fight anyone, bring the entire catering crew down here and I’ll kick their asses! I’ll even fight Jiminy Billy-Bob! Just give me… a chance.”

    Stephanie: “Well what about it, Jiminy? You ready to have a match!”

    Jiminy: “What? No - um… I’m an announcer!”

    Stephanie: “Don’t sell yourself short, I have faith in you!”

    Necro turns, thinking.

    Necro: “You know what Marty? You’re right. You - and these fans - should not have to suffer because of another. The problem I have is that we are halfway through the card.

    But… I have an idea. The winner of your planned match was going to be crowned the number one contender for the NCW Heavyweight Championship on Tuesday Night Destruction. Now that your… opponent - has decided to… take his ball and leave - that leaves you.

    So… why not just fast forward things a little? That’s right folks. I cannot give you CM Punk VS Marty Scurll anymore. That is out of my control.

    But… I can… give you… Lou Thesz… VS Braun Strowman… VS Marty Scurll… - inside Hell in a Cell in the main event of Natural Selection!

    So get yourself prepped and ready Marty - because you my friend just got a promotion!”

    Necro gestures to the Cell hanging above the ring as the crowd explode!


    Jiminy: “What? Did Necro just change the main event - mid-show? What is he thinking?”

    Stephanie: “He damn sure did - and I think it’s brilliant! From the desolation of losing his dream match - to the main event! This is a true Phoenix rising story!”

    The crowd chant for the Villain as he poses on the ropes and his music plays.


    Necro nods and heads to the back.

    End of Part 2 - Stay Tuned for Part 3!!

    Remaining Matches:

    Sheamus (c) VS Finn Balor for the NCW Rising Star Championship

    *UPDATED* Lou Thesz (c) VS Braun Strowman VS 'The Villain' Marty Scurll - Hell in a Cell Match for the NCW Heavyweight Championship

    Five minutes later...



  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 22,684 Mod ✭✭✭✭Bounty Hunter

    Welcome to the BWA official press conference!
    Live from The historic korakuen hall — Tokyo, Japan
    Bounty Hunter: Welcome back to the BWA everyone! We have a lot to tell you about as we kick off our draft season but you don't want to be hearing any of it from me, you want to hear from our stars starting with a returning star who I want to also welcome back to the company as god knows he is a better talker than myself so can take over here. I give you... Muhammad Ali

    Ali: Thank you my man, thank you, It's hard to be humble when you are as great as I am but I'll give it a whirl for all these great Japanese fans in attendance and all those around the world who are already counting down the days to the annual extravaganza known as Wrestlepalooza. However here in the BWA we don’t count the days, we make the days count.

    Bounty Hunter: Yep and that's why we are now in the midst of a world tour starting tomorrow night right here in Japan at the Tokyo Dome and culminating with not 1 but a 2 night Wrestlepalooza event live from London, England (wembley) and my homeland of Ireland (Croke Park, Dublin).

    Ali: Hush now BH, I've always said he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life and it takes some balls to interrupt the greatest but I'm in charge of this here press conference and it's time for us to introduce our first participant, the ace of New Japan, the IWGP champion Hiroshi Tanahashi!
    Hiroshi Tanahashi


    reporters question:
    * Why did you leave New Japan? and why have you still got their IWGP world title?

    Tanahashi looks peeved at having to even answer this question and immediately starts coming across more heelish than he ever did before in the BWA as he states that the company (NJPW) simply didn't offer him what he wanted and obviously deserved and that he still had the title because nobody in that promotion was good enough to beat him for it.

    *Who in the BWA deserves a shot at your title?

    He lets out a long sigh after taking a moment to asses the crowd of reporters before responding with one word "nobody!" Eventually when pushed further he asks them a question. Why is nobody talking about him going for the BWA world title? He has heard that there has already been a world championship match booked for the Tokyo dome but he wants champion vs champion no matter who that is.

    *Ricky Steamboat has issued you a challenge, how do you respond?

    Tanahashi states that he would like to be respectful but calls Steamboat a 5th round draft pick and therefore someone who clearly is not on his level. He says that he will not lower himself or his title to that level. He then states that if those are the best questions the reporters have that they are wasting his time and stands up and walks off to everyone's surprise.
    Ali: It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and that man believes in himself..... (BH whispers something in his ear)... what vamp a bit for time? alright well why not drop a bombshell. Several years ago I competed in this promotion and the man I faced that night, the man who held the world championship for over 11 years Bruno Sammartino he's back too!

    He then continues to run down the rest of the promotions roster for the year, really bigging it up from the 8th and 9th wonders of the world Andre the Giant & Chyna to the female equivalent of Bruno in the form of The Fabulous Moolah. From the man he called the toughest man in wrestling Haku or arguably one of the only other people who could legit call themselves the greatest in their sport HBK Shawn Michaels to (he smoothly transitions into finishing up as BH whispers something once more into his ear) the man up next who has held more titles than an other wrestler in any promotion in the draft.
    Jerry "The King" Lawler


    Before the questions even start Lawler begins to speak to the assembled media and oozes arrogance as he references Ali's words about him having won more titles than anyone else.

    reporters questions
    As you state you have won titles all over, why did you choose the BWA in the draft?

    Once again King brings up Ali's words and how stacked the roster is but says he chose the BWA as the owners promised him a shot at one of the only titles he hasn't held in his career in the form of either the IWGP or BWA world titles. He says he is coming for them

    *You mention the IWGP and BWA world championships... which one are you hoping to challenge for?

    Lawler references how the current IWGP champion just said he heard there was going to be a match for the world title tomorrow night at the Tokyo dome and that he want's champion vs champion so... why not both!

    *Are you saying you will be in that match tomorrow night?

    Jerry says he will let Ali make the big announcements but Refers to himself as the 1 true King of Professional wrestling and asks the reporters who better to main event the BWA's first show of the new year before asking them a rhetorical question and saying who would be good enough to take on the one true king of PW?

    "I'd kick your ass" says someone in the midst of the reporters, only after a shocked Lawler fires back calling him a big man and telling to back up those words does he realize it's actually Brian Pillman! who does make his way towards the podium as Lawler questions if Pillman even works for the BWA. Before he can get to him though BWA security get between them an drag Pillman away which Jerry encourages them to do

    After this Lawler calls an end to the questions and says that the one true king of professional wrestling can be seen at the Tokyo Dome the following night and hints that it should be in the main event.
    Muhammad Ali & Bounty Hunter return in his stead and have to immediately answer a flurry of questions

    *What's going on with Brian Pillman? Has he signed for the BWA?

    Ali: That man shows fire in his belly and passion in his heart but (temporarily stops to check with BH) Mr Pillman is not currently under contract with the BWA.

    *What about Jimmy Savile? are the rumors true?

    Bounty Hunter: Let me take this one. We have now and have never had any interest in promoting that vile human being in any way whatsoever. I don't understand why this rumor started and I will not be mentioning his name again tonight but no those rumors are not true.

    Ali: I want to mention someone I have a lot of interest in promoting however, because he like me is a champion of the people and can electrify an audience. Which is why The Greatest wants to introduce the great one to the BWA audience for the first time ever... The Rock!
    A video hyping The Rock's arrival plays

    followed by the date of their first show outside of Japan

    Ali: Can't wait till the Great one comes face to face with the greatest but if one man can lay claim to being as big a deal as The Rock, it'd be the BWA's no.1 draft pick, the headliner & showstopper, Mr Wrestlemania himself, the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels!

    ....Despite that intro, no sign of HBK...then suddenly... Oh You didn't know... it's the Road dogg Jesse James & Bad a$s Billy Gunn who accompanied by Chyna come out and do their schtick to introduce Michael's properly

    "HBK" Shawn Michaels

    reporters question
    *Earlier tonight Bruno Sammartino was announced and now The Rock, plus we have also heard from The King and the current IWGP champion who both want to be in the BWA main event... what is your opinion on this years BWA roster of competitors?

    HBK starts somewhat in agreement with regards how good the competition is but then stops himself

    *Are you ok Shawn?

    You know what...It's better to be pissed off than pissed on and I'm pissed off! I'm The showstopper! The icon! The main event! and Cassius Clay over there spends half my introduction fawning over someone who isn't fit to wear my jock strap! There I said it, you all got the sound bite you wanted because I, the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels am here to give you exactly what you want, neigh need even if this company don't deserve it.

    *Why don't they deserve it?

    The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels isn't going to be a doormat for anyone! (then staring at BH & Ali) you hear that ? This company made false promises to me to get me here and they need to know that I am not going to stand for it.

    He then went on to outline the ways in which he believes he was lied to so that he would agree to coming to the promotion as the BWA's first round draft pick. He claims he was promised that he could have imput on who else was drafted by the promotion, says he wanted to bring his buddy HHH to the brand and that he would never have drafted The Rock who he calls a Muhammad Ali wannabe who should stay in Hollywood where he belongs. He also lifts the curtain somewhat on the draft process by lambasting management for trying to trade away Chyna. He is about to elaborate and say which federations were in negotiations (you know who you are) with but stops himself to highlight what he calls the biggest betrayal, that he was promised the BWA title if he signed to the promotion and now he hears that tomorrow night in the Tokyo dome what should be his title is going to be fought over.

    *Are you going to be in that match?

    I am and I'm going to win it, but if I'm not... (takes a moment to think it over)... You will never see me in the BWA ever again!

    End of the Press Conference

    The following night
    Welcome to BWA Raw!
    Live from The Tokyo Dome — Japan

    Muhammad Ali acts as the ring announcer providing context for matches and occasionally as backstage interviewer and starts by bigging up our opening bout and the four contestants all of whom we didn't see at the press conference the night before and in his words two of the biggest tag teams in the history of Pro Wrestling making special note of the presence of the one and only Andre the Giant in the match. Just when it seemed like he had hyped it enough and we were about to get started he dropped that this match would be a qualifying match for an opportunity at the BWA tag team titles!
    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard "The Brain Busters" vs "The Colossal Connection" Andre The Giant and Haku

    Arn & Tully show off their tag skills in this match, through tactical quick tags and isolating Haku away from Andre as much as they can. For this reason the commentators state that it is reminiscent of Andre's last ever match in the WWF in which he teamed with Haku at Wrestlemania VI. They also note how you could visibly see the frustration grow on Haku's face each and every time The Brain Busters denied him the opportunity to tag in his gigantic partner. This frustration eventualy boiled over when Tully Blanchard tripped while attempting to strike him and his thumb went into Tongan native's eye.

    Haku snapped and after 4 consecutive headbutts opened up Blanchard he (Haku) let out a primal scream and started to choke his opponent with the ring rope. The ref started a 5 count but eventually disqualified Haku who was paying him no heed.

    winners via DQ finish: Arn & Tully

    Seemingly not annoyed at missing his chance at the Tag titles Andre found this hilarious as he finally found himself getting involved in the action as he blocked double A Arn Anderson from making the save with a serious of devastating looking chops on the outside. Eventually several security had to pry Blanchard free from Haku's grip (allowing Anderson to help him to the back) a number of whom take a wholloping as a result.
    happier times

    When we return from commercial there is a brief recap of what happened with the commentators continually referring to Haku as the toughest man in wrestling before we head backstage to a concerned Tessa Blanchard with her father / trainer who is receiving medical attention and finding it hard to breath. She keeps telling him he is going to be ok and reminds him that they won the match and are one step closer to regaining BWA tag gold (as they were in the promotion previously).

    We then return to ringside but before our next match the commentary team take this opportunity to highight something the cameramen noticed in the front row of the audience. Now sat with his feet up on the barricade in front of him is Brian Pillman who is supporting a small sign, written upon which is - "The King" fears ME. They then discuss what he is doing there as they once more re-iterate managements statement yesterday that Pillman is not currently signed to any form of BWA contract, but note he has every right to be in the arena as a fan of the product even if he clearly isn't a Lawler supporter.
    Ricky Steamboat vs Minoru Suzuki

    The local fans are actually firmly in the corner of Steamboat here after Suzuki made many disrespectful remarks about Japanese wrestling and Japanese wrestling fans upon departing NJPW for the BWA whilst Ricky has a very clean cut reputation that they appreciated. The match seems to follow a similar trend too with The Dragon fighting a more technical and puroresu style compared to Suzuki who employs underhanded and vicious tactics intended to inflict pain on his opponent. This one ends all of a sudden however when Suzuki goes for a Penalty kick which was proceeded by a snapmare when Steamboat reverses it into a roll up pin for a quick 3 count.

    Winner: Ricky Steamboat

    Suzuki rolls to the outside shaking his head and clearly very very annoyed with himself, meanwhile back in the ring Steamboat asks for a microphone

    Steamboat then proceeds to call out Hiroshi Tanahashi who does actually answer the call and comes out from the back. He (Steamboat) admits that perhaps his stock had fallen since last year when he just like Tanahashi this year was a 2nd round draft pick but he wanted to prove that he was on his level and deserving of an opportunity at his IWGP heavyweight title by right here in Japan, not only taking on but defeating the man who only last year defeated Tanahashi for his then IWGP intercontinental title at New Beginning in Sapporo. He then once more extends a challenge for a 1 on 1 match for Tanahashi's championship

    After a little delay Tanahashi shakes his head no and smirks.

    Why the smirk? because Minoru Suzuki has rolled back into the ring and is now stood behind Ricky and with chair in hand starts teeing off on Steamboat. After what what seems like an unending amount of chair shots to his back Suzuki leaves The Dragon in a heap in the middle of the ring and picks up his microphone while Tanahashi just walks away.

    Suzuki: Feel the pain! I don't facking care about wins and loses, I like hurting people ha ha ha... HAAKKU! Toughest Son of a B!tch in pro wrestling they say (starts manically laughing)... look into my eyes... you too will know pain! think you are tough? prove it!

    he then spreads his arms wide while standing over Steamboat and continues to laugh manically as he drops the mic.

    When we return from commercial the commentators talk about how relieved they are that Haku had been escorted from the arena by security earlier in the night after his attack on Tully Blanchard and ponder the chaos that could ensue if those two men really did come face to face. Chaotic indeed is the best word they can come up with to discuss the start to the BWA's first show of the calendar year as they decide they still need a moment to calm themselves down and cut to a video package highlighting the arrival of The Fabulous Moolah which focuses on her 11,106 days as NWA womens champion or as WWE claim 28 years with the title

    When we return we see Jerry lawler backstage being interviewed by our roving reporter Brian Damage. He is asked about Pillman and the claim that Jerry fears "The Lunatic fringe" and responds:
    "The One True King of Professional Wrestling fears no man. I'd face him anytime, anyplace but tonight I've got bigger fish to fry than that peasant"

    Before the commentary team even get a chance to discuss that beyone re-iterating that he'd face him anywhere showing no fear blasting across the arena are those familar words Oh you didn't know... as The New Age Outlaws come out and introduce their stablemate Chyna who despite what happens next does actually have small sections of fans due to the time she spent living in Japan previously and gets a surprisingly good reaction.
    Chyna vs Riona Lockheart

    Chyna's opponent is described as a local wrestler doing final fantasy cosplay by the announcers and unfortunately for her the 8th wonder of the world makes it obvious she is no fantastical warrior as she absolutely dismantles her. When she finally tired of tossing her opponent around like a rag doll she finishes the bout with a Gorilla Press Slam and a Powerbomb before getting the 3 count victory

    Winner: Chyna

    After the match we go backstage to where Muhammad Ali is playing the role of interviewer and who is he interviewing ? non other than the man he faced the last time he was in the BWA...Bruno Sammartino

    During this interview we find out that despite having held the world title for longer than anyone else ever he will not be competing in tonight's main event for the BWA world title but that he will be keeping a very close eye on that match. He does however announce that next week when the BWA returns to the united states for a show at the historic Madison Square Garden he planned on making challenging someone he has never faced before to a historic bout at this years BWA Wrestlepalooza.

    As we return back to ringside the announcers speculate with regards who Bruno may challenge but only long enough that Ali is able to come back out to ringside in order to introduce tonight's main event for the BWA world heavyweight title starting with HBK Shawn Michaels who is accompanied to the ring by both Chyna and the New Age Outlaws

    Then we find out who The Showstopper will face for the gold as Ali introduces him as he referred to himself at the press conference yesterday and earlier tonight, as the one true King of Professional Wrestling Jerry "The King" Lawler". As Lawler makes his way down to ringside he intentionally heads to where Brian Pillman is sat and clearly mouths something in the former Hollywood Blonde's direction. Pillman immediately springs up and takes a swing at Lawler but security (who seemingly were pre-set to pounce on Pillman - perhaps at the King's orders ponders one announcer) quickly grab him and eventually are able to escort him away from ringside.
    BWA World title match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Shawn Michaels

    In the first few minutes of this match it is a fairly even encounter but Chyna's presence at ringside is most certainly a distraction for Lawler and HBK begins to get the upper hand hitting a number of big moves on him including a belly to back suplex. Just when her interference begins to escalate to seem like it may have an impact on the result what is first thought to be a fan jumps the guard rail and pulls her down off the apron. This man is then identified as Brian Christopher aka Jerry's son. Chyna chases him around the ring before eventually catching him and pulling him towards her. As she does he feigns to go for a punch but stops himself seemingly not wanting to strike a lady and instead much the the uproar of the audience plants a huge kiss on her instead. Chyna is stunned, the ref however is not and now that his attention has been brought onto the outside distraction he orders both Chyna and Grandmaster Sexaay to the back, the latter of which does so extremely quickly as Chyna once passed her moment of shock looks like she could kill him.

    In ring Michael's is completely distracted by her removal and Lawler takes this opportunity to regain the momentum and almost take the win with a low blow (while the ref was focused on removing the others still) followed up by a DDT which got him a long 2 count. Not letting up he immediately hit a number of big elbow drops to keep HBK down before ascending to the top rope and delivering his patented Diving Fist Drop. Starting as the underdog against the argueably bigger name internationally (Michaels) with his 3 buddies at ringside Lawler had become somewhat the face in this bout for the fans and they had supported his last pin attempt. This time the groans were very clear as Shawn survived a 3 count thanks to Billy Gunn putting his foot on the 2nd rope right before the ref counted 3.

    Thus started the part of the match where the New Age Outlaws swing momentum straight back to their DX leaders corner as not only do they provide a distraction but Lawler's annoyance at their interference leads to him making mistakes that HBK capitalizes on. On one such an occasion he catches The King with Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere but Lawler has the wherewithal to roll out of the ring after taking the hit not allowing a pin attempt. With the Outlaws on the outside however he does not get much time to recover and is soon back in ring where he is caught in a figure four leg lock. Michael's locks the hold in for quite a while but is forced to release it when Jerry gets to the ropes in the corner.

    Unfortunately for him however this is the perfect position for The Showstopper who indicates it's time to stop the show by backing up and allowing him to slowly get to his feet before BOOM! Sweet Chin Music! but wait he does not go for the pin but instead backs up once more and this time starts to tune up the band for a 2nd big finisher in a row. foot stomp... foot stomp.. foot stomp...


    If you Smell... Oh my Gawd it's The Rock! he's not supposed to be here tonight!

    Everyone's attention switches to the entrance ramp as sure enough The Great One, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes his way out and down towards the ring and this somewhat subdued Japanese audience comes unglued. As he does both members of the New Age Outlaws run to intercept him but first Road Dogg (who takes a clothesline with such ferocity that he does a Rikishi-esque 360) and then Billy Gunn (who is planted with a Rock Bottom) are laid out on route. Then with only the ring ropes between them the two Icons Shawn Michaels and The Rock lock eyes with one another in a shot that on it's own could sell a wrestlemania main event before HBK turns to tell the ref to get Rocky out of here instead turns right into Lawler who now back on his feet catches HBK unawares with a kick to the gut which he folows up at speed with a Piledriver and immediately makes the pin for the 1-2-3!

    Winner and New BWA World Champion! Jerry Lawler

    In a weird one off moment the crowd cheer like crazy as the heel Lawler picks up the BWA world title but an equally big story is that Finally The Rock has arrived in the BWA!

    BWA Roster 2016
    1. Shawn Michaels
    2. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    3. The Rock
    4. Brian Pillman
    4. Arn Anderson
    5. Ricky Steamboat
    6. Jerry "The King" Lawler
    7. New Age Outlaws
    8. Chyna
    9. Tessa Blanchard
    10. Andre The Giant
    10. Haku / Meng
    11. Bruno Sammartino
    12. Minoru Suzuki
    13. The Fabulous Moolah
    13. Mae Young
    14. Muhammad Ali
    15. Tully Blanchard
    16. Barry Windham
    16. Kendall Windham
    16. Jimmy Savile
    (gifted) Grandmaster Sexay

  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 51,288 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    Jenny Jameson is backstage with Braun Strowman.

    Jenny: “Braun - huge news regarding your upcoming World Title match with Lou Thesz - due to the other issues going on in NCW Marty Scurll has been added!”

    Braun: “Scurll. The Villain. CM Punk. Lou Thesz. Add twenty more men, I don’t care. Every single one of them that gets in my way will Get These Hands!
    And when it’s all done - when they both lie broken and battered - These Hands will once again Get… the NCW Heavyweight Title.
    Lou Thesz - Marty Scurll - welcome to Hell! Or as I know it - the Monster’s Playground.”

    Braun stares into the camera as it cuts back to the arena.


    Jiminy: “Well, luckily for you Necro - Strowman has no issue with your impromptu changes mid show!”

    Necro: “Come on Jiminy, what did you want me to do - send Marty Scurll home? What sort of message does that send? Hey - don’t show up, screw over the other guy in your match - management will help! No. Screw that idiot CM Punk, I saw his tweet. He can expect to hear from our lawyers for breach of contract - and that’s the final thing I have to say on the matter.”

    Stephanie: “It’s not an ideal position to be in - I personally think the decision was great! Our main event gets some added spice in the form of The Villain! It’s the absolute best we could hope for out of a difficult situation.”

    A spotlight shines down on the NCW Rising Star Champion as he comes to the stage. He poses with the championship around his waist before making his way to the ring.


    Necro: “Sheamus looking uber confident here tonight - despite what I said earlier, whatever nervousness seems to have dissipated.”

    Jiminy: “That’s because you were seeing things, Necro - why on earth would Sheamus - be worried about weedy Finn Balor? Just think about that for a moment before you answer now.”

    Stephanie: “He sure was worried two weeks ago when he ran away from the Demon!”

    Jiminy: “That was..”

    Necro: “Yep, Jiminy Billy-Bob folks. Always full of hot air.”

    Necro: “Always awe inspiring - always awesome - the Demon has come to play tonight!”

    Jiminy: “I.. I… have to agree - this is amazing. But.. but it won’t work. Sheamus will kick his head off his shoulders.. right?”

    Stephanie: “That remains to be seen I suppose Jiminy!”

    Necro: “One thing’s for sure - OH!”

    As Demon Balor poses on the ropes, Sheamus rushes him looking for the Brogue Kick –

    Balor ducks, bounces off the ropes and hits a Slingblade!

    Jiminy: “Shades of Wrestlemania 28 - Sheamus attempted the quick KO shot!”

    Necro: “And failed - Balor was wise enough to it - in fact it may have backfired!”

    Balor goes up top quickly and leaps for the Coup De Gras –
    Sheamus rolls out of the ring and avoids contact!

    Jiminy: “See - told you, Sheamus is too smart to get caught in his own trap. This was just early mind games!”

    Stephanie: “If you say so, Jiminy…”

    Sheamus points to his head and slowly re-enters the ring as Balor is on his haunches, waiting for him. Sheamus mouths off a bit and goes for a lock up – Balor obliges and Sheamus goes for a knee to the gut – Balor slips behind and sets Sheamus for 1916 – Sheamus muscles out and backs off, looking flustered.

    He rushes back in and Balor catches him with a drop toe hold – Sheamus hits the mat and immediately rolls to the outside again!

    Necro: “And the early proceedings are belonging to the Demon so far - he seems to have gotten inside the head of the Champion!”

    Jiminy: “Puh-lease! A few little scratches on the armour of the Celtic Warrior at best! This Demon is going to have to try a lot harder than that!”

    The crowd chant for Balor as Sheamus shakes his head, heading for the timekeeper to get his title and walking around the ring, aiming to head for the back –

    Balor dives over the ropes on top of Sheamus!


    Jiminy: “Sweet Jesus! That shouldn’t be allowed!”

    Necro: “Balor putting life and limb on the line to take the fight to Sheamus!”

    Both men go down and Balor rolls to his feet as Sheamus feels the effects of the somersault. Balor backs up and as Sheamus tries to get back to his feet, he gets hit with a low dropkick sending him rolling up the ramp!

    Balor then picks Sheamus up and rolls him back into the ring, Sheamus stumbling to his feet as Balor re-enters to break the count – Sheamus hits a hard knee to the side of Balor’s head as he does, knocking him to the mat.

    Balor tries to get up but Sheamus is on him fairly quickly with a couple of stomps and a few right hands. He hauls Balor up and ties him in the ropes, and hits 8 of 10 beats as the crowd boo him.

    Jiminy: “That’s more like it - beat that Demon like a Bodhran Sheamus!”

    He goes for a ninth – Balor counters with a Pele Kick knocking Sheamus backwards!

    Balor re-enters the ring, clutching his ribs tenderly and hits another dropkick on Sheamus, knocking him back into the corner.

    He backs up and the crowd cheer as he runs for another one – Sheamus bursts out and almost takes his head off with a huge clothesline!

    He drops for the cover – Balor kicks out at two!

    Necro: “That was close - Sheamus’s power is something Balor needs to avoid.”

    Jiminy: “Sheamus has this. Balor can’t stand up to Sheamus’ raw power!”

    Stephanie: “That was as a hard hitting a clothesline as I’ve seen! A certain Wrestling God would be proud of that one I think!”

    Sheamus now pushes his advantage, dumping Balor to the floor and following him outside. He quickly whips Balor shoulder first into the steps then stomps on his ribs.

    Balor rolls around gasping for air, still feeling the effects of Sheamus attacking him a few weeks prior. Sheamus drags Balor up and drops him chest first on the guard rail!

    He then kicks him in the ribs again and goes back into the ring, beating his chest and raising his arms as the referee continues to count Balor.

    Jiminy: “Smart by Sheamus, working on the already softened up ribs. He doesn’t need to win by pinfall - pressure is all on Balor here!”

    Balor barely makes the 10 count and crawls just inside the ring. Sheamus drags him up again and sets him, nailing the Irish Curse.

    He makes the cover and Balor just barely kicks out.

    Sheamus shakes his head again and picks up Finn, and sets him for a second Irish Curse – Balor slips out, and shoves Sheamus sending him shoulder first through the second turnbuckle and into the ring post!

    Both men are down!

    Stephanie: “Great counter by Finn there, Sheamus was beginning to dominate!”

    Balor hauls himself up using the ropes at an 8 count while Sheamus, now holding his shoulder gets up at 9.

    Both men look across at each other with a grudging respect.

    Sheamus staggers forward and Finn slips behind him, knees him in the back –
    191… No – Balor can’t lift him with the pain in his ribs!

    Sheamus struggles free and knees Balor in the gut shoving him backwards.
    Balor hits the ropes as Sheamus charges – Brogue… no – Balor ducks and Sheamus crotches himself on the top rope!

    Balor this time slips behind Sheamus again and using the leverage from the ropes… 1916!

    The cover –



    THRE - Sheamus gets his foot on the rope!

    Necro: “Wow that was close. Balor was sure he had it there!”

    Jiminy: “Fantastic ring awareness from the champion, he just saved his title!”

    Balor argues with the ref until he sees Sheamus’ foot. Still holding his ribs he drags Sheamus to the corner, backs up – and hits a running dropkick!

    Sheamus flops to the mat and Balor struggles to his feet again, slowly ascending the ropes. He leaps….

    Sheamus rolls out of the way again!

    Balor rolls to his feet as Sheamus has shot up and hit the ropes –

    Brogue Kick!!!


    Sheamus with the cover, to retain….



    THRE - Balor kicks out at 2 and 9 tenths!

    Jiminy: “WHAT? How did he…?”

    Necro: “What resilience, amazing from Balor!”

    Sheamus looks up in disbelief as the referee waves it off. He gets to his feet again and slams the turnbuckle in frustration.

    He begins to beat his chest again, waiting for Balor to get back up, signalling for a second Brogue Kick that will surely put Balor down.

    Balor begins to stir, and hauls himself up using the ropes… Sheamus charges…

    Brogue – BALOR DUCKS!

    Balor takes off at speed, bouncing off the ropes as Sheamus tries to compose himself – he rebounds and jumps at Sheamus – Slingblade!

    Sheamus goes down and the crowd erupt in cheers

    Jiminy: “How is he doing this? I just don’t…”

    Balor does rest on his haunches this time, he sees Sheamus stirring, he hits the ropes and just as Sheamus gets to his feet – ploughs into him with a running dropkick – Sheamus bounces backwards into the corner and falls forward, rolling onto his back.

    Balor ascends the turnbuckles…

    Stephanie: “Oh! Balor in…”

    Jiminy: “Please don’t say it - Michael Cole will be creaming himself..”

    Stephanie: “The drop zone!”

    Necro: (laughing) “Can he hit it this time?”

    He leaps for the third time…

    COUP DE GRAS!! He hits it!

    Balor collapses into the cover….




    Stephanie, Jiminy, Necro: “WHAT?”

    The crowd are as stunned as Balor as he looks around him and at the ref, completely and utterly in shock.

    Balor drags himself back to his feet and tries to pick Sheamus up, looking for 1916 again – Sheamus counters –
    Irish Curse!

    The cover….




    Necro: “Mother of God - what will keep either man down? This…”

    Jiminy: “Is…”

    Stephanie: “Awesome!”

    The crowd seem to agree, and are chanting:

    As Sheamus slaps the mat in frustration and gets back to his feet. He screams at Balor to stay down, dragging him up – he’s setting him for the Celtic Cross!

    He lifts Balor, sending him high into the air over his back –

    Balor slides out and drops behind Sheamus –

    a knee to the back –


    Sheamus goes down, a long way from the corner but Balor rolls towards it anyways and climbs to the top, the fans are chanting his name as he leaps halfway across the ring…


    The cover…



    3!!! IT’S OVER!

    Balor has defeated Sheamus!!

    Necro: “New Champion - Balor is the new Rising Star Champion!”

    Stephanie: “What a match, what a performance from both men!”

    Jiminy: “There’s no shame in losing this match, both men gave it absolutely everything!”

    The crowd are cheering loudly as Balor struggles back to his feet and is handed the title by the referee. He raises it high above his head as his music plays.


    Sheamus has rolled to the corner and is sitting up, looking dejected as Balor ascends the ropes with the championship. He hauls himself to his feet as Balor comes off the turnbuckles and turns to face his Irish counterpart.

    Both men stare at each other as the fans chant for Balor. Sheamus, holding his ribs now after the Coup De Gras, extends his hand and the fans quieten slightly as Balor looks at Sheamus oddly.

    Jiminy: “A gentleman in defeat, this is amazing!”

    Stephanie: “I dunno… I smell something fishy..”

    Balor extends his own hand – the two men shake hands to the cheers of the crowd!

    Sheamus raises Balor’s hand and the fans chant for Sheamus this time.
    He applauds Balor and goes to leave the ring – Balor heads for the turnbuckles to celebrate again...

    Sheamus attacks Balor from behind!!

    Necro: “What, oh no Sheamus. Way to spoil the moment!”

    The crowd boo Sheamus loudly as Balor is knocked over with the clubbing blow from behind. He picks up the title belt and measures Balor – before blasting him in the head with it as he tries to get up!

    Sheamus then mounts Balor and delivers a number of stiff shots to his head.

    Stephanie: “This is disgusting, what a bad loser Sheamus is!”

    Jiminy: “Haha, he outsmarted the Demon after all. Balor had this coming!”

    The crowd begin to cheer as The Bullet Club race to the ring! Sheamus sees them though and rolls out of the ring and escapes through the crowd.

    The Bullet Club check on Balor up to his feet as Sheamus angrily shouts at them from the crowd.

    Why book it this way: Well, I felt Balor getting the win after a tough contest made sense. Gives a clean sweep for The Bullet Club who go over strong. Sheamus saves face by being pretty tough to beat and then the post-match attack. The feud would continue for a couple of months more over the belt while another challenger or two materialises.


    The Cell begins to lower and the fans rise to their feet and begin to cheer!

    Necro: “Oh boy! It’s time for our main event and the tension is rising!”

    Jiminy: “Despite your best efforts to ruin it Necro, I’m still excited for this match!”

    Stephanie: “This is amazing! What a contest we have coming up!”

    The crowd go wild as Marty Scurll comes to the stage, pumped and ready for the match!

    Necro: “Well it isn’t exactly how he expected this night to turn out, but Scurll has been handed a massive opportunity here. Can he capitalise?”

    Jiminy: “Opportunity? He’s been put inside a cage with a Monster and the Greatest Ever - I think I’d prefer waterboarding as my method of torture!”

    Stephanie: “Do you really have to Jiminy? The Villain wants to prove himself - this match, right here, right now - presents him with an opportunity!”

    Scurll makes his way inside the cage, looking up and around it. Then he rolls into the ring and poses on the ropes as the crowd chant his name!


    Jiminy: “Things are about to get real for Marty Scurll, The Monster Among Men is here!”

    Braun comes to the stage, raises his arms and roars and heads straight for the ring.

    Necro: “A focused, determined Braun Strowman tonight. He doesn’t care less that there has been a late addition to this match, he just wants to inflict pain!”

    Stephanie: “Another bonus is that Strowman is no stranger to triple threat matches, having instigated one himself for last year’s main event. You have to see him as heavy favorite for this match!”

    Jiminy: “I love how both of you always want to write off Lou Thesz before he even arrives - it’s exactly what he means when he talks about management keeping him down!”

    Scurll watches as Strowman enters the ring and roars again. He eyes him warily from his corner as Strowman smirks and approaches before the referee gets briefly in the way.

    Thesz comes to the stage as his theme song plays. Sparks reign down as the robed champion poses on the stage to the boos of the crowd.

    Necro: “The royal treatment tonight for the NCW Champion - yet he’ll probably find some way to complain about it. The sparks being a fire hazard to his robe perhaps.”

    Jiminy: “Every complaint Lou Thesz makes is legit - he is overlooked by you and your corporate cronies, Necro!”

    Stephanie: “Every complaint? Seriously? He cheated to win…”

    Jiminy: “Yeah, yeah…”

    Thesz has a mic.

    Thesz: “CUT IT! CUT MY MUSIC! This is yet another example of the NCW brass not having faith in their champion - in me. Undercutting me, putting me in impossible situations to defend my championship! This is a disgrace. No only is there a jacked up ape in there with me - now there is an indie NOBODY - who is only in the match because their overpaid, overhyped main attraction decided not to show up! I should refuse to compete!
    But… like the champion I truly am.. (boos) this is another hurdle that I - Lou Thesz - as my theme says - THE GREATEST ALIVE - will overcome to keep this championship!”

    Thesz drops the mic and makes his way to the ring as the crowd boos him.

    Jiminy: “Haha, Thesz making Necro squirm here! I love it!”

    Necro: “Look, it’s not ideal, I know it - everyone knows it - and it’s all down to CM…”

    Stephanie: "You need to chill Necro, you'll give yourself an aneurysm thinking about him!"

    Thesz enters the ring and the referee on the outside begins the process of padlocking the Cell as Thesz looks around warily. He enters the ring and removes his robe before handing his title to the referee in the ring.
    Ring Announcer: "It is now time for the main event - this match is scheduled for one fall and is a Hell - In A Cell - match, for the NCW Heavyweight Championship!

    Introducing first, one of the challengers, from Littleport, Cambridgeshire - England... weighing in at 195lbs...


    The crowd chant for Marty Scurll as he takes the centre of the ring and poses as Thesz and Strowman stare daggers at each other.

    Ring Announcer: "And next, the second challenger - he is a FORMER NCW Heavyweight Champion, and former NCW Rising Star Champion, becoming the first man to cash in the title and win...

    Standing at 6ft 8 inches tall - weighing in at 385lbs...

    The Monster Among Men....


    Strowman stomps to the centre next and roars at both of his opponents, flexing his arms and swinging his shoulders.

    Ring Announcer: "And now - introducing the NCW Heavyweight Champion - one of the true greats of the industry...
    From St. Louis, Missouri - weighing in at 225lbs....

    The Greatest Alive.....


    Thesz snatches his title back and walks to the centre of the ring, holding the title up as the crowd boo loudly. He looks at Scurll and Strowman and points at the title, yelling at both of them.

    'You see this? Take a good look, because this is as close as you get to it!"

    Thesz goes back to his corner and reluctantly hands the title to the referee, who holds it up for all to see and shows it around the ring. Scurll and Strowman watch the championship as it is displayed.

    The referee then hands the title to the outside, looks around at the three competitors - and calls for the bell to start the match!

    Necro: "A true big fight feel here tonight guys - this one is for the most prestigious championship in NCW. And it's certain to be a barnburster!"

    Jiminy: "When you think about the former champions in NCW... John Cena - Jeff Hardy - Muhammad Hassan..."

    Stephanie: "The Ultimate Warrior, Braun Strowman - and current champion Lou Thesz!"

    Necro: "It's easy to see how the rivalries get so intense the title is that illustrious - some of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling have held this championship. Question is - will one more name be etched in the annals of NCW history tonight?"

    Stephanie: "Or... will Lou Thesz continue his run as champion?

    Jiminy: "Well, obviously - I'm plumping for that!"

    Thesz rolls out of the ring as the referee rings the bell and argues with the referee at the cage door. Strowman and Scurrl circle each other and Scurrl attempts to lock up with Strowman, who powers him back into the corner.

    Strowman grabs Scurrl and throws him halfway across the ring! He then exits the ring and follows him, Thesz rolls back into the ring and as Strowman steps over the ring ropes, Thesz rushes him with rights and lefts. Strowman with one hand shoves Thesz backwards, sending him rolling to the other side of the ring. Thesz gets up and Strowman plants him back down with a shoulder charge.

    Scurrl gets up again and Strowman plants him as well! Scurrl rolls out to the ring apron in a daze as Thesz staggers to his feet.

    Jiminy: “This is so unfair on Lou Thesz, having to defend his title against a monster, and now a surprise opponent!”

    Necro: “He can just suck it up, as far as I’m concerned. The whinings of Lou Thesz do not concern me to be honest.”

    This time Thesz rolls out of the ring but Strowman grabs him by the head! Thesz struggles in the grip of Strowman, but manages to wriggle out, grabbing Strowman’s arm as he does. He jars it on the ropes, causing Strowman to back off, holding his arm.

    Necro: “Clever work by the in ring general there, his superior wrestling skills causing a problem for Strowman on that already injured arm!”

    Thesz goes under the ring and pulls out a chair, re-entering as Strowman gets some feeling back into his arm. Thesz cracks him across the bad shoulder twice and Strowman roars in pain. Thesz then blasts Strowman in the ribs before dropping the chair and attempting to whip him to the turnbuckles – Strowman counters with one arm and whips Thesz instead.

    He backs up and charges – Thesz moves and uses Strowman’s momentum to send him through the middle turnbuckle and colliding with the ring post, bad shoulder first.

    Jiminy: “Thesz beating the heck out of Strowman’s arm here, what excellent strategy!”

    Stephanie: “Underhanded, but unfortunately perfectly legal in a Hell in a Cell Match!”

    Thesz grabs the chair again and rolls out of the ring, and slams it against Strowman’s shoulder a third time, with his shoulder and arm still against the post. He drops the chair as Strowman holds his arm in pain – Thesz quickly applies an armbar from outside the ring to Strowman!

    Necro: “Good god, he could break Strowman’s arm!”

    Strowman grips the ropes as Thesz leans back and refuses to release the hold, screaming that he will break it unless Strowman taps.

    Strowman grits his teeth and with the bad arm lifts Thesz and tries to dump him back to the floor – Thesz twists on the arm as Strowman tries to drop him – and Strowman’s shoulder looks like it has popped!

    Jiminy: “Stick a fork in Strowman – he is done! That shoulder looks dislocated!”

    Strowman collapses to the mat writhing in agony as Thesz rolls away on the floor, and re-enters the ring.

    Strowman tries to get back to his feet, clutching the shoulder and a grimace of pain on his face – Thesz runs at Strowman –

    Thesz Press!

    Jiminy: “This is it, Thesz has him!”

    Thesz goes to make the cover, Scurrl nails him with a superkick and covers Strowman!



    THRE - He barely kicks out at 3!

    Scurrl gets to his feet and gets cracked across the back by a steel chair shot from Thesz.

    Thesz kicks Scurrl out of the ring and a smirk overcomes his face as he advances and the referee checks on Strowman, his shoulder looking in a bad way.

    Thesz stomps on Strowman’s arm, causing him to roar again.

    Necro: “Lou Thesz with bad intentions here, and I do have to say since the opening moments he has looked utterly dominant.”

    Jiminy: “The Greatest Ever proving his worth here tonight!”

    Thesz rolls back to the outside as the referee asks Strowman if he wants to quit – Strowman roars No at him. Thesz kicks apart one of the steel steps and tosses the lighter part into the ring.

    Stephanie: “This is too far, what is he doing with the steps?”

    Jiminy: “They are as legal as a headlock in the circumstances, Steph!”

    Scurll is struggling to his feet on the outside and Thesz boots him in the stomach, looking for a suplex on the steps – Scurll counters and lands on the apron – and nails Thesz with another superkick!

    Scurll looks at Strowman still writhing in pain on the mat, he looks down at Thesz who is trying to get back to his feet – Scurll ascends the ropes – dives at Thesz –

    Crossbody onto the larger part of the Steel Steps!

    Jiminy: “Hey – that’s not right! You can’t do that to Thesz! Someone get the medics!”

    Necro: “You just said…”

    Jiminy: “Ah shut up!”

    Scurll struggles to his feet, holding his ribs as Thesz lies motionless on the steps! Scurll kicks Thesz aside and shoves the bigger part of the steps under the bottom rope as well.

    Jiminy: “The referee has lost control of this match! Someone check on Lou!”

    He rolls back in, and surveys Strowman still on the mat and holding his arm, before dragging the large part of the steps to the centre of the ring. Scurll stands over Strowman as the crowd chant his name –

    he applies the crossface chicken wing!!

    Necro: “Oh – Scurll could have it here – he has that tight on the bad arm!”

    Strowman is writhing in pain as Scurll grapevines around the bigger man, leaning back into the hold.

    The referee is down near Strowman, asking him if he wants to quit, Strowman is shaking his head but he is fading fast. The referee checks his arm and it drops once…


    Scurll is cracked in the head with the steps by Thesz!!

    Jiminy: “Oh my, Thesz just saved the match I think! What brilliance!”

    Scurll falls motionless onto the canvas as Thesz sets the bottom part of the steps, before lifting Scurll and setting him for a powerbomb – he lifts Scurll – Strowman grabs him from behind!

    Scurll is dropped to the canvas as Strowman turns Thesz around – Thesz nails him with a vicious low blow!

    Necro: “Disgusting from Thesz, can he ever fight fairly?”

    Jiminy: “That’s an outlandish allegation, Necro – there’s no disqualifications in this match!”

    The referee admonishes Thesz who flips him off, mouthing that there are no rules. Strowman is writhing on the ground but starting to try to get back to his feet with one arm – Thesz rams the steps into his arm.

    Strowman staggers, but doesn’t go down, still clutching his arm – Thesz backs up and runs with the steps – Strowman counters with a big boot, bouncing the steps back into Thesz’s head!

    Jiminy: “Oh no, Thesz could be in trouble here!”

    The force causes Strowman to lose his balance and fall against the turnbuckles where he hits his shoulder again, he sits there in agony as Thesz collapses to the mat motionless.

    The crowd cheer for Strowman as he hauls himself up with one arm again. He advances on Thesz, who is bleeding now from a cut to his forehead from the steps.

    Using his good arm he picks up Thesz, and lifts him for a one handed chokeslam – Thesz comes to and delivers ANOTHER vicious kick down low on Strowman. Strowman doubles over in pain – Thesz sets him –

    DDT on the steps!

    Necro: “Another low blow? Seriously?”

    Jiminy: “That’s it, he’s done! Cover him Lou!”

    Strowman’s head bounces off the steel and he collapses to the mat. Thesz rolls him over slowly for the cover…



    Scurll breaks up the count!

    Jiminy: “Hey, that’s not fair! Thesz had this match won if SOMEONE didn’t add a third party to the match!”

    Scurll pulls Thesz to his feet who counters and whips Scurll against the ropes. Scurll bounces back, looking for a reverse elbow – Thesz sidesteps and counters into a back-breaker on Scurll!

    He picks up Scurll again and tosses him through the ropes to the outside before turning back to Strowman.

    Thesz stomps on the injured arm again, causing Strowman to fall back to the canvas. He goes back to the outside, aiming to pick up the chair – Strowman is up! Strowman grimaces as he picks up the smaller part of the steps, his bad arm barely able to hold them.

    He heads for the side that Thesz is collecting his chair from – and dumps the steps over the top onto Thesz! They crash onto his back and he goes down.

    Stephanie: “Oh God I felt that from here!”

    Jiminy: “That’s just common assault! Someone call the cops!”

    Strowman exits the ring now and again picks up the steps. He backs up as Thesz gets up, a large gash on his back from the steps now. Thesz staggers to his feet as Strowman begins his charge – Thesz just about avoids the impact –

    Strowman blasts through the side of the Cell with the steps!

    Jiminy: “Uh, Necro – about that Cell you put there… you need to talk to the guy who built it!”

    Necro: “Not my fault! The standards are normal, it’s just not Monster proof!”

    Strowman falls down to one knee again, holding his arm from the impact with the Cell. Thesz grabs his chair and cracks it across Strowman’s back.

    Strowman slumps forward and out of the Cell. Thesz hits Strowman two more times across the back and he goes down fully. Thesz exits the cell himself, holding the chair up like a trophy and kicks the steps away from Strowman.

    He measures the monster as he somehow still tries to get up – Thesz swings to hit him right between the eyes – Strowman catches the chair with his good arm!

    Stephanie: “Lou Thesz about to get his comeuppance here I think!”

    Rising to his feet now, Strowman has a look of rage in his eyes. Thesz lets go of the chair and backs up.

    Strowman gives chase and follows him around the ringside area. Thesz turns one corner, but Strowman is gaining fast.

    Thesz looks up briefly, gulps slightly – and begins to climb. Strowman makes a grab for Thesz but he kicks his bad arm off.

    Strowman holds his shoulder gingerly and Thesz scarpers out of reach, scaling about halfway up the cell.

    Jiminy: “Lou… I don’t think that’s the safest place to run away to…”

    Necro: “Oh boy…”

    Stephanie: “I hope the companies insurance covers this!”

    Back in the ring Scurll is climbing to his feet on the inside of the cell and looks out at Thesz climbing.

    He rolls back into the ring as Strowman on the outside holds his arm and roars – and begins to follow Thesz!

    Thesz keeps climbing until he reaches the top, pulling himself up and onto the top of the Cell as Strowman slowly ascends with basically one arm.

    Necro: “Lou Thesz is on top of Hell in a Cell. One sentence I NEVER thought I would have to say. And Braun Strowman is in hot pursuit!”

    Jiminy: “Oh Lou… wait… what the hell is Scurll doing?”

    Strowman is about half way up as Scurll looks around him in the ring, he hits the ropes and runs towards the Cell –

    Scurll dives over the ropes – and collides with the Cell and Strowman on the outside – Strowman loses his grip!


    Necro: “Good God! Braun Strowman just exploded the Spanish announce table!”

    Jiminy: “Well, that takes care of Braun anyways…”

    Stephanie: “The Monster has been slain by Marty Scurll!”

    Thesz looks down in shock as Scurll rolls around in pain on the floor from the force of the impact.

    Thesz begins to descend again quickly, as Scurll rolls into the ring holding his shoulder and head in pain. Strowman lies prone on the outside.

    Jiminy: “Oh thank God, Lou is back on normal ground again!”

    Thesz smirks and re-enters the Cell as Scurll is struggling up using the ropes, clearly shaken by the manoeuvre to take down Strowman.

    Thesz takes his time entering the ring but immediately rushes Scurll and takes him down to the mat with force.

    Necro: “Love him or hate him, Lou Thesz’s mat skills are a thing of beauty in full flow.”

    Jiminy: “Of course they are, he’s the Greatest!”

    Thesz then dominates Scurll on the mat, ragdolling him around into a backslide for the cover



    Scurll just manages to escape and roll away!

    Thesz is back up and measuring Scurll who again tries to get back to his feet – Thesz runs forward –


    Thesz crashes onto the mat but rolls through and to his feet, turning around – Scurll kicks him the stomach – he picks him up and hits a vertical suplex – and rolls through!

    Scurll drags Thesz up again and nails another! He rolls into the cover



    Thesz kicks out!

    Stephanie: “Amazing chain wrestling on display, Scurll is no slouch either! So close to victory!”

    Pushing the advantage now, Scurll grabs Thesz’s hand for his trademark finger breaker – he jars Thesz’s fingers apart!

    Thesz holds his hand in agony as Scurll runs the ropes and comes back towards Thesz – Thesz covers up as Scurll fakes a superkick to the head – and hits one to the knee instead!

    Thesz stumbles and Scurll slips around the back –


    Jiminy: “No, Lou come on you can escape!”

    He grapevines Thesz to the mat – Thesz slips out!

    He rolls through and applies an armbar to Scurll!

    Scurll is stranded!

    Jiminy: “Haha! Again the Greatest gives a lesson to The Villain, this is glorious!”

    Thesz leans back on the armbar as Scurll scrambles to try and make the ropes – Thesz grapevines the arm as the crowd boo loudly!

    Necro: “Shades of Natural Selection III here – where Inoki ended up breaking Thesz’s arm!”

    Jiminy: “Yeah, and he STILL fell short!”

    Thesz is shouting at Scurll, telling him to tap or he will break the arm, Scurll shakes his head – he rolls Thesz up!



    Thesz has to break the hold to kick out!

    Stephanie: “A mere second longer and Thesz was done!”

    Scurll is now holding his arm as Thesz gets to his feet and advances – Scurll goes for a superkick – Thesz catches his foot – Scurll swings up his other leg – INZGUIRI!

    Thesz staggers backwards but doesn’t go down – Scurll hits the ropes –


    The cover…




    Jiminy: “Serves you right you rotten move thief!”

    Stephanie: “The embarrassment for Thesz had he lost to his own move…”

    Scurll goes to the top rope, looking for a leg drop across Thesz’s throat – he leaps –


    Jiminy: “It’s over, surely it’s over!”

    Thesz collapses into the cover –




    Necro and Jiminy: “WHAT?”

    Thesz sits up and argues with the referee that it was a three count, but the referee shakes his head.

    Thesz slaps the mat in frustration – AND IS GRABBED FROM BEHIND BY SCURLL!


    Thesz flails in agony, trying to reach the ropes with his feet, his arms – anything – Scurll leans back and cuts him off!

    Thesz still struggles, but he’s fading, he reaches his arm up – he’s going to tap –


    Necro: “My God, this guy is truly a monster – he just will not stay down!”

    Jiminy: “Oh no… poor Lou!”

    Strowman sets Scurll…


    He considers going for the cover – but shakes his head!

    Jiminy: “Just cover him, win the match, what are you doing Braun?”

    Braun shakes his head and throws Scurll out of the ring!

    Thesz is barely conscious, staggering to his feet as Braun turns and faces his nemesis.

    Necro: “Lou Thesz about to get everything he asked for when he tangled with Strowman!”

    Jiminy: “He could have just won the match!”

    Stephanie: “It’s not enough, he needs his revenge on the man that cost him the title!”

    Strowman advances as Thesz now has a look of fear in his eyes. He throws a punch at Strowman, who catches his arm and shakes his head!

    Necro: “This is not going to end well for Thesz…”

    Jiminy: “Someone do something!”

    Strowman hits a ferocious knee to the gut of Thesz!
    Thesz doubles over and Strowman clubs him on the back, driving Thesz to the mat.

    Thesz tries to scoot away from Strowman, who shakes his shoulder out, still feeling the effects of the onslaught from earlier. He picks up Thesz and tosses him across the ring!

    Jiminy: “Necro, do something - this is assault!”

    Necro: “What exactly am I supposed to do? Reason with Braun Strowman?”

    Strowman drags the steps into the centre of the ring again and advances on Thesz. Thesz tries to kick out with a low shot to the knee –

    Strowman catches Thesz’s leg and slams it off the mat, before standing on it!

    Jiminy: “He could have broken Thesz’s leg there, this is an outrage!”

    Stephanie: “More outrageous than Thesz attacking Strowman’s arm repeatedly?”

    Thesz screams in pain and Strowman drags him up. He knees him again, sets him over his shoulder and turns, looking at the steps menacingly.

    Necro: “Well, this looks like the end for Lou Thesz..”

    Jiminy: “No, it can’t end this way!”

    Braun runs – Thesz slips out!

    Scurll is somehow back on his feet in the ring and as Thesz slips off Strowman’s shoulder he shoves him forward, Scurll charges and runs up the steps –


    Strowman staggers, but doesn’t go down – Thesz nods at Scurll – hits the ropes, runs up the steps –


    Jiminy: “Woah, he never saw that coming!”

    Necro: “Working together to eliminate a common enemy, brilliant strategy!”

    Strowman however is staggering back to his feet.

    Scurll and Thesz look at each other again, before they both kick Strowman in the midriff, they set him….


    Strowman lies prone and Thesz and Scurll fall either side onto the mat, exhausted from the effort it took.

    Jiminy: “With one move, Braun Strowman has been decimated! Who woulda thunk it!”

    Scurll and Thesz haul themselves up using the ropes, the cameras getting a close up as they turn to face each other…


    Necro: “Wha? What just happened?”

    Jiminy: “Lou Thesz is out cold! This is an outrage!”

    Stephanie: “Assaulted by a cameraman – why? What is going on?”

    The camera man drops his weapon and turns to face a stunned Scurll. He slowly lowers his hood…


    Jiminy: “It’s PUNK! CM PUNK IS HERE!”

    Necro: “I don’t… I mean… He said…”

    Punk and Scurll regard each other with a wry smile.

    Jiminy: “I knew it! They planned all of this – but why?”

    Scurll advances towards Thesz – drags him to the middle of the ring, and makes the cover as the referee stands there dumbfounded, but drops to make the count...



    3!!! Marty Scurll is the NCW WORLD CHAMPION!

    Necro: “I don’t understand… why would CM Punk help Scurll? What is the meaning of this?”


    The referee hands Scurll the title as Punk stands there smirking as his hand is raised. Scurll holds the title up high as the crowd boo this sudden turn of events.


    Jiminy: “This is daylight robbery! Lou Thesz has had the world championship stolen from him by CM Punk and Marty Scurll!”

    Necro: “Why do it this way? All the build to a match, was it all a ruse? And then… to get added to the main event – did they plan all of it?”

    Stephanie: “I don’t know what to think, guys – this has to be the biggest shock in the history of NCW!”

    Punk and Scurll celebrate over a fallen Lou Thesz and Braun Strowman as Natural Selection draws to a close.

    Why book it this way: Well, with the PPV scheduled and match order determined, there needed to be a few thrills and surprises along the way. Cancelling the Scurll/Punk match was a risk, but a calculated one with an endgame in mind. Punk would anoint Scurll as the new ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ and reveal how they had pre-planned his no show, to get access for Scurll into the main event. It also ties off my previous storylines of Thesz and Strowman, and gives Scurll some legit challengers for his run as champion. The Villain is reborn after a mini face run, and NCW enters a new era not dominated by Thesz or Strowman. All in all there’s enough coming off the PPV to keep NCW at the tip of people’s tongues going forward.

    And that as they say – is that. Thanks for reading, looking forward to other submissions!

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  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 22,684 Mod ✭✭✭✭Bounty Hunter

    Welcome to BWA Monday Night Raw recaps
    Recorded Live from Madison Square Garden among a host of other sold out venues

    While you were away (Since my last post) a lot has happened in the BWA, so much so that the BWA Boards spokesperson Muhammad Ali has just announced via the card for This Sunday's BWA Wrestlepalooza. For this broadcast we thought we would give you a little context for each booked match by looking over the past few weeks events. This is what lead the company to the first 2 night, 2 venue PPV in draft history
    Crowning a BWA Womens Champion
    The Fabulous Moolah
    Mae Young
    Tessa Blanchard


    There are 4 main dynamics that got highlighted in the build here:

    "Best friend" Mae Young is essentially portrayed as being bullied and pushed around by Moolah. Despite thinking and producing in the ring like her equal Moolah treats Young like a lacky who is beneath her. This creates a dynamic where despite being a heel with her in the build there is an undercurrent of support for Mae Young to go face against Moolah.

    Chyna w/D-Generation X facing off against Tessa w/ The Brain Busters. these two tag teams / faction members clashed in the run up to Wrestlepalooza and Chyna and Tessa could not helps get involved. This made it even tougher for them when they were forced to team together in Montrael to face Moolah and Mae Young in tag action.

    Tessa wanting to prove herself to everyone including Moolah who looks down on the new generation and Tessa's accomplishments (TNA etc)
    stating that she wont be considered an underdog once everyone sees her on the grandest stage of Wrestlepalooza.

    "You cannot bully me" Chyna to Moolah, Chyna hinted at Moolah having a past of being a bully and even though some could argue she herself has been trying to bully Blanchard but those two are enemies so her calling Moolah out for how she treats Mae Young isn't ironic but Chyna is keen to emphasize that nobody can bully her.
    The Match

    Muhammad Ali made a blockbuster announcement on the show where Chyna and Tessa Blanchard were forced to tag together to face The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young, when at the end of that match he announced that there would be a tournament at the upcoming PPV to crown a new BWA womens champion and that all four of those women were going to be taking part. He also states that the draw for the matches in this knockout tournament had already been made and that on the first night of Wrestlepalooza we would have the following two match ups:
    Tournie Semi-finals
    Chyna vs Tessa Blanchard
    Mae Young vs The Fabulous Moolah

    This ties into tessa's Wrestlepalooza pledge and allows her the perfect opportunity to prove herself to everyone on the grandest stage as her rivalry with DX's (who are also feuding with her father) Chyna up a notch. Most noteworthy however is that after this announcement and on the final Raw before the PPV Mae Young finally stood up to Moolah to a great face pop. No longer would she play second fiddle and allow herself to be pushed around, she (in her words) was going to be "the next BWA womens champion".

    The winner of both those match ups will then face each other on the 2nd day of Wrestlepalooza live from Croke Park in Ireland.

    Who is the hardest man in Professional Wrestling?
    Minoru Sazuki

    When the BWA returned from Japan there were many things that people were talking about but there was only one thing Minoru Sazuki was talking about... Haku! He cut a scathing promo about how the so called hardest man in Pro Wrestling had avoided responding to him but promised the fans that he will get his hand on him and that when he did this would happen. At which point a jobber from Fiji comes out only to receive a hell of a beating. Suzuki could have ended it a few times in fact but extended the mans agony.

    Later in the night however Haku showing no fear and clearly ticked off by Sazuki's antics attacked the leader of Suzuki-gun backstage, tossing him through a window in the process. As hard as it is to believe this one actually escalated week on week in the build up to Wrestlepalooza and at no point let up. The following show for instance Sazuki interrupted Haku's match with a vicious assault and pulls out a satchel full of glass shards (the commentators posit could be from the previous week) that he spreads across the center of the canvass and then despite struggling to set him up on the 2nd turnbuckle eventually is able to hit Haku a big backdrop onto the glass. The powers that be in the BWA tried to book them in matches that also showcased other feuds building to the biggest PPV of the year such as Haku/Andre/Lawler vs Sazuki/Bruno/Pillman (in which tension between Sazuki and his teammates was already being talked up) but each time Haku & Sazuki would just target and brawl with each other no matter what was happening and their interactions were always extreme. So much so that it was decided that when they faced each other at Wrestlepalooza and as it was being billed to decide the toughest man in pro wrestling, it simply had to be under no disqualification rules.
    No Disqualification Match: Haku vs Minoru Sazuki

    Can The BWA fix it for Jimmy?
    BWA Bounty Hunter and the boards celebrity GM character Muhammad Ali vehemently denied wanting any involvement from this man but... it happened. He randomly appeared on the titantron and announced because BWA Wrestlepalooza Night 1 (London) is taking place in his homeland he can't help but make those rumors reality and says he will show up for a match on that show. Each time this video appeared the men in charge at the promotion denounced the message furious it somehow got to air, stating that if Savile actually shows up he will be trespassing and police have been notified of his intentions.

    will he really show up?
    When Legends Collide
    Bruno Sammartino
    Andre The Giant


    Bruno Sammartino when interviewed on show 1 stated he would be challenging someone he has never faced before to a historic bout at this years BWA Wrestlepalooza in Madison square garden the following week. When that show rolled around The Living Legend was being interviewed backstage when his good friend Andre the Giant walked past. Bruno greeted him and explained about the historic challenge he was about to make, talking it up as the best clash of champions we never got to see. Andre has a big grin on his face and looks on waiting and thinking enough build up, time for the reveal

    Bruno then states that he wanted to challenge the winner of last weeks match to crown a new BWA champion. He talks up how he can be a real litmus test for a so called king and tha..... Andre grabs Bruno around the throat and then flings him into the wall. The Giant completely caught the former champion unawares and he wasn't ready for the savage beating that followed either.

    It soon became apparent that Andre felt the once in a lifetime match up between huge stars who had never faced each other before should have been him vs Sammartino. The attack being done in Madison Square Garden (where Bruno was King) maximized the heat from the crowd as a nice little bonus too.

    After the attack Andre when interviewed cuts a heel promo using these points:

    Andre was the giant, he never needed the title to draw a crowd. He could fill the house without having to be in a title match, but because he was Andre! Because of this we never got Andre vs Bruno. He states that is the real historic bout Bruno should have been issuing a challenge for but "I'm sorry, Bruno is a coward" he states. Suggesting Bruno knew he would lost if he ever faced him and that if If Andre won, Bruno lost the title - which was an important part of him drawing crowds, without which his value diminishes. Andre says if Bruno had ever had the courage to face him he never would have been the Living Legend suggesting if that if they face each other it will be more like a burial!

    The following week Bruno makes the challenge Andre said he should have originally saying that Andre needed to be taken down a peg. Shooting back as he does saying he was the champ for years and that if Andre had the balls to face him he could have but he never did. He suggested that Andre was afraid that if he lost, hed no longer be the unbeatable giant in the minds of the people. Bruno even ponders if people would have realized he was never a "wrestler", more just a side show attraction to the real main event.

    The Match was set: Legend vs Legend, Bruno Sammartino vs Andre The Giant, a simple story of the arguably two biggest names in an Industry needing to know who was the best. One the heel (Andre), but his feeling deserving and overlooked for this match is one the audience understand and the proceeding weeks make him look like a monster as he destroys a number of jobbers. The other the face, but as we see from his words Bruno is being pushed by Andre and responding with fire. On TV this feud hits it's highest note perhaps when Andre & Haku who are playing backup to World champion Jerry The King Lawler all team up on the PPV go home show in a 6man tag against Bruno, Minoru Suzuki & Brian Pillman. There was a buffer between them that night which allowed both men look strong but who will stand tall when these two Icons face off in a BWA ring at Wrestlepalooza.
    The Old School vs The New Age
    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
    New Age Outlaws

    We saw on the BWA's first night back that The Brainbusters, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard earned themselves a tag team title opportunity after a victory via disqualification against The Colossal connection, Andre the Giant & Haku. The following monday we found out who they would face for the gold when The New Age Outlaws took on The Windham brothers.

    During the match, Kendall Windham unbeknownst to his brother seems to have twisted his ankle and immediately tags out. As Barry then takes on Billy Gunn 1 on 1 Kendall drops off the apron and sits on the mat outside seemingly being unable to stand. Barry finds this out later when he needs to tag out and his brother is nowhere to be seen. This is when the match swings completely in the Outlaws direction as they double team their one remaining opponent and after a pumphandle slam and a fame-asser the decision is a fundamental one yet is still confirmed by the 3 count. Kendall is finally back up on the apron as the 3 count takes place and his four horseman brother looks pretty annoyed at him as he immediately exits the ring. (continued later)

    The focus however was on the victors as Road Dogg & Billy Gunn cut a promo post match talking about how they are coming for the tag titles.

    The main focus of which seems to be that in the minds of Degeneration-X, the BWA is living in the past with people like Steamboat, Bruno or even bringing back nostalgia hits from Hollywood (like The Rock). That their opponents tonight were the past (they also drop a few nods to Arn & Tully too insinuating the four horsemen were the past and they were the future) but that we were now entering a New Age, The Age Of The Outlaws.

    It was the next week however when this one got kicked up a level however when Arn Anderson cut a promo referencing how he had already seen this being billed as The Old School vs The New School but Arn says the new generation should not have to be tarred with that brush and starts a laundry list of incidents involving Road Dogg and Billy Gunn's indiscretions in the past even referencing his antics with's own Pinky. It wasn't that, that kicked it up a level however it was the response when the Outlaws came out and admitted that Yep they were degenerates and Yep Road Dogg adds Arn really is Old School and The Buck Stops With Him before Gunn quips yeah Tylene Buck. Chyna who is backing them up adds in "You mean Major Gunns? She was working the last umm movie I made." Road Dogg suggests that Anderson had a well-known reputation for allegedly tricking naïve young female talent like model Tylene Buck into sleeping with him by pretending he had influence backstage but before he could add anymore Anderson just lost it and charged at them with a Brawl ensuing. The rage he was in lead to him being isolated at first and making a mistake plus Chyna being out there made it even worse as The Brainbusters took a beating. Tessa Blanchard came sprinting down to try to even things up and help her dad out but her arrival was too late.

    The match was set The New Age Outlaws vs The Brainbusters for the BWA Tag Team Titles but things were not that simple DX brought with them not only The New Age Outlaws but HBK Shawn Michaels and Chyna. Issues arose with the weekly actions of such members. We had HBK as a Diva of the highest order, Chyna being a bully in the womens division and matches such as DX vs The Brainbusters and The Rock. The Rock backs up The Brainbusters narrative of the New Age outlaws being a blight on the tag division of the BWA. The whole time the announcers highlight that despite it being The Rock delivering a verbal beatdown it's Arn Anderson who really wants to shove the NAOs words down their throat instead of sidehouse and shoved straight up their candy billy gunns as the Rock suggests.

    he will get that opportunity at Wrestlepalooza, don't miss it!

    The Brothers Windham

    Yes Barry Windham blamed his brother for their defeat and elimination from the tag team qualifiers and was clearly annoyed after the fact but he did not take his annoyance or disappointment out on his brother. He didn't need to anyway as Kendall would beat himself up (not physically) over it far more than his brother ever would. He gave interviews over the next week including one on BWA Raw where he said he felt he was letting his brother down. He knew his brother was a member of the 4 horsemen and not him for a reason, he was the little brother, he could never be as good as his big brother. Then on Raw they again lost in tag action and Kendall again took the pin and seemingly blamed himself again. They following week however he did not seem as dejected but said it was because he had organised for his brother to show how good he could be without him by going to the powers to be and getting him a singles match....vs Shawn Michaels!

    At first Barry was annoyed but his brother syched him up and he was believing he could take on the Heart Break Kid before the match rolled round. He didn'. Nope, it was HBK all the way and Barry took a beating in the process. His brother came into the ring after words to help him get to his feet but SWERVE he hits his Lariat O'Doom on Barry which he follows up with his Powerbomb O'Doom. He then grabs a Mic and says that everything he had been saying in interviews isn't what he himself believed but what he thought his brother believed. Never once did his brother call him up on anything he said but none of it did he himself believe, what he believes is it's time to step out of his older brothers shadow. He then stated that the only singles match he wants to see his brother in is one versus himself at Wrestlepalooza.

    This match has been set for the Night 1 Pre-Show Main Event of the two night PPV extravaganza.
    ]The Pure-oresu wrestling main event
    Ricky Steamboat
    Hiroshi Tanahashi


    The ultimate babyface wrestler Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and the man the announcers talk of as having saved pure wrestling in Japan Hiroshi Tanahashi seemed liked a perfect match for each other... at least that's what Steamboat believed. To do so he had to convince the current and record setting eight-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Ace of New Japan to face him. Plus in terms of best pure wrestlers this is (the draft so we get people at their peak so i'm talking) 2012/3 Tanahashi, the man who won wrestling observers wrestler, most outstanding wrestler, match & feuds of the year in both those years.

    Perhaps these acolades had gone to Tanahashi's head however and he put Ricky in his perceived place (a place he saw as below himself and the IWGP world championship) at the season opening press conference before laughing in his (Steamboat's) face as he challenged him again the next night. Steamboat had just beaten a big Japanese star and a former rival of Tanahashi's but the champ did not care. What did Steamboat have to do to convince him otherswise?

    He went on a run of defeating mid to low level superstars in very impressive showings and after each one called out Tanahashi usually noting his trilogy of matches with Ric Flair and similar such points as to why he is worthy of his place at the top table and that the IWGP champ must know that and be afraid to face him. The Ace of New Japan had been trying to drum up support for a Champion vs Champion bout with the BWA world champion but now Steamboat was who had always said wanted his chance to fight for what he sees as the championship held by not the best Sports Entertainers but the best pure wrestlers in the world was now changing his tune. Positing that maybe he had it wrong and that if Tanahashi is too much of a coward to face him maybe he should go straight for a real champion as he challenges BWA World Champion Jerry The King Lawler to a bout himself. Seemingly he caught the champ and management on a good week and much to Tanahashi's chagrin 2 weeks out from the PPV it was made the main event on BWA Raw.

    Steamboat was pushing the champ (whose own challenger had been removed from the arena earlier in the night) to the limit in a great TV main event that went nearly twenty minutes but by no means was about to win when Tanahashi who had come down to ringside early on in the bout snapped and charges the ring attacking The Dragon. This obviously caused a DQ finish and cost Steamboat his title opportunity, I doubt he was too fond of the beatdown that followed either. That said he has seemingly proved that he was in the top tier of talent as when he was interviewed later Tanahashi finally accepted his challenge for an IWGP title match at Wrestlepalooza.

    The following week at the go home show to BWA Wrestlepalooza the match was made official with a contract signing. IWGP World Championship Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.
    The King and the Wildcard
    Jerry Lawler
    Brian Pillman

    Week 1 was a whirlwind for The One True King of Professional Wrestling Jerry "The King" Lawler. He was one of only a handful of people to speak to the press at the BWA press conference. Stating he had come to the promotion to challenge for one of the only titles we hadn't won in his career (either the IWGP or BWA world title) before a man who he correctly pointed out hadn't even got a contract with the BWA interrupted him. Brian Pillman among all the reporters was claiming he could kick the Kings a$s. He was removed by security before he could get physical with The King but the next night when The King was about to wrestle in the main event there he was again at ringside and, once again there he was being removed by security after he tries to take a swing at Lawler during his entrance. I'm sure he would have loved to stay around and see what happened next however as the man who earlier in the night said he would take on and beat Pillman anytime anyplace went on to win the BWA World Heavyweight Title against Shawn Michaels.

    Jerry Lawler was now the BWA World champion! and the next night he made sure to announce this to the world with an elaborate title celebration but he wasn't alone. In stead he introduced his King's Court, his insurance policy against people like HBK seeking vengeance with the help of the rest of DX. Making up his Court is another person of Royal lineage, a former King of The Ring Winner, King Haku. Alongside him is the 3rd and final member of the group and Haku's partner from the Colossal Connection, Andre The Giant.

    Who would go up against such a formidable team? That is actually Lawler's question but one he answers himself when he states that he will be a fighting champion and that that night he would defend his title. He talks up the person he is going to fight stating that he only wants to face the best now that people like HBK should get to the back of the line after he defeated him... Then drops it. His handpicked opponent in his first defense will be none other than...Brian Christopher aka The former Grandmaster Sexay and Jerry Lawlers son. A fact he acts like he is oblivious to as the commentary team bemoan the fact that it looks like The One True King in Professional wrestling could be the one True King of the BWA for some time.

    Later in the night when that when that match has just began things take a different turn however with Brian Pillman hoping the guard rail at ring side and sliding into the ring. Both lawlers stop in their tracks and a three way stare down occurs with Jerry and his sone reticent to move on Pillman as he has his Cane in hand. He points it in Lawler's face and as he does Andre gets up on the apron. Lawler however gestures for Andre to get back down (which he does) and tries to speak to The Loose Cannon. Futile endeavor that as a few seconds later Pillman raises his finger to his lips to sush him before one one swift move cracks his Cane across Christopher's head and Lawler's son drops to the mat. Before anyone except the ref (who calls for a DQ finish) moves Pillman has the cane once again pointed Lawler.

    The King looked shocked and seemed set in stone for a few seconds because of it as Pillman again sushed him, gestured for Lawler to wait where he was and then with his free hand pulled out a pieced of paper from his jeans. He dropped it on the lifeless body of Brian Christopher and then moved back behind it giving him enough distance he could comfortably drop his cane for a second and produce a pen and then sign the paper. He immediately rolled out of the ring and marched up the ramp and into the back as the ref picks up the piece of paper and shows it to The King show is now joined by Andre & Haku. The cameraman zooms in on the paper and we find out it is a BWA contract, Lawler does not look happy too as it zooms in on his face but Pillman is smiling from ear to ear as he disappears into the back.

    The One True King of PW quickly tries to backtrack on his statement about being willing to fight Pillman anytime, anyplace saying that Pillman hadn't done anything to deserve a title shot. Pillman said he could prove him wrong however and challenged Lawler to a 3 on 1 no hold barred match, Pillman vs The King and his Court! Would beating all 3 of them make him worthy of a title shot? Jerry seems to agree it would saying "The Loose Cannon" isn't just a name and that Pillman must be crazy to make such a challenge but ok.

    The Only Crazy Pillman is however, is crazy like a fox ,as when that match is about to take place and The King and his Court are in the ring he makes his entrance but isn't alone. Haku & Andre's wrestlepalooza opponents were with him and this 3 on 1 became a 3 on 3 or more honestly a 1 on 1 with Bruno/Andre fighting to the back and Haku/Minoru Sazuki fight through the crowd. The bell had been rung however and the match had started and Pillman was once again using his cane to get the upper hand on The King. Unfortunately for him however this did not last long as someone else who had issues's with Pillman, Brian Lawler came sprinting down to ringside to backup his dad. It had become a 2 on 1 fight and for a few minutes we saw the confidence or more appropriately arrogance return to The King. That is until, while father and son advance on Pillman he let's out a loud war cry before throwing his hand up in the air. He is making a symbol of some sort with his hand, what is it wonders Jerry but as soon it comes into focus it is already clear. It's the Four Horseman gesture! and it's already clear because Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham have all hit the ring. Meer moments later and The Four Horsemen stand over the two lawlers in the centre of the ring and Pillman places his foot on The King's chest as the ref counts 1 - 2 - 3!

    Once again the following week The King tries to backtrack on his word that he'd face Pillman but this time the BWA board in the form of BWA Bounty Hunter and their spokesperson Muhammad Ali stepped in and made a match between them official. No longer anytime or anyplace but set in stone (for Wrestlepalooza) Lawler seems spooked. The commentary team even note that Pillman seems to have had him on the backfoot the whole time so far which prompts Lawler to make what he calls "a special arrangement" for the biggest PPV of the year. Nobody knows exactly what he is referring to by this but once he says he has organized it he seems overly confident and somewhat arrogant again aka acting like The True King of Professional Wrestling again. No doubt this also had something to do with the other horsemen being occupied at Wrestlepalooza with Barry Windham having been viciously attacked by his brother and The Brainbusters having to deal with the New Age Outlaws.

    What could this special arrangement be? Will The King's Court rule supreme? Or will a Loose Cannon lead the way? The BWA title will be on the line in this one, don't fail to tune into the BWA Network for Wrestlepalooza to find out!
    BWA World Title Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Brian Pillman
    Bigger Than the title?
    The Rock

    The Rock was not expected to be in Tokyo and perhaps it was HBK's words at the BWA press conference the night before that lead to his early arrival in the company but the leader of DX in the BWA was certainly not happy about this as he was Interviewed backstage the following week.
    He insults the Rock, saying he was a 2nd rate Schwarzenegger whose best wrestling days were behind him or as he says in the interview riffing on The Rock himself that he should have known his role shut his mouth and stayed in Hollywood where he can be scripted to be a winner because he is going to get his a$s kicked here in the BWA. Once he composes himself however he says that he deserves a rematch for the title that The Rock cost him last week and that in tonight's main event he will call out the champ (Jerry Lawler).

    Main event time: Oh You Didn't Know... NAO come down and introduced Michael's but instead of HBK, The Rock's music hits and out comes the great one who lays a beating down on both of them before calling for Michael's to do as promised and get his ass out there. When he doesn't come out The Rock cuts a promo explaining his feelings towards Michael's and why finally came to the BWA and agreed to fight him.

    The Rock: Finally….. The Rock, Has come back to… Wrestling! and finally the Rock has come to the BWA.

    First time ever, can you believe it, The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, the BEST in the present, future and past and if you don’t like me…. you can kiss The People’s ass!

    Speaking of people who can kiss the People's ass, Shawn Michaels The Rock will slap that crooked eye straight. Just you wait and let me tell you all why, why after all these years of people and promotions asking me to face you I finally relented. The Rock finally didn't tell them to shut their damn mouths and avoid having to talk about you but instead said Just Bring it! You see most people know you were a Jabroni in the past, they have heard that you were a d!ck to my grandma but they never heard about how much you tried to stop the Rock from becoming a star. How you were in Vinnie Mac's ear trying to keep The Rock down so his boy HHH could rise up the ranks. Why didn't everyone here about your moves against me? cos The Rock saw you had changed, you had found god, you were apparently a better person. Then why in the blue hell could you not keep your piehole shut? You just could not resist bad mouthing The Rock could you?

    Half way through this prom Billy Gunn stirs and gets back to his feet & then at the end of it Road Dogg does so with both recieving extra Rock Bottom's for the trouble before the Rock signs off

    The Rock:So Michaels, you brought this upon yourself, your words made me break my silence. You want to go One on One with the Great One? Well after all these years of saying no, I've got just 3 words for you... Just Bring it! ... If you smell what The Rock….. is….. cookin!

    The following week HBK responds, sets the date (Wrestlepalooza) and a trap for the Rock as Billy Gunn has taken umbridge with the Rock's assault on him last week has been granted a Street Fight with the Great One. Despite knowing that he is walking into a potential ambush the Rock made his in ring return in this match but it wasn't long before D-Generation X made their presence known at ringside. First almost from the get go when as soon as action left the ring Road Dogg got involved. Then just before Chyna came down to the ring The Rock was actually able to pick up the win with a Rock Bottom to Gunn on a chair after first throwing Road Dogg into the ringpost before a 3 count. The fighting didn't stop with that however and Chyna hit the rock from behind with a monitor from the announcers desk. Her and the now more fresh Road Dogg tossed The Rock back into the ring where they are soon once again joined by Gunn and it is not long before their 3on1 beatdown is joined by HBK. This beatdown is then topped off by Dwayne being placed on a chair as HBK hit a big elbow drop from the top rope, then after some theatrics Michael's delivering Sweet Chin Music on The Rock before pinning him despite there being no referee and this being no match. In unison Chyna and the New Age Outlaws do a loud 3 count before getting up with HBK and lifting his hand. The segment ended with a torrent of boos.

    The following week when The Rock is announced as having to miss the show due to filming (something he apparently missed when he turned up early at the Tokyo Dome) HBK and the boys have a field day saying they ran him off to Hollywood. They did seem happy though as the Outlaws and Chyna were busy tonight anyway with Arn, Tully, Tessa and the rest of the womens division. Speaking of the former horsewomen it was their former cohort Barry Windham that was facing Shawn Michaels and almost got a surprise win this night when The Rock's music hit during their match and he tried to roll up HBK. Michaels popped up before 3 though and immediately hit Sweet Chin Music for the win. By the time the ref counted 3 however the Rock had also hit the ring but he brought with him a chair and caught Shawn hard with it. Then in the same manner as when he defeated Billy Gunn last week he picked HBK up and Rock Bottomed him onto the chair. moments later BWA officials, security and afterwards the Outlaws and Chyna charge down to the ring to remove The Rock and as the announcers say save this for their massive PPV main event level match up.

    Official Card for the 2 night extravaganza known as Wrestlepalooza 2019:
    Night1 - Wembley Stadium, London

    Pre show: loser leaves town match - Barry vs Kendall Windham

    BWA Womens title tournament: The Great Moolah vs Mae Young
    Chyna vs Tessa Blanchard

    Legends Match: Andre The Giant vs Bruno Sammartino

    IWGP World championship match: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

    And will Jimmy Saville show up?

    Night2 - Croke Park, Dublin

    Pre show: Brian Lawler has promised a pre-show main event.

    No Holds Barred: Haku vs Minoru Suzuki

    Womens Tournament Final: Chyna/Blanchard vs Mae/Moolah

    BWA Tag Team Title Match: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs The New Age Outlaws

    Icons Collide: Shawn Michaels vs The Rock

    BWA World Title Match: "Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman vs Jerry "The King" Lawler

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    LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment (LWE)


    Friday Night Ignition

    The show opens with Christian in the ring talking about his career, his title wins, epic battles but that now he has a new chapter in his career and that is managing LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment making it the best he can. He mentions the upcoming ppv WrestleMayhem which brings out Owen Hart the former LWE world champion who says he should be in the world title match as he is the face and heart of the company and has carried it for so long making it the best. Owen says he felt he was screwed in his rematch and that the ref was bias against him. Owen said him main eventing WrestleMayhen for the world title will bring in record buys as he always does. Before Christian can reply Eddie Guerrero comes out. Eddie says that he too as a former champion wants a shot at the title. Owen tells him go back home before the wall goes up as no one wants a to see a cheater. Eddie claps and asks Owen has he more. Out next is John Morrison who says he feels it is his time to have a chance. Owen laughs at the parking kid asking for a shot. Morrison says it is parkour. Morrison says he is ready to prove himself and fight anyone for a chance. He gets in Owen's face. Christian gets in the middle and is about to speak when Marty Jannetty comes out and he too demands a title shot. Owen asks really, if this has been barber shop window cleaner is for real, Jannetty says he has beaten Owen before and could do it again. Owen turns to Christian and says it is pretty clear he is the best option out of this bunch of degenerates. Christian says he admires them all for wanting it and tonight it will be a fatal four to decide who will face the champion Seth Rollins.

    The IC champion British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith is up next to face Jack Swagger. David Hart Smith and girlfriend Shaul Guerrero are at ringside watching. With the ref not watching young DH Smith knocks down Swagger leading to dad Davey winning. DH and Shaul clap the win but Davey looks on not too happy.

    Brooke Hogan is backstage fighting with Noelle Foley for stealing her clothes, Noelle is protesting her innocent, Santina Marella skips pass them dressed as Brooke.

    Vladimir Kozlov is up next to face Jamie Noble. Kozlov wins.

    The champion Seth Rollins is out and he talks up WrestleMayhem and that he is happy to face anyone as he will be leaving still the champion. Bo Dallas comes out and shakes Seth's hand. He asks Seth does he bolieve and leaves the ring. Seth is confused by their exchange.

    The tag team champions Austin Aries and Magnus are up next to face Joey Mercury and Curtis Axel in a non title match which they win.

    The main event is up next of Owen Hart Vs. Eddie Guerrero Vs. John Morrison Vs. Marty Jannetty. This match goes for about 25 minutes with Owen getting much of the upperhand on his now in ring oponent Eddie but low blows and cheating, stealing a page from Eddie's playbook. Morrison is down outside and now Jannetty is back in the ring taking down Owen to the outside. He attempts to pin Eddie who kicks out. Jannetty is getting frustrated. Jannetty knocks out the ref. Jannetty brings in a chair and knocks down both Eddie and Morrison who has came back in. Christian comes out to check on the ref and Jannetty hits him too with the chair. Another ref comes down and again Jannetty knocks him out. The show ends with Jannetty in the ring with the chair, bodies down inside and Owen outside backing up the ramp.

    LWE Roster:-

    Seth Rollins
    Owen Hart and The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
    Eddie Guerrero
    John Morrison
    Austin Aries
    B Team - Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas
    David Hart Smith
    Raquel Diaz aka Shaul Guerrero
    Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
    Jack Swagger aka Jake Hager
    Marty Jannetty
    Mr. T
    Magnus (Nick Aldis) and Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness)
    Noelle Foley
    Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble - J & J Security
    Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
    Brooke Hogan

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    WrestleRama VI Preview

    6 Man Tag Team Match
    Team Trump: Test, Albert & Titus O’Neil vs Team Hassan: Hassan, Daivari & Low-Ki
    President Trump has pi$$ed off a lot of people throughout his life but none have felt more aggrieved than the MWA fanbase since he took over their beloved product. Such is the disdain that when Muhammad Hassan, booed literally everywhere he goes, punched the President on his MWA debut he got a standing ovation. The two have previous of course, dating back to their NCW days when Trump struck Hassan with his World Title belt only for Samoa Joe to save Hassan’s skin.

    With the crowd on his side Hassan finally got a chance to speak his mind without incessant “WHAT?!” chants from the crowd and what we got was an intelligent, well-spoken young man with genuine aggrievances as to what he & his people experience. He blasts Trump for stoking racial hate. Trump interrupted with threats – “You will suffer consequences the likes of which few in wrestling history have ever suffered before!” and he wasn’t kidding; Trump’s Stable of Geniuses jump in from the crowd & attack Hassan. Test, Albert & Titus O’Neil are stomping Hassan until Daivari & Low-Ki run out to make the save. Now the match is set, the Stable of Geniuses vs Team Hassan at WrestleRama.

    Intercontinental Championship Match
    Apollo Crews vs Jordan Devlin vs Shinsuke Nakamura ©
    Jordan Devlin has annoyed a lot of people with his big mouth since joining MWA but it reached its high point when he joined commentary for Nakamura’s match in a #1 contender’s tournament a few months ago. Devlin’s trash talk got under the Intercontinental Champion’s skin & he ultimately lost the match to Samoa Joe. Devlin’s post-match Cheshire cat grin didn’t last long as Nakamura attacked the Irish man, knocking him out cold with a Kinshasa. Devlin made it his mission to get a title shot against Nakamura but in MWA title shots are earned & Jordan couldn’t get the job done when it mattered. Enter Apollo Crews.

    Crews had been tearing it up since signing with his former partner Titus O’Neil. He used his connections to one of Trump’s Stable of Geniuses to engineer a title opportunity, much to the annoyance of not only Jordan Devlin but the MWA audience. Crews vs Nakamura was an exciting affair and it looked like the Japanese champion couldn’t keep up with Crews’ athleticism & power. Enter Jordan Devlin. He stormed the ring with a steel chair, hitting Crews in the back before striking Nakamura. Devlin went from one to the other with the chair until security dragged him out of the ring, both men bloodied & unconscious. And the people cheered. Devlin lapped it up, he punched & kicked the security team to free himself & climbed onto the ring apron & turnbuckle to pose, arms outstretched to his newfound fans. Additional security ran down and subdued him, leading him up the ramp with his hands handcuffed behind his back. But his Cheshire cat grin had returned, Devlin knew he had made the statement he needed.

    Now both Crews & Nakamura are gunning for his head. A suspension hasn’t stopped him talking trash since that night. He calls out Crews & Nakamura on twitter, he released crude merchandise about Crews & the Stable of Geniuses, and he even filmed a “Fight Me Nak” callout video in Bray. This culminated when Devlin bought a front row ticket to MWA Supremacy in London. His jawing caught the attention of Crews who threw a punch at Devlin before security intervened and removed him from the venue. With word of a potential lawsuit brewing Devlin was invited back to Supremacy for a heart-to-heart with President Trump. Devlin agreed to drop the charges if he was reinstated for a Triple Threat Title match at WrestleRama; against the advice of his geniuses Trump agreed.

    Tag Team Championship Match
    Kings of Wrestling vs American Wolves
    Tag Team wrestling has been a benchmark in previous years of MWA. The rapid rise of Zack Sabre Jr & Marty Scurll, the dominance of Gene & Ole Anderson, the brutality of the Authors of Pain & the stable wars of Undisputed Era. This year has been surprisingly quiet on this front as the Tag Team titles have been left vacant for months. After much online discussion & derision the Trump administration announced a title match for WrestleRama VI; the problem being MWA had a remarkable lack of tag teams. The American Wolves were the first to be announced, once word broke of Chris Hero’s signing many speculated as to who may join him. Previously seen as a pipedream, excitement started to rise when rumours swirled of Cesaro joining the company but even then, he would surely be joining as a singles star. After all, this is a former BCW World Champion, he’s beaten Ric Flair in an Ironman match, why would he ever join for the MWA Tag Titles?

    This pipedream has become reality. There’s no deep hatred between these two teams, just pure competitive rivalry. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Submission Match
    Tyson Kidd vs Samoa Joe
    Samoa Joe looked destined to become MWA World Champion. After beating Nakamura in the #1 contender’s match nobody was willing to bet against him. They should have because he lost. Flying into a fit of rage Samoa Joe has vowed to hurt anybody that gets in his way & he has thus far been true to his word. Wrestlers have been sidelined with injury, both Steve Williams & The Sandman were so badly hurt they couldn’t pass medicals for any other companies this year. Referees, stagehands, producers. It doesn’t matter what your position, Samoa Joe will inflict pain.

    One man who knows all to well what Joe is capable of is Tyson Kidd. Kidd shocked the world when he walked into an MWA ring. He talked about the match that had supposedly ended his career, how he fought back from near paralysis to get fighting fit. He thanks his wife for sticking by him through all the surgeries, physio, the darkest days & the brightest. But now he must go against her wishes, he must stop Joe before he causes to same pain to anyone else. “Samoa Joe….I’m calling you out!”

    Joe answered and Joe did what Joe does best; inflicted more pain. Medics rushed down to Kidd, Natalya distraught as Joe smirks at her. But Tyson Kidd is a workhorse, determined to backup what he says. From his hospital bed Kidd challenges Joe to a match at WrestleRama. “But not just any match, I need to make you feel pain Joe. I’m going to make you feel pain. Samoa Joe, you will tap out because at WrestleRama I want you in a submission match.” This has developed into a match that will shape the futures of MWA, Samoa Joe & Tyson Kidd because whoever loses must leave MWA. But one must fear that leaving MWA could be the least of Tyson Kidd’s worries if that loser turns out to be him.

    Women’s Championship
    Io Shirai vs Asuka ©
    Io Shirai tore the house down at last year’s WrestleRama when she defeated her former friend Maya Iwatani. Unfortunately for the highly regarded Joshi wrestler she has been overlooked since. Injury doubts stalled her career enough for Asuka to debut & steal her thunder. Asuka made AJ Lee tap out to win the MWA Women’s Championship and she has dominated ever since. Many have speculated that other female wrestlers are so fearful of crossing paths with Asuka that they have taken lesser offers with other companies to make sure it never happens. The one woman who shows no fear is Io Shirai. She made her TV return to challenge Asuka, a challenge that was duly accepted by the Champion who is telling the world that “Io isn’t ready for Asuka”.

    Hardcore Match
    Jeff Hardy vs Diamond Dallas Page
    DDP is widely regarded as a miracle working life saver of troubled wrestlers. Jeff Hardy is widely regarded as a drug addicted troubled wrestler. On the advice of once drug addicted troubled wrestler Jake Roberts, Jeff Hardy sought the aid of DDP and was invited to live him in an effort to save the talented risk-takers future. The risk hasn’t paid off. Instead Hardy has undone DDP’s work & turned Roberts against his saviour. Page thinks he can save Roberts once more (a sentiment that isn’t shared by many as we’ll get to) but Hardy is a lost cause, a demon that needs to be exorcised from MWA if Roberts is to have any chance. Revelling in the chaos Hardy has accepted Page’s challenge but only if Page is willing to get Extreme. Hardcore matches can end a career in an instant – both these men are counting on it.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Jake Roberts vs Daniel Bryan ©
    Both of these stars have had intense years; Roberts tried to save Jeff Hardy but fell victim to his old vices once more. Bryan became World Champion but has butted heads with President Trump every step of the way. Having become an ‘environmental warrior’ Bryan has made himself a target of Trump’s Stable of Geniuses. Critical of his anti-global warming rhetoric Bryan has made it his mission to pi$$ off the President at every opportunity. He replaced the MWA title with a hemp version, he has turned the locker-room catering into a vegan only menu & he preaches about going green at every venue MWA visits. An appearance on a national late-night talk show were Bryan called out Trump’s business dealings, political corruption & ‘fake news’ spreading of misinformation was too much for Trump to handle and he has offered a $25m bonus to the man that removes Daniel Bryan as MWA Champion. Thus far that money has not been won.

    Somebody that doesn’t give a damn about Bryan’s green mission or Trump’s politics is Jake Roberts. And while Jake likes the sound of that bonus, he doesn’t really care about the money either. Roberts wants psychological warfare. He wants to corrupt Bryan, make him what he hates. Force him to choose between his values & his power. Because as World Champion he has power in MWA, he can enforce his will on the locker-room, he can say what he wants on international TV, he can make the title hemp, forsake materialism and pi$$ off “the bad guy” President Trump. But if he doesn’t do it right, if the people don’t willingly go along with him, is he any different from the perceived dictator he hates? Roberts has gotten a title opportunity at WrestleRama VI, he has promised Trump that by the end of the night the people will either hate Daniel Bryan & consequently the message he speaks, or Trump will be $25m worse-off.

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    LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment (LWE)


    Friday Night Ignition

    The show opens with Marty Jannetty in the ring, he says he went a bit over the top last week but a title shot is what he wants and will do anything to get it, even take out anyone including the current GM Christian who is in ring retired. Christian comes out and says tonight Jannetty will face Eddie Guerrero and then Christian says he will decide what is next for him as he isn't happy with his behaviour last week. Jannetty says he is ready.

    Backstage Owen is talking with nephew David Hart Smith, he asks where his chilango galpal Shaul is, at home making burritos, they both laugh unaware that Eddie is listening, he comes out and attacks Owen but David then attacks him which leads to refs breaking it up.

    The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) are in the ring, back from injury for Chris, whose knee is still braced, they say at WrestleMayhem they will have their tag titles rematch which will be a ladder match. The current tag team champions Austin Aries and Magnus are shown watching backstage.

    The IC champion British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith is up next to face Bo Dallas who is out dressed as Seth Rollins in a non title match. Again David Hart Smith comes to ringside but Davey asks him to leave. The distraction of father and son arguing leads to a quick roll up win for Bo.

    Mr. T is talking with Christian backstage, Santino Marella comes up and ask if he can join his team, Mr. T looks at him and says, what fool and walks off

    Owen Hart Vs. John Morrison is next. Owen is getting the upper hand in the match even low blowing Morrison. Eddie Guerrero comes out with a chair and runs at the ring but doesn't enter. The distraction is enough for Morrison now to gain the upper hand and try twice for a pin but Owen kicks out. In end Morrison picks up the win leaving Owen in shock and angry while Eddie just watches on laughing.

    Eddie Guerrero Vs. Marty Jannetty is next. Jannetty gets the win after Owen interferes without the ref seeing it. After the match Jannetty and Owen team up to beat down on Eddie. Christian comes out and tells Jannetty and Owen to stop but then Jannetty attacks Christian. Eddie is down and so is Christian as the show ends.

    LWE Roster:-

    Seth Rollins
    Owen Hart and The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
    Eddie Guerrero
    John Morrison
    Austin Aries
    B Team - Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas
    David Hart Smith
    Raquel Diaz aka Shaul Guerrero
    Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
    Jack Swagger aka Jake Hager
    Marty Jannetty
    Mr. T
    Magnus (Nick Aldis) and Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness)
    Noelle Foley
    Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble - J & J Security
    Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
    Brooke Hogan

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    The show opens with a video package and we begin in the ring with our acting General Manager Gail Kim welcoming us to the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for Monday Night Grappling: Grapplemania.

    She tells us there will be 7 emotionally charged match-ups on show this evening, on a night where patriotism, pride, family and gold are all on the line - including our main event where our champ The Best There Is, Was, And Ever Will Be, Bret Hart, will collide with the challenger, The Face That Runs The Place, AJ Styles, for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Tonight promises to be an historic night for our company. So without any further ado, let us get Grapplemania under way…

    MNG European Championship
    Battle on the Border Brawl
    Finlay (c) vs Big Daddy Brexit


    It was these words from Big Daddy at the announcement in Dublin of his signing with the company that sent shockwaves through the fanbase. Big Daddy, beloved long-time babyface, burnt out by the frustrations of the Brexit negotiations, turned heel calling himself Big Daddy Brexit, and has spent the last number of weeks running through much of the roster, winning a battle royal to become the number one contender for the MNG European Championship in the process.

    "Mr. Tusk, Mr. Juncker, I'm comin' for your title belt now and they're ain't nuffin' you or anyone can do about it!"

    But Belfast's own Fit Finlay had other ideas. Disgusted by the actions of a man he used to respect from the days of ITV's World of Sport, and his ignorance of the border issue in Ireland, Finlay confronted Big Daddy Brexit, challenging him to a No Holds Barred match he has dubbed a 'Battle on the Border Brawl'. Big Daddy accepted and has vowed to crush Finlay, showing the world the Irish will never dictate anything to the British.

    Can Finlay keep the European Championship from the clutches of its most dangerous Brexiteer, or will Big Daddy Brexit give the Brexiteers a much-needed morale boost by holding the title to ransom?
    The match: This contest did not take place at Grapplemania but from a barn in South Armagh, with cameras around the ring filming for the people in the arena and watching at home.

    Locals were packed into the building, some having smuggled alcohol and other items through. Big Daddy Brexit entered first to the sound of Rule Britannia which was met with huge jeers. 'Brexit means Brexit' he screamed.

    Finlay entered next to the sound of 'The Rising of the Moon' which the fans sang along to, and he waved the Irish tricolour.

    As the bell rang Finlay charged and began hammering the big Brexiteer with rights and lefts that sent him outside. Some fans pushed and jostled him, while others ran away. "You need us more than we need you" he bellowed.

    As he re-entered the ring Finlay mauled him some more and connected with a DDT. He covered but the big man powered out at 2. While Finlay dominated the early stages, a low blow behind the ref's back saw Big Daddy Brexit turn the tide, hitting a series of big splashes that brought the South Armagh fans to a hush. Big Daddy Brexit began screaming slogans after every splash he hit.




    Finlay was gasping for air as it seemed the end was near. The fans responded to the big man's taunts with a "Big Daddy Bastard" chant which made him stop and have a go at the audience. He went for another splash, but his stalling cost him, as Finlay moved out of the way. Finlay made a cradle attempt...



    but Big Daddy Brexit kicked out.

    Then with shades of Hulk and Andre at Mania 3, Finlay hoisted up Big Daddy Brexit and body slammed him as the fans cheered. But Finlay wasn't done. He turned to the audience and asked if anyone had a weapon. Dozens of rifles rose up but Finlay shook his head. He went outside and under the canvas brought out his shillelagh. He proceeded to batter the Brexiteer who screamed in pain and began to cry. How the mighty had fallen.

    Disgusted at this pitiful sight, Finlay sought to end it. He went up to the second rope and launched himself, butt-first upon Big Daddy, in a move the announcers told us was called 'The Backstop'. He pinned Big Daddy for the...




    Winner and still MNG European Champion: Finlay

    After the match, Finlay took two flags: the Irish flag and the EU flag and draped them over Big Daddy Brexit. He soaked up the audience's cheers.

    The announcers put over that it was yet more humiliation for those associated with Brexit.
    Why I went with this feud: It's always fun to do something topical and it doesn't get more topical than Brexit. I loved the idea of using Big Daddy in this way and he's been one of my favourite characters to write for this year.

    Why I booked it this way: It had to be a win for Finlay really. It's in keeping with the current trend of things.
    MNG US Heavyweight Championship
    WALTER (c) vs Bam Bam Bigelow


    Back story: Arrogant, cocky, disrespectful, are all appropriate terms to describe WALTER since he arrived in the company, but his skill and ability could not be denied. Capturing the US Title a month after joining he has kept hold of the belt and seen off all challengers, mocking the American fans all the while and insisting no American could beat him.

    When the former GM Mick Foley, who has been a noted admirer of WALTER, made an impassioned speech warning the Austrian he would never reach the top without showing respect and humility, WALTER responded by taking a flag from a nearby fan and stepping on it. Angered by this Foley announced WALTER at Grapplemania would be taught respect and humility by a man Foley has known for a long time, one of the best heavyweight performers in wrestling history and a proud American - Bam Bam Bigelow.

    The stage is now set for a battle of two of the best big men around. Can Bam Bam win the US Title in front of the raucous Texas fans and teach the young man respect, or will WALTER's dominant run continue?
    The match: The challenger came out to a big pop, waving the American flag. WALTER emerged to loud jeers and seemed to enjoy the response.

    The bout begin with a brawl around ringside, WALTER nailing Bam Bam with big chops but Bam Bam showing he could take them and give as good as he got.

    Bam Bam dominated the early exchanges with his big power moves but WALTER began targeting the leg, removing much of Bam Bam's arsenal later in the match. WALTER took control but Bam Bam could not be beaten as the fans began to chant 'USA'.

    The finish saw Bam Bam go for a powerbomb but his leg buckled and WALTER locked in the Rear Naked Choke. Bam Bam's arm fell once...twice...but not a third time. He used all his strength to rise up, holding the ropes, screaming in agony as he did so and then fell backwards, sending both men through the canvas which ripped as the pair dropped through. The fans chanted 'holy sh*t'. Bam Bam crawled up first and began making his way towards the turnbuckle, slowly climbing it due to his injured leg. WALTER crawled through next but just as he emerged Bam Bam came down with his Bam Bam Moonsault and made the cover...1...2...3.

    Winner and new MNG US Champion: Bam Bam Bigelow


    After the match, Bam Bam got an American flag and began to wave it as the fans cheered. WALTER meanwhile made his way to the back, shaking his head.

    Why I went with this feud: WALTER is one of the best big men wrestlers of the current era and Bam Bam one of the best ever. It's a fresh match-up and I think it would get fans excited.

    Why I booked it this way: As it's Bam Bam fighting for his country I think he needed the win. The idea from here would be WALTER complaining that the ref should have stopped the match when both men fell through the ring and arguing he would have retained if the officials had made that call. This would set up the rematch.

    World Tag Team Titles
    The Bludgeon Brothers vs Demolition (c)


    Back story: While initially a heel unit in the promotion, the hard-hitting tag team champions Demolition, and their manager Mr. Fuji, have now become babyfaces. Mr. Fuji has made clear that Demolition are not afraid of any of the impressive tag teams on the roster, and would defend against whoever was necessary at Grapplemania.

    At last month's PPV, after a succesful title defence, The Bludgeon Brothers would confront Demolition, the two strange and undefeated tag teams in the promotion squaring up for the first time as the fans went wild.

    Acting GM Gail Kim, perhaps in answer to the fan demand, has granted The Bludgeon Brothers the title shot and it is now official.

    When these two unique and imposing teams collide, who will leave with the gold?
    The match: Before the bout began it was announced by orders of acting GM Gail Kim that Mr. Fuji had been banned from ringside and that Bray Wyatt also could not be at ringside on behalf of Harper and Rowan. The fans booed the news that Fuji could not appear.

    The referee struggled to maintain control early on; Ax and Rowan and Smash and Harper fought outside the ring.

    The early going saw The Bludgeon Brothers take control, with Ax being isolated and worked over. Eventually he made the hot tag and Smash ran wild laying out Harper and Rowan.

    Ax and Smash hit the Demolition Decapitation on Rowan and it seemed they were about to retain their titles when suddenly the lights went out.

    After about 15 seconds an eerie video played showing numbers and code and the sound of a child laughing. When the lights came back up, Ax was outside the ring laid out. As Smash turned around he was hit by a double chokeslam as Harper made the cover.


    Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: The Bludgeon Brothers

    As Harper and Rowan celebrated with the titles the titantron showed Bray Wyatt backstage in his rocking chair, laughing.
    Commentator #1: Damn it, Bray Wyatt had no business being involved in this match! He was banned.

    Commentator #2: Whah, whah, whah. If the ref doesn't see it he can't call it. Congratulations to our new champions!

    As The Bludgeon Brothers left with the gold, medics went to check on Ax outside.
    Why I went with this feud: This feud appealed to me as both teams are pretty creepy and it's a match I think fans would like to see.

    Why I booked it this way: The manner of the loss with The Wyatt Family interference protects Ax and Smash somewhat, particularly with Fuji not being able to help, and I've big plans for The Wyatts so I felt they had to go over.

    MNG Intercontinental Championship
    'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton vs The Great Muta


    Back story: "It's been an honour to meet a legendary manager like yourself, Mr. Fuji. By the way, I'm Randy Orton...legend killer."

    It was these words followed by an RKO to Mr. Fuji that opened up a can of worms for the young Intercontinental champion that now threatens his reign. Orton had felled many legends on the way to capturing the IC Title, but after laying out Mr. Fuji, the Japanese manager vowed revenge - not through his team Demolition who had offered to help. No, instead Fuji decided the best revenge would be to take Orton's beloved title and for that he needed a singles star.

    "Choose whoever you want, Mr. Fuji" Orton had mocked but the smile was wiped off his face when from behind the legend that is The Great Muta would appear, with a Green Mist from out of nowhere that left Orton humiliated. Fuji had called upon his compatriot to defend his honour.

    Now at Grapplemania these two legends will face off for the first time, but will it be the Japanese legend capturing the Intercontinental Title or will it be the Legend Killer taking down one more icon?
    The match: Before the bout began we had a backstage segment with Mr. Fuji complaining to acting GM Gail Kim about what had happened to Demolition. Fuji said Ax had been taken to hospital with Smash with him. Gail vowed she would deal with Bray Wyatt and allowed Fuji to be at ringside, but also warned that now Orton's Legacy stable mate Ted Dibiase Jr would be at ringside too. Fuji acknowledged that was fair.

    The early going of the match saw The Great Muta in control, sending Orton scurrying away on numerous occasions with his kicks and strikes.

    After about ten minutes, through some cheating that his old mentor Ric Flair would have been proud of, Orton began to have some joy, getting some near-falls with his draping DDT off the ropes, and a big superplex.

    Near the end of the match The Great Muta hit The Shining Wizard but Ted pulled the ref out as his hand got to 2. Fuji then reached in his pocket and grabbed some salt and threw it at Dibiase Jr as the fans cheered. The ref had enough and sent officials down to take Dibiase Jr and Fuji away, leaving just Orton and Muta alone.

    As all this was going on, Orton landed a backbreaker and set up for his punt kick. As he went to swing, Muta rolled out of the way. Orton then attempted an RKO but Muta countered with The Green Mist.
    Commentator #1: I've never seen anyone counter the RKO like that before!

    Commentator #2: Orton can't see!

    Orton staggered to the turnbuckle as Muta went to the opposite one. Muta signalled the end was near.
    Commentator #1: Fans, I believe Muta is going for his handspring space rolling elbow.

    Muta was indeed going for it but just as he was about to land the elbow he was caught by an RKO mid-air as the fans gasped.
    Commentator #2: Unbelievable! Orton caught him at the last moment!

    Commentator #1: He can barely see, but he can still hear.
    Orton gets a hand over Muta and makes the cover.




    Winner and still MNG Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton

    Mr. Fuji returned to the ring to check on The Great Muta as Ted Dibiase Jr returned to raise Orton's hand high. Orton, seeing Fuji there again, instructed Ted to grab him and set Fuji up for his punt kick.

    Orton lands the punt on Fuji as the fans boo. The announcers remind us Demolition aren't there as they are now at a local hospital.

    Why I went with this feud: I wanted to use Orton's Legend Killer persona and I felt a fresh legend opponent was the way to go. I think Orton and Muta would gel well together.

    Why I booked it this way: Orton is one of the biggest stars on my show so I felt he needed the win more. The fact Ted Jr pulled the ref out of the ring gives Muta's fans the belief that he might have won had that not happened. The plan here would be for Demolition and Muta to look for revenge on Orton with Ted Jr and another heel such as WALTER siding with Orton for some 6 man tag action down the road.

    End of part one...

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    #1 Contender Match for Tag Team Titles
    The Funks vs The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Von Erichs
    Triple Threat Texas Tornado Tag Match


    Back story: While The Bludgeon Brothers gained the tag title shot over the above teams, acting GM Gail Kim announced that she nevertheless had a huge match at Grapplemania for them.

    Given that the show would emanate from Texas, there would be a Triple Threat Texas Tornado Match where all teams would be in the ring at the same time. The first team to score a pinfall would become the new number one contenders.

    The Funks, who reside in Amarillo, and The Von Erichs, who hail from Dallas, have spoken of how winning this match would be a huge honour, while The Freebirds - who have never been shy about revealing their disdain for the Lone Star State where they worked for many years - have said they can't wait to rub it in the local fans' faces when they get their hands raised.

    Which team will get the bragging rights when the night is over?
    The match: The Freebirds came out first to huge boos and they played it up by getting in the faces of the fans. The Funks came out next to a strong pop despite being heels. The Von Erichs emerged last and got the loudest pop of the night so far.

    The ring announcer reminded us that the first team to score a pin is the winner and that no tags were necessary.

    From the bell all men began exchanging blows as the fans cheered. Eventually however Hayes and Gordy made a truce with the Funks and they began working over Kerry and David as the fans booed.

    In the early going the match thus resembled a handicap match with four working over two, but after Terry Funk made a pin attempt and it was broken up by Terry Gordy, the alliance between them broke down and The Freebirds and Funks began to go at it as the fans lapped it up.

    Highlights of the match included The Freebirds sending Terry Funk through a table, a double Superplex from Kerry and David to Michael Hayes, and Dory Funk Jr hitting a series of suplexes on everyone in the ring.

    The finish of the match saw David lock in his father's famous move The Iron Claw on Terry Gordy. As Michael Hayes grabbed a chair and prepared to nail David, The Funks clotheslined Hayes outside. Kerry Von Erich then nailed Terry Funk with a clothesline off the top turnbuckle and sent Dory outside.

    With no one to help Terry Gordy, the ref checked his arm which fell...



    three times!

    Winners and new #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles: Kerry and David Von Erich

    The fans cheer as The Von Erichs take the applause. They motioned for the belts around their waists.

    Backstage we see the newly crowned tag champs Harper and Rowan watching a monitor and scowling as they survey their future opponents.
    Why I went with this feud: There's plenty of history between these teams and I think fans, especially those in Texas, would find this match a big draw.

    Why I booked it this way: I want a babyface team to go up against The Bludgeon Brothers, and since the Von Erichs would be the most over with the fans in Texas, I felt they merited the win.

    Loser Leaves Company Match
    Hell in a Cell
    Mankind vs Bray Wyatt

    Back story: Mick Foley began his stint in Monday Night Grappling as the GM, leaving his wrestling career behind him. But Bray Wyatt and The Family took a particular interest in Mick.

    Bray declared he wanted Foley to leave his position and that he wanted to revive his old persona, Mankind, the most maniacal of Foley's personas, and make him the newest member of his stable. Foley refused, insisting Mankind had to remain locked away. "That's a dangerous, psychotic part of me I don't ever want to revive."

    Stung by this refusal, Bray Wyatt would attack Foley with a vicious assault that involved a cinder block being dropped on his head. The attack would lead to Foley snapping, and, sure enough, reviving his old Mankind persona.

    With Foley's friend Gail Kim offering to step in as acting GM, Mankind returned to the active roster, vowing to get his hands on Bray and wanting the revenge inside Hell in a Cell. Bray would make a final last ditch offer to Mankind to join The Wyatt Family which was again rebuffed.

    "Very well, then. Now the eater of worlds must destroy Mankind itself. And I will destroy it in mind, body, and soul."

    Bray has agreed to the match only on the condition that the loser would have to leave the company. Acting GM Gail Kim has agreed, but warning that if even one of the Wyatt Family men were to attack Foley in the match, Bray will forfeit the contest and leave the company.

    Both men have signed the contracts and now the match is set. This company isn't big enough for these two lunatics. One will be sent on his way. But who?
    The match: Bray entered the match first without Harper and Rowan as stipulated, yet he seemed confident.

    Mankind entered next to a huge pop and paused outside the Cell, seeming emotional as he gazed over the structure.
    Commentator #1: Mankind has had moments that will live forever inside this Cell.

    Commentator #2: Let's hope we see some, tonight!
    As the door closed behind Mankind and the bell rang, Foley went right after Bray, surprising Bray with his intensity. Bray attempted to get some space but it was impossible in the Cell's close quarters.

    "You're mine, you son of a b*tch!" screamed Mankind as Bray took a pummeling early on.

    Mankind went under the ring and found a bag of thumb tacks. He poured them out on the ring and hoisted up Bray in a Scoop Slam position, but Bray wriggled free and dropped Mankind right on the tacks.

    This allowed Bray to get some offence in and he began working over Foley. At about the twenty minute mark he signalled to the back and out came Harper and Rowan.
    Commentator #1: What the hell are they doing out here? They were warned not to get involved!
    Bray instructed the duo to remove the Cell door which they did, pushing aside refs who tried to stop them. They managed to get the door open but on the titantron Gail Kim appeared and reminded them they were not to be out here. She warned them to go to the back and not to attack Mankind or Bray would forfeit the match. The Bludgeon Brothers backed off but, seemingly frustrated, grabbed some more officials. Out ran The Von Erichs - who earlier earned the right to be the number one contenders for their titles - and they brawled to the back as the fans popped.

    Bray seemed relaxed about this. Now the Cell door was open.

    He went outside and began climbing as the fans cheered. He reached the top of the cell and knelt down, looking at Mankind below. "Follow" he roared.

    A huge Foley chant broke out as Mankind looked up and smiled. He left the Cell and began to climb as officials tried to talk him out of it.
    Commentator #1: This is a dangerous situation, ladies and gentlemen. Anything could happen.

    Commentator #2: I don't think this is a good idea. Foley's had career-shortening injuries up here!
    The pair begin exchanging rights and lefts up top. At one stage, Mankind appeared to be close to falling as the fans gasped, but he fought back. Then Bray seemed to be set to fall but he too fought his way out of the situation.

    Bray then landed a low blow on Mankind that brought him to his knees. "I will destroy Mankind!" he laughed. He signalled for his Sister Abigail finisher but Mankind unbeknownst to Bray had reached inside his pants and pulled out Mr. Socko!

    He stuck it in Bray's mouth who had to break the hold. Bray collapsed to his knees coughing and splurting as Foley rolled away. Bray got to his feet first and charged Mankind who countered with a big back body drop which sent Bray Wyatt crashing through the ceiling of the Cell through to the canvas below.
    Commentator #1: Good God almighty, that killed him! As God is my witness Bray Wyatt just got broken in half!

    Commentator #2: We all thought Mankind was going for a ride but it turned out it was Bray!
    Mankind climbs down inside the Cell and removes his mask. Mick Foley takes in the cheers as he looks at Bray's fallen carcass below him. Bray then opens his eyes and begins to laugh.
    Commentator #1: This man is deranged! He got sent through a Cell and now he's laughing for God's sakes!

    Commentator #2: I think even Foley's taken aback by this.
    Foley lifts Bray's near-lifeless body up and positions him for his double-arm DDT when suddenly the lights go out.

    When the lights come on there is a figure dressed in black in the ring, wearing a fox mask. The masked figure nails Foley with a low blow.

    The figure removes the mask to reveal it's Gail Kim.
    Commentator #1: What the hell is this? Gail Kim, our acting General Manager, the friend of Mick Foley, has just assaulted him. What the hell is going on here?

    Commentator #2: I can't believe this! Bray is smiling about it.
    Gail grabs a microphone and helps Bray to his feet. She approaches Foley who seems to have tears in his eyes.

    Gail Kim: I bet you're wondering why I've done this, huh Mick? I bet all of you fans are wondering why I've done this?

    Well, you shouldn't be so surprised. Because while Mick and I are friends, nothing beats being family.

    Allow me to introduce you by my full title...

    Sister Abigail Kim!
    Commentator #1: WHAT?!

    Commentator #2: Gail Kim is...sister Abigail?!
    Bray Wyatt laughs and the pair begin to put the boots to the stricken Foley. Bray then drags Foley up and positions him for his Sister Abigail finisher. He blows his sister a kiss as he connects.

    The referee doesn't want to count but the acting GM orders him to do so.




    Winner and staying with the company: Bray Wyatt

    After the match Harper and Rowan enter the ring and celebrate with Sister Abigail and Bray. The Bludgeon Brothers point towards the Cell door and laugh.
    Commentator #1: I'm starting to make sense of this now. Gail - or Abigail should I say - only came out and told The Bludgeon Brothers to leave once the door was open. She wanted a way to get in the Cell. This was a damn set-up!

    Commentator #2: I think you're right. And remember the stipulation for the match? It was said Bray would forfeit the bout "if even one of the Wyatt Family men were to attack Foley in the match" - nothing about a woman, though!

    Commentator #1: Exactly. This makes me absolutely sick. Mick Foley just lost his damn job because of that Jezebel! And I think now we also know why The Bludgeon Brothers were chosen to be the contenders for Demolition's titles - family comes first, right? Hell, she was probably the one behind that creepy video that played during the tag title match. Disgraceful!
    Gail picks up the mic a final time and gets in Foley's face.

    Sister Abigail Kim: "Guess I don't need to call myself the 'acting GM' anymore since your ass is out of here, Mick. Or to put it another way, YOU'RE FIRED.
    The fans boo as The Wyatt Family stable - now with its matriarch at the helm - laugh and celebrate. Mick Foley remains on the ground in tears.

    Why I went with this feud: I wanted to do a Mankind vs Bray feud from very early on as I think these two would complement one another really well.

    Why I booked it this way: I hit upon the idea for Gail to be Sister Abigail around the time of the stip round where we had to draft a female. I thought it would be a really fun twist.

    The storyline would be that Bray's father had an affair with Gail's mother and Gail then had to live this lie about her true roots her whole life. Bray had been led to believe his sister had died and Gail had been complicit in this deceit. But now she was going to make it up to Bray by making him the top star in the business.

    Foley would be gone for a few months but would return down the line, challenging Gail for his position as GM to be restored.

    Main Event
    World Heavyweight Championship
    Bret 'The Hitman Hart' (c) vs 'The Phenomenal' A.J. Styles


    Back story: "You were the best there was, but then I came along."

    These words from the challenger A.J. Styles to the champion Bret Hart have been the backdrop to this dream match. Bret secured the title upon his arrival in the company and has yet to lose, but the cocky, brash Styles has also remained undefeated; fans have wondered who would win a bout between the pair, and when Styles won a Battle Royal to determine the challenger, the match was set.

    "You are phenomenal, A.J. But so was Shawn Michaels. So was Undertaker. So was Stone Cold Steve Austin. And I've beaten them all."

    The champion remains defiant, praising A.J.'s attributes but warning that underestimating his own is the challenger's big mistake.

    Two of the best ever to lace up a pair of boots clash for the first time at Grapplemania. Who will leave with the glory?
    The match: A.J. entered first and despite being the heel had a sizeable support. Bret entered last and got a great pop but as the pair got nose to nose there were duelling chants.

    "Let's go, A.J." "Let's go, Bret." Let's go, A.J." "Let's go, Bret."
    Commentator #1: This is a special moment, ladies and gentlemen on what has been an unforgettable night."

    Commentator #2: What? I can hardly hear you these fans are so loud!"
    As the bell rang, Bret immediately took A.J. down and began grounding the challenger, working over his right arm and leg. The commentators surmised Bret was trying to eliminate the Phenomenal Forearm from A.J.'s arsenal.

    A.J. responded by leaving the ring several times, catching a breather as the fans booed.

    Bret seemed in control but made a mistake as he charged A.J. who sent him hard front-first into the turnbuckle. A.J. began to work Bret's leg now, perhaps thinking of a Calf Crusher down the line.

    It was a methodical, wrestling clinic for the opening fifteen to twenty minutes but the tone of the match changed when A.J. sent Bret outside and the pair began exchanging lefts and rights as the fans cheered. A.J. clotheslined Bret on to the announce table and began removing monitors.
    Commentator #1: Styles knows he has to pull out all the stops here.

    Commentator #2: I'm getting out of here he's going to do something crazy!
    A.J. climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a huge 450 splash on to Bret, sending him through the table as the fans begin to chant "holy sh*t." He eventually rises and is able to drag Bret's motionless body into the ring for a cover - but Bret kicks out at 2.

    A.J. now signals to the fans one more ought to do it. He goes up top for another 450 splash but as A.J. connects, this time Bret gets the knees up. The fans gasp as Bret makes a cradle...


    2...only a two.

    A.J. pops up and Bret now has a second wind as the pair exchange rights and lefts. The fans continue their duelling chants for both men.

    Bret gets the better of the fist-fight but A.J. rocks Bret with a Pele kick that sends him to one knee. A.J. then positions Bret for the Styles Clash but Bret counters into a sunset flip and then rises to lock in The Sharpshooter.
    Commentator #1: A.J. is a long way from the ropes! This one may be over, fans!

    Commentator #2: What a counter from The Hitman!
    A.J. howls in agony and his hand comes out a few times as the A.J. fans scream 'nooooooo' urging him not to tap. Styles fights on and is able to reach the bottom rope as the fans cheer.

    Bret breaks the hold but grabs A.J.'s leg and drags him back to the centre of the ring, eager to lock it in again. This time however, A.J. counters with a cradle, but rather than attempt a pin he instead locks in his Calf Crusher. Now Bret is the one writhing in agony.
    Commentator #1: A.J. worked over Bret's leg earlier and Bret may have no choice but to tap!
    Bret's hand teeters over the canvas and this time it's Bret's fans screaming 'noooooo', pleading with him to hold on. And he does, managing to reach the ropes.

    A.J. releases the hold and Bret uses the ropes to raise himself up. The fans at this point are chanting "this is awesome" as we are nearing the forty minute mark.

    The finish of the match sees both men knock each other down with a double clothesline. Bret is first to his feet and makes his way to the second rope, looking for his double elbow drop. A.J. however moves out of the way and Bret crashes and burns. A.J. then grabs Bret for the Styles Clash and this time he hits it for the



    no. Bret kicks out.

    A.J. goes outside and signals for a Phenomenal Forearm but The Hitman desperately launches himself towards the ropes, unbalancing A.J. who falls to the mat. Bret now positions A.J. for a Sharpshooter once more, only for A.J. to turn it into a small package for



    no. Bret kicks out again. Styles screams in frustration but signals this is the end. He boots Bret in the gut and is preparing another Styles Clash but Bret now counters into a sunset flip for the



    no. A.J. now kicks out. As A.J. gets to his feet Bret locks in a sleeper hold, but A.J. drives Bret back to the turnbuckle forcing him to break. Bret, now hammers A.J. with shots and prepares to hit a top rope superplex - but A.J. responds with shots of his own, crucially hitting Bret's calf. A.J. now signals for a big move of his own...
    Commentator #1: He's going for a Styles Clash off the top rope!
    He indeed goes for the move - but Bret grabs the bottom rope as A.J. jumps. A.J. now hits the canvas with his legs right underneath Bret and his body facing away from the ropes - Bret sees his chance. He locks in The Sharpshooter and sits back as A.J. screams in pain. A.J.'s hand comes out...

    ...he taps!

    Winner and still MNG World Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart


    Fireworks and pyro go off as Bret collapses to his knees in exhaustion. The fans are on their feet applauding and the announcers join in, saluting both men.

    After some moments Bret rises to his feet and raises aloft his championship. He then moves towards A.J. and offers his hand. A.J. takes it and Bret raises aloft A.J.'s hand too.

    Both men have earned the other's respect and Bret can be seen telling A.J. he is phenomenal. They hug and the show goes off the air with the announcers hoping they see these two wrestle again at some point down the line.
    Why I went with this match: This is a dream match-up and I think you'd be guaranteed a classic encounter with these two.

    Why I booked it this way: The Wyatt family with Sister Abigail Kim will be the big bad heel unit on my show for the near future so I need the babyface Bret to be the one that stands up to them.

    I've set the stage for A.J.'s babyface turn and down the line I'd have Bray take the title off Bret, then have a babyface A.J. be the one to beat Bray, which would set up the rematch of A.J. vs Bret.

    That concludes my submission. Thank you to those who have read my PPV and to Necro for overseeing the game this year.

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    GWA presents:


    GWA World Heavyweight Championship
    “Macho Man” Randy Savage (C) vs Floyd “Money” Mayweather

    GWA Women’s World Championship
    Ronda Rousey (C) vs Trish Stratus

    Rey Mysterio vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger

    Tegan Nox vs Shayna Baszler

    Kairi Sane vs Mayu Iwatani

    Rusev (w/ Lana) vs Umaga

    GWA Intercontinental Championship
    Dan “The Beast” Severn (C) vs Will Ospreay

    Shayna Baszler vs Tegan Nox
    The fans have been right behind Tegan Nox since her arrival in GWA. The Welsh superstar has overcome two gruesome career-threatening injuries and has her eyes on reaching the very top in GWA. Meanwhile, Shayna Baszler is the right hand woman of GWA Women’s champion Ronda Rousey. Together with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, they make up the Four Horsewomen, a fearsome stable that has run roughshod over the entire GWA womens division for many months.

    In the #1 contenders Royal Rumble match, these two women were the first two entrants. Fans were really behind the fairytale comeback story of Tegan Nox. Baszler wanted to prove herself as more than just Ronda’s second, perhaps this would be her opportunity? Baszler, Shafir and Duke would dominate the Royal Rumble match, but in a hugely impressive showing, #1 entrant Nox managed to survive until the latter stages of the match, before seizing an opportunity and eliminating Baszler. However, Nox would not complete the fairytale victory on this occasion. An irate Baszler dragged Nox from the ring, slamming her into ringside barricades, the ringpost and the ringsteps, before dispatching her back in to the ring, where she was summarily eliminated from the match by Shafir and Duke.


    The following week, Tegan Nox and her ally Dakota Kai would defeat Shafir and Duke in tag team action. Looking to make a statement, Baszler would hit the ring after the match and destroy Kai as Nox was restrained by Shafir and Duke. Baszler would break Dakota Kai’s ankle, sidelining the Kiwi for an indefinite period. Desperate to avenge her friend, Tegan Nox will face off against Shayna Baszler in the biggest match of her career at March Madness.

    The Match:
    A barnstorming opener, for which the crowd are red hot. The Tegan Nox story has captured their imagination, and they are fully behind her efforts here. Shayna Baszler, however, dominates the match. Cutting off each Nox comeback with her devastating power. The Queen of Spades cannot put the brave Nox away, and eventually her Welsh opponent seizes a chance and hits a devastating Shining Wizard to pick up the victory! It is clear from this victory that Tegan Nox will be one to watch in GWA over the next few months


    Rey Mysterio vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger
    For weeks on GWA TV, video packages aired promoting the impending debut of Japanese junior heavyweight legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger. At the same time, rumours circulated online regarding the possible retirement of Rey Mysterio. When it was revealed that Rey would be making a HUGE announcement, the retirement speculation kicked into overdrive.

    Rey spoke about his career, wrestling all over the world, winning World titles. He acknowledged that he considered retirement, but when he saw that Jushin Liger was coming to the GWA, it was fate. You see, despite all his success, one defeat has gnawed away at Rey all these years. WCW Starrcade 1996, Jushin Liger defeated Rey Mysterio. Over the years there was often talk of a re-match, but it never came to fruition, and Rey had accepted that he would never get the chance to test himself against Liger again.

    So, now Liger is coming to GWA, Rey would issue the challenge. One week later, Liger finally appeared on GWA TV in a segment with Mysterio, and the pair shook hands. The rematch a quarter of a century in the making was set for March Madness!

    The Match:
    A 5-star match. These two junior heavyweight legends would deliver the expected show-stealer. Rey Mysterio would emerge victorious, avenging his loss of 23 years previous.


    Intercontinental Championship:
    Dan “The Beast” Severn (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Will Ospreay
    Jim Cornette had established a stable of wrestlers known as Professional. The first member of his stable was Dan Severn, the intercontinental champion. On a crusade against modern wrestling practices, Cornette and Professional promote the virtues of old-school wrestling. Severn and Cornette took umbrage with the ring style and attitude of Will Ospreay.


    Severn labelled the Brit as a gymnast and a spot-monkey who does pretty little flips and twists, and who can’t spell psychology, nevermind understand the nuances of building a wrestling match. Will Ospreay would defeat Rusev in a #1 contender’s match to earn his shot at Severn and the Intercontinental championship.

    The Match:
    Severn tried to keep Ospreay grounded, and with some assistance from Cornette at ringside, he would control the early part of this match. However, once Ospreay found an opening, he was able to utilize his aerial arsenal to defeat Severn in impressive and relatively straight forward fashion. The winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Will Ospreay.


    Kairi Sane vs Mayu Iwatani (w/ Jim Cornette)
    Kairi Sane is one of the most popular superstars in the GWA. In recent times she has been joined in the GWA by her compatriot Mayu Iwatani. Iwatani, however has struggled to capture the imagination of the audience in the way Kairi has.

    During the Royal Rumble match, Iwatani was on a roll, would this be her chance to make a mark on the global stage? Iwatani eliminated Dakota Kai, and as she admired her good work, she turned around and was clothleslined over the top rope by Kairi Sane!! Iwatani slammed her hands on the ringside mat in frustration as The Pirate Princess gave her a look that said all is fair in love and war.

    Iwatani would finally snap the following week during a tag team match with Sane against Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Iwatani refused the hot tag from Sane, leaving her to be pinned by Shafir. Following the pinfall, an irate Iwatani laid a beatdown on a perplexed Kairi. Screaming “Pirate f*cking princess?” over and over, Iwatani held nothing back as she ferociously attacked Kairi.

    In the following weeks Iwatani would join Jim Cornette’s Professional stable. Believing that Kairi Sane is all gimmick and no substance, Iwatani would repeatedly attack Kairi Sane and mock the Pirate Princess gimmick. The match was set for March Madness. Will Kairi Sane have her revenge, or will Iwatani prove her point.


    The Match:
    This match was a classic. With the audience behind her all the way, Kairi Sane would manage to narrowly overcome the challenge of a determined Mayu Iwatani.
    Winner: Kairi Sane


    Rusev (w/ Lana) vs. Umaga (w/ Jim Cornette)
    For weeks, Jim Cornette tried to recruit Rusev to his Professional stable. Cornette spoke about Rusev’s raw talent and potential, and that with the right guidance, he would go straight to the top. Rusev turned down the advances of Professional at all times, but his in-ring results left a lot to be desired, including a defeat to Will Ospreay when Rusev was inadvertently distracted by his wife Lana at ringside.

    Afterwards, Cornette appeared on the ramp, telling Rusev to leave the wife at home, put down the selfie stick and concentrate on wrestling. An enraged Rusev would chase after Cornette, only to be cut off by Umaga. A member of Professional, “The Samoan Bulldozer” would attack Rusev under instruction from Cornette and put him on the shelf for a number of weeks.


    In the weeks that followed, Cornette would label Rusev as weak, distracted and symptomatic of what is wrong with the business today, no PROFESSIONALISM! Eventually Rusev would return, with Lana by his side and challenge Umaga to a match at March Madness. Will Rusev prove Jim Cornette wrong, or will The Samoan Bulldozer have too much for The Bulgarian Brute?

    The Match:
    Professional were 0/2 for the night coming into this bout. Would Umaga regain some honour for the stable? This match would be an absolute war. Both men would give it their all in an absorbing, heavy-hitting encounter. In the end, Jim Cornette would corner Lana at ringside, which distracted Rusev enough to allow Umaga capitalize and hit The Samoan Spike for the victory. Post-match, Cornette would say “I told you so” to a frustrated Rusev, whose demeanour suggested that, maybe, Cornette’s words were finally ringing true……


    GWA Women’s Championship
    Ronda Rousey (C) vs Trish Stratus
    Alongside her trusted lieutenant Shayna Baszler and lackeys Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, Ronda Rousey leads the dominant heel faction The Four Horsewomen. The champion has wiped out all before her, and appears to be unbeatable.


    When news filtered through that legendary hall-of-famer Trish Stratus had joined GWA and entered the Royal Rumble, Rousey would dismiss Stratus as “a diva, a relic of a bygone era of bra and panties.” However, Trish would overcome all other women in GWA in the Royal Rumble match, and claim the right to face Ronda at March Madness.

    Stratus would get the best of Rousey in successive altercations in the following weeks, leading some to suggest that Ronda had underestimated the legendary Stratus. A 4-on-1 attack on Stratus by the Rousey led Horsewomen the week before March Madness had seemingly tilted the odds back in the Champions favour, as Trish was left a bloody mess. Will Stratus overcome the greatest of odds at March Madness, for one final run as Champion? Or will Ronda Rousey cement her legacy as the most dominant female athlete for many a generation?

    The Match:
    A relentless Rousey pulverizes a still-wounded challenger straight form the opening bell. Trish can’t get any offense in during the early going, and this pattern continues for many minutes. A cocky Rousey laughs as Stratus struggles to get her bearings. A Stratus rally startles the champion, but it is momentary, and Rousey quickly re-establishes dominance. Ronda locks in her armbar submission, and mercifully, this one is over.
    Winner: Ronda Rousey!


    GWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Macho Man Randy Savage (C) vs Floyd Mayweather
    Over previous months, beloved GWA Champion Randy Savage had turned back the challenges of former ally Jay Lethal and “The Beast” Bob Sapp. Lethal had turned on his mentor, but came up short in his title challenge.


    Following their defeats, Lethal and Sapp joined forces with the aim of taking out Savage once-and-for-all. A ferocious beating ensued, prompting Floyd Mayweather, who was in the audience at ringside, to jump the barrier and save Savage.

    A huge tag-team match followed: Savage & Mayweather vs. Lethal & Sapp. During the match, Mayweather shockingly turned on Savage, allowing Lethal and Sapp to claim the victory. It would be revealed that the trio of Mayweather, Lethal and Sapp were in cahoots all along, with Mayweather orchestrating the whole thing.

    Mayweather would boast that he was brought in by GWA management to add some star power to proceedings. He derided Savage as “a good-hand, but never The Man, always a #2” and claimed that GWA would never reach the top with Savage as champion. Mayweather vowed to win the GWA World title at March Madness, and become a two-sport champion in the process. Savage tried to get his hands on Mayweather on many occasions, but Bob Sapp and Jay Lethal were always on hand to run interference.
    The Match:
    Savage unleashed all his pent-up aggression on Mayweather from the bell, as Mayweather tried his best to duck and dive. Jay Lethal would interfere, giving Mayweather a period of control, but as the end approached it looked as though Savage was assured of victory. He ascended to the top rope, but as Lethal distracted the referee, Bob Sapp emerged and powerbombed Savage on the concrete floor. Savage was tossed back into the ring where he was met by a vicious Mayweather left hook. Three seconds later, and shockingly, Floyd Mayweather is the GWA World Heavyweight Champion! The show closes as Mayweather and his entourage celebrate in the ring.


    The future:
    Tegan Nox and Kairi Sane are the future of GWA, one of them will be the one to knock Rousey off her perch.
    An implosion of the Horsewomen and subsequent Baszler/Rousey feud will follow.
    Trish Stratus will move into a feud with Mayu Iwatani, as both ladies look to re-establish themselves following losses here.
    Upon her return from injury, Dakota Kai will turn on Tegan Nox, blaming Nox for abandoning her.

    Randy Savage will get his revenge over Floyd Mayweather in a rematch which captures huge mainstream attention.
    Savage will then turn to challenges from Umaga and eventually a revitalized Rusev, who finally joins Cornette and Professional.
    Bob Sapp and Jay Lethal form a dominant tag team.
    Will Ospreay enters a blistering three-way feud with Rey Mysterio and Jushin Liger.

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    Welcome to BWA Wrestlepalooza!
    Night1 - Wembley Stadium, London

    Pre show: loser leaves town match - Barry vs Kendall Windham
    When did this one become a loser leaves town match? on the pre show of course. Kendall Windham came out half way through the pre show and cut a promo on his brother saying how much he couldn't stand the smug son of a biatch and had gone to management and requested the stip be added.

    The two men tear lumps out of each other in a physical war that leaves both of them limping from the ring once it concludes. We See a real vicious side to Kendall who throws everything he has at Barry including some dirty tactics which isn't usual for him. He comes close to putting his brother away on more than one occasion but it's a small mistake where he struggles trying to remove a turnbuckle cover and inadvertently pokes himself in the eye that leads to Barry hitting him with a DDT and a quick 3 count for the win.

    Barry Windham

    after the match Barry offers his hand to his brother in a sign of forgivness. After seemingly considering it for a moment Kendall extends his hand, grasps his brothers then after a moment where the arena seems to wonder can they move past their issues he tosses Barry against the ropes and hits him with his Slingshot "Powerbomb O'Doom". He leaves him lying there and walks out on as the commentary team say, not only his brother but perhaps because of the stip he himself got added also on the company.
    Kendall Windham will return down the line to surprise and oppose his brother and perhaps the Horsemen by providing their then opponents with backup
    The Main Card

    Pyro hits and the crowd go wild as the Main Card opens with none other than Muhammad Ali coming out to ringside and acting as hype man for the show and then ring announcer for what he described as the historic tournament to crown a new womens champion. He reminds everyone of one of his famous quotes as he makes the introductions “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. and here is a woman that has been a champion most of her life...The Fabulous Moolah. He then introduces her opponent by referencing how Moolah told her that beating Moolah would be impossible saying “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men and women who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing. and this woman is here tonight hoping to prove she can do what she has been told is impossible...Mae Young!
    BWA Womens title tournament Semi Final : The Fabulous Moolah vs Mae Young

    This is the traditional heel vs Babyface encounter with Moolah not only having the upper hand hand at the beginning but working the crowd for a reaction when she does too. She seems to thrive under their boos, boos that seem to intensify as the early beatdown of Mae Young continues. She takes the taunting of the crowd a little too far however and Young is able to get back into the bout and make quite the comeback.

    She hits a number of big Lariats and a scoop slam before heading to the top rope for her elbow drop finisher. The crowd are willing her on but no Moolah roles out of the way at the last moment and Mae Young is left struggling for air after coming down hard on her side. She is given no respite however as Moolah immediately grabs her and hits a vicious backbreaker then bouncing off the ring rope and hitting a big splash on her downed former best friend before making the successful pin.

    The Fabulous Moolah

    Mae Young looked devasted in ring after this match but refuses any assistance and walks to the back by herself with the crowd clapping her as she goes.
    Moolah moves on to the final with her decades of experience as a womans champion champion behind her while Mae Young has only just started her journey as a babyface female wrestler but will not be detered by this defeat, she will be back. Perhaps after learning some new non heel tricks and growing as a person that the fans are now clearly behind and hope to not only prove herself to her former friend but to everyone in professional wresting

    Barry Windham is interviewed about the pre show main event. He is heartfelt in his words about his brother when he finds himself interrupted by Brian Christopher who challenges him for tomorrow nights pre-show. Windham seems reluctant saying he just went through a war with is brother and that he didn't trust Christopher whom he refers to as Lawler Jr, suggesting he is just trying to occupy a horseman. However Jerry's son has a very convincing argument as he simply tells him to think about it before suddenly hitting the US Express member with a DDT on the concrete. We are later informed by the announcers at ringside that Windham has accepted this challenge.

    In ring:

    We return to ringside and to Muhammad Ali who is about to announce the second Semi Final for womans championship when the lights suddenly went out and a shadowy figure appeared in the ring and let out a bizarre yodel before following it up with the word Now then, now then, How's about that, then Guys and gals. As it 'appens I've gone and done what I said and I've Fixed it for you lot to get a match from me right here tonight!

    The lights came back on and Goodness gracious, dressed in a shell tracksuit and donning gold jewellery it was none other than Jimmy Saville who now ask Who is man enough to fight me?!.

    BWA security at ringside begin to move for the ring as police who are assembled outside are seen to immediately make their way inside. The camera returns to showing Ali who is now twitching and looks ready to snap as he tells the BWA security to wait and says that if he wants a match he's got one!
    Muhammad Ali vs Jimmy Savile

    This isn't really a match more so a 2 minute beating of epic proportions. rights, lefts, combinations all flying as argueably the greatest boxer ever opens up on this piece of garbage and with each and every punch connected the crowd cheer louder. Eventually covered in blood with his nose among other bones) clearly broken Saville begs for mercy from Ali and shouts his submission. The bell rings and Ali is declared the winner as he winds up his right hand for one final finishing blow but Ali is able to control his rage and instead pushes Saville's battered body through the ropes with his fit and to the outside where now a number of British policemen are waiting to take him away.

    Muhammad Ali

    Savile is taken away in handcuffs bloodied and battered by policemen. Talk about how an opener usually gets the crowd pumped, they are ecstatic now as things really get going for Wrestlepalooza

    We see Tully Blanchard (Arn Anderson in the background) psyching up his daughter. He reminds her that unlike the last match (Ali), The good guy does not always win. He references the first Semi Final to show that sometimes the bad guys don't get their just desserts but says that She (Tessa) has worked too hard and come too far not to get what she deserves her tonight. He says that Chyna nor anyone should ever be able to bully her in any ring because as he states once they step inside those ropes with her they enter her world and that she can out wrestle any women in the world. Tessa seems psyched up as she heads to ringside but will it be enough.

    The 9th wonder of the world Chyna makes here entrance and by her side are DX members Road Dogg & Billy Gunn but she tells them she does not need them and they head to the back to prepare for their own match later tonight as she makes her way down to the ring.
    BWA Womens title tournament Semi Final : Chyna vs Tessa Blanchard

    This match begins with Tessa trying to lock up her opponent in technical wrestling maneuvers but the stronger Chyna powering out and delivering some devastating clubbing blows to Ms Blanchard. The commentators reference how Chyna played She Hulk in a movie as she performs some She Hulk esque power moves to Tessa including a Gorilla Press Slam. For most of this match the stronger Chyna did dominate as a result of her strength and she also got a 3 count victory early on after she hit a Pedigree only for Tessa to get her foot on the ropes.

    The longer the match went on however the more frustrated Chyna got that she hadn't put away Blanchard and the more opportunities Tessa found herself having to successfully lock in her attempts at more technical moves, such as an octopus hold and then a triangle choke both of which she held in place as long as possible. Chyna was slowing down noticeably and Tessa almost took advantage by catching her with a Butterfly suplex and then her "Buzzsaw" hammerlock DDT for a pin attempt but Chyna kicked out with authority after 2. She doesn't look happy and after the two exchange some rights and lefts she kicks Blanchard in the gut and then BOOM! Powerbomb! 1.... 2.... No Kickout by blanchard!

    When she gets back to her feet Chyna is waiting for her and BOOM! another Powerbomb! but she doesn't go for the pin this time. Instead she looks around the ring before grabbing Tessa's arm and dragging her over to the corner before looking to ascend to the ringpost. The commentary team note how this is not usual for her but that she is willing to do whatever it takes to put away her opponent even they speculate taking a leaf out of her former partner Eddie Guerrero's playbook with a top rope finisher. As she gets to the top rope and supposedly is about to try a Frog Splash or something similar she stumbles a little bit, almost falling off and then as she adjusts her footing realizes that just that little stumble (along with the time it took her to set up Tessa and climb) gave Blanchard all the time she needed to jump to her feet, leap up onto the corner turnbuckle, grab Chyna and deliver a monsterous Slingshot belly-to-back suplex from off the top rope!

    Chyna was laid out on the mat and similar to her opponent Tessa didn't go for a pin after her big move but also climbed the nearby turnbuckle. More comfortable at doing so however she was almost instantly in position and performed her "Magnum" Diving double knee facebreaker before covering Chyna. 1..... 2..... 3!

    Tessa Blanchard


    Chyna looks incensed as she makes her way to the back gritting her teeth and trying to hold in the rage anytime she looks back at Blanchard posing in celebratory fashion in the ring. What a massive victory for young Tessa B note the announcers, defeating one of the biggest names in the history of womens wrestling... then suddenly out of nowhere The Fabulous Moolah comes charging into the ring and attacks her from behind. She is carrying with her, her own old womens championship belt (with Moolah's face on the center plate) and uses it a number of times to strike Blanchard across her back before she is forced out of the ring.
    1-0 to Arn & Tully vs DX in many ways as Blanchard proves herself and by doing so elevates herself and the BWA womens division as a whole by putting herself on a similar level to legend like Chyna in the fans eyes. Her winning also ensures a face vs Heel dynamic in the final, a dynamic 100% amplified by the post fight beatdown.

    We see Brian Christopher backstage approach Chyna who is walking past him on her way back to the dressing room. He refers to her as "Babe" and tells her that his dad wants to speak to HBK and the rest of DX hoping that she could pass on the message for him. Chyna is not in a good mood however after her defeat and grabs "Grandmaster Sexay" by his balls, squeezing tight and telling him that she unlike he is nobody's errand boy and that Jerry tell them himself if he wants to. After he squeaks "ok" she lets go and storms off down the hallway, leaving him hunched over regretting over opening his mouth in the first place.

    When we return to ringside we are treated to a recap video showing the legendary careers of the two men who are about to face off for the first time ever and the events over the past few weeks which lead them to this once in a lifetime confrontation.
    Legends Match: Andre The Giant vs Bruno Sammartino

    The match starts with a test of strength between the two in which much to Andre's annoyance neither man gives an inch so they go again and again neither man gains a clear advantage. The Giant with the crowd on his back does not look too pleased as Bruno shows confidence calling for a third go around and mid grapple catches his smaller opponent with a wild knee. Clubbing blows to the back follow as the big man takes control. Take control he really does as thie newly turned heel not so gentle Giant has no problem going to extremes as soon as he has an opening. He shows this by tossing Sammartino over the top rope and to the outside and then taking a page out of Tessa Blanchard's book from earlier tonight and hitting a (move he is known to have done) butterfly suplex on to the former champ on the steel ramp.

    This is the only out of ring spot between the two who don't seem to need to rely on such antics to garner incredibly wild reactions from the crowd. The crowd who are urging Bruno on as the Andre gets back in the ring and the ref begins a 10 count with the Italian Strongman laid out on the ramp. Eventually as the ref got to 9 Bruno rolled back inside and the crowd went wild as he fights off The Giant who tries to catch him as he does. The two exchange punches the announcers say would knock any normal man out clean and go back and forth with Bruno eventually going for a big Scoop Slam ala Wrestlemania 3 on his opponent. Unfortunately however he struggles to get Andre up with the commentators saying he is showing the affects of that big suplex on the ramp. His failure here once again allows Andre the opportunity to get on top and the monstrous man hits an equally scary Double Underhook Facebuster on Bruno and goes for a pin. Bruno refuses to stay down however and once more to a massive ovation kicks out after 2

    Andre does not know what to do, He's a giant and he's hitting his biggest moves but Sammartino just won't relent and now as he shouts at someone at ringside to toss him a steel chair somehow Bruno is getting back to his feet and calling the giant to come at him again. Then much like the man he faced at a previous Wrestlepalooza (Muhammad Ali) Bruno floats like a butterfly bobbing and weaving and avoiding Andres attempted punches and then he stings like a bee. Not with a punch of his own however but instead by slipping in behind the giant and locking in his signature Bearhug.

    The vice like grip of Bruno is locked into place and the 8th wonder of the world is struggling, gasping for air and clearly slowing down. Sammartino has him in the center of the ring no where near a potential rope break as he is squeezing the life out of Andre. Eventually after around a minute of struggling and fighting against it The Giant is clearly fading and the referee wonders will he have to step in. He lifts up Andre's mammoth arm and releases it and it drops like a sack of potatoes. He lifts it a second time and the same thing happens again. Before he can do it for a 3rd time however the ref is taken out of the moment by none other than the BWA Champion Jerry Lawler! He has with him a chair in his hands and immediately swings it at Bruno but Sammartino releases the hold in time to avoid the shot which instead catches Andre across the back dropping him to his knees.The ref grabs the chair from and gets in Lawler's face telling him to get out of there and goes to call for a DQ but Jerry then cracks him in the jaw with a closed fist. Unfortunately for the champ however as Andre tries to get back to his feet but instead stumbles forward into the ropes Sammartino delivers a closed fist of his own to Lawler a knocks him clear through the other side of the rings ropes. He then turns around right as Andre comes off the ropes still reeling from the extended bearhug and Lawlers inadvertent chair shot and straight into Bruno who scoops him up and Slams him a la Mania 3 before 1......2......3! we have a winner!

    Bruno Sammartino


    Post match Bruno celebrates as he heads to the back meanwhile back inside the ring Andre finally gets to his feet and when he does who else would be in the ring but The King, Jerry Lawler, trying to smooth things over and make sure Andre knows he did not mean to do what he did to him. It seems Lawler has made his point when suddenly Andre's giant sized hand wraps around the throat of the champion and the crowd go wild as he look set to chokeslam him. He lifts him up into the air but no, he lets him drop back down to the mat unharmed. The more heelish of the commentators suggests he saw sense but as if triggered by that suggestion Andre immediately throws The King to the outside and screams at Lawler to get away from him.
    The ending sows doubt with regards if The King still has Andre in his corner heading into the world title program. Andre literally is a giant and does have the excuse here for the loss so will still be kept strong heading forward but Bruno (who could legit say he was on his way to winning anyway with the Bearhug) will once again look like The Living Legend that he is, look like he could take anyone on and could easily be pushed into the main event situation.

    Backstage: Tanahashi is interviewed backstage and speaks about how the fan favorites have been winning their matches tonight from Saville getting his comeuppance, to the 8th and 9th wonders of the world both failing to be victorious on this grand stage. He then apologizes to the crowd in attendance because that won't be happening in his match. He says that tonight the winner won't be (actually does the air quotes) "The Dragon" and the crowd won't be sent home happy. The only winner tonight apart from himself he says will be professional wrestling as the Ace of that art form is about to put on a masterclass. He then walks out of the interview as we return to ringside just in time for his opponents music to hit.
    IWGP World championship match: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

    match info

    Arm drags galore
    Double Chicken Wing
    Dragon Sleeper reversed into a Dragon Sleeper

    Dragon Rocket (suicide dive), Dragon Screw leg whip, bridging Dragon Suplex, Dragon-shiki Harite (left-handed open-palm face slap)
    Styles Clash
    High fly flow


    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat


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    Night2 - Croke Park, Dublin

    Pre Show Main Event: Brian Lawler vs Barry Windham

    Barry Windham went through a war last night when he faced off against his brother in our pre show main event and combined with the backstage attack from Lawler Jr that set up this matchwas clearly struggling to keep pace with the former Grandmaster Sexay. That said Lawler still uses underhanded tactics in order to keep an advantage and it is actually through such tactics that the finish comes. A raking of Windhams eyes lead him to stumble into a superkick that knocks him into the ropes where he bounces straight into a Full nelson facebuster for the 3 count.

    Brian Lawler

    Windham looks peeved and like he still wants to get his hands on Lawler but after having his second match of Wrestlepalooza decides to allow his victor have his moment for now.
    A loss to Windham who had already had his big Wrestlepalooza match the night prior would really hurt Lawler Jr while a win here gives him a bit of a rub, something to gloat about and heel up about and a potential feud going forward with Windham who no doubt would want to prove himself against Lawler when he is back to 100%.
    Main Show

    Muhammad Ali opens the show and says he wants to do so with a bang as he introduces the first bout of the night which he says will finally settle the argument of who is the Toughest, Hardest Professional Wrestler in the industry.
    No Holds Barred: Haku vs Minoru Suzuki

    Even as this match begins and is primarily fought in the ring, weapons are used with both men taking Kendo stick shots from each other. This culminates with Suzuki cracking his Kendo stick in half across Haku's head sending him tumbling to to the outside. Suzuki follows him to the outside but is caught in doing so and choked with the cable from a monitor from the nearby announce table. Haku releases this only to attempt a monitor shot to Sazuki's head but the Asian superstar, avoid this and from behind shoves Haku knees first the ring steps. Immediately he locks in a rear naked choke on the Tongan wildman and keeps him down long enough for him to pull said steps into a good enough position where he places Haku's head beside them and BOOM Penalty kick!

    He makes the first pin attempt of the night here but only gets a two count. Sazuki is undeterred and instead uses this as a chance to kick things up a notch by producing the bag of glass shards he'd used on Haku in recent weeks. Sazuki spreads them all over the nearby mat before returning to Haku and delivering several Hard slaps to the Tongans face. Despite the loud thunderous noise and fact that Haku's face starts to change color the islander slowly gets to his feet and looks increasingly likely to strike back, and strike he does with a big roundhouse kick that connects to Sazuki's jaw which makes sends him crashing down onto the glass. After some theatrics where Suzuki rolls around in the glass he tries to get back up and in doing so has to fight off an attempted Tongan death grip and does so but the Tongan Spike connects and keeps Sazuki down. Haku however chooses not to try for a pin but instead pulls up the protective mat and exposes the concrete on the outside.

    Haku goes to pick Sazuki up but he still has fight in him and after a few big chops catches Haku with a headbut knocking him down. The old adage about an islanders hard head seems to be in effect here however as Sazuki seems to be affected and is slowed down as he goes for a Gotch Style Piledriver.

    He took too long however and the move is reversed into a backdrop onto the concrete! my gawd Sazuki is writhing around in pain but again no pin attempt is made instead Haku pulls a table out and sets it up over the exposed area. He then made up for the miss earlier on by connecting with a shot from the monitor which was still loose on the floor. This keeps Sazuki down (this time after being rolled on to the table) at which point he went back into the ring climbed the turnbuckle and then WOW diving splash to the outside through the table on to Suzuki!

    Both men are completely out of it but Haku is able to throw an arm over Suzuki's body, 1....2....3!


    Neither man gets up for longer than usual and then despite being barely able to stand fight off any assistance on offer

    Things back on track for the King's court, speaking of which Jerry Lawler is seen talking to HBK backstage, he's heard to say don't worry you will be first in line for a shot if "this gets done". Before HBK exits into his dressing room and Lawler sees the camera and an interviewer oncoming and quickly cuts a promo drawing paralels between him and his son who just defeated a member of the so called 4 horsemen. He even questions if they are the four horseman with such a lesser specimen like Pillman leading the way. He then does Our reporters job for him and introduces out next match, no doubt a match King would be front row for if he were not also competing in tonight, The Final of The Tournament to crown a new BWA Womens champion.
    Womens Tournament Final: Chyna/Blanchard vs Mae/Moolah

    Winner: Tessa Blanchard
    Her Legacy being tainted in the way it has doesn't exactly make me want to make Moolah the star of my womens divison but it does make her a great heel especially after her defeating her former best friend and new crowd favorite Mae Young last night. Overcoming two huge stars and big name heels like Chyna & Moolah on back to back days meanwhile could make Tessa Blanchards career. It'd be a defining moment for her and the fans.

    backstage segment
    BWA Tag Team Title Match: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs The New Age Outlaws


    Braibusters Spike Piledriver
    NAO's own Spike Piledriver a Double flapjack dropped into a hangman Spike piledriver aka The Outlaw Driver

    Winners: The New Age Outlaws
    3 members of the Horsemen have now lost. They do however have the fact that a new incarnation of the horsemen group just formed to keep them focused but The Outlaws prophesied there was a New Age beginning in recent promos. DX start to look strong with HBK vs The Rock still to come and we wonder what deal HBK & King struck.

    After their Chyna assisted win, she along with the New Age Outlaws run into Brian Pillman psyching himself up backstage. After they highight that he like their opponents earlier is a horseman and suggest Pillman is trying to take "Shawn's spot" in the main event a 3 on 1 attack follows. Backstage personal and Pillman grabbing a weapon eventually seperate them but the challenger looks hurt. Was this Jerry Lawler's insurance policy.
    Icons Collide: Shawn Michaels vs The Rock

    Chyna tossed from ringside

    The New Age Outlaws come to ringside. One distracts , one passes HBK a weapon

    Winner: The Rock

    backstage: Brian Pillman is interviewed and asked if he is physically ok to compete tonight after his altercation with DX earlier tonight. He says that even if you knocked him down with a Semi truck he wouldn't be kept from this match which he refers to as his moment tonight. He calls Lawler as a paper champion, a faux King, a man who immediately needed backup in the form of The Colossal Connection once he became the champion, and (he not only looks right down the camera but grabs it himself as he does so and) says that he will need to kill him if he wants to stop him tonight because otherwise your looking at the next BWA champion. he then just drops the camera on the floor and we see him walk out of shot as we hear Jerry "The King" Lawler's music hit.
    BWA World Title Match: "Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman vs Jerry "The King" Lawler

    After making his entrance the champion Jerry Lawler is seen complaining that he, the champion, was out first. That is until his opponents music starts to play and he rolls to the outside seemingly to allow Pillman make his entrance. We say seemingly however as right as The Loose Cannon gets to the ring The King catches him from behind and throws him head first into a ringpost. He then immediately grabs Pillman's head and once again smashes it into the ringpost. This all happening before the match even begins allows refs and medical personal a chance to make sure Brian is ok, notably we see one check his eyes with a little flashlight, are they worried he is concussed? ponder the commentators highlighting that he was already attacked by DX backstage earlier on. Either way he repeatedly states he is good to go and they finally allow him enter the ring and this bout gets started.

    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard had come down to check on their fellow four horsemen cohort but Lawler gets in the refs face and convinces him to ban the Brainbusters from ringside. As he is doing so however Lawler immediately low blows Pillman whose struggle to get into things continues. Hunched over due to this Pillman suddenly finds himself subjected to the first pin attempt of the match as Jerry tries a rollup. Now once again foucing on the competitors in the ring the ref only makes a 2 count before Pillman is able to kick out. This seems to set off the champ who grabs the referee around the throat and intimidates him after the near fall, screaming at him about the slow count and how it better not happen again.

    Grandmaster Sexay comes out to ringside. As soon as he starts to get involved and in doing so keeps his father in the ascendancy Barry Windham comes chargin (with a limp) down to counter him. The advantage did allow a Lawler Piledriver but this time we see the ref give what seems like a very fast count but Pillman still kicks out just before the three. Unfortunately for him however Lawler does not let up and BOOM another piledrive at which point he once again makes a pin attempt and this time there is now question it's a fast count from the ref but Pillman is once again able to get break the count. This time by getting his foot up on the rope. The ref was seemingly going to count to 3 anyway but Barry Windham catches his hand before he strikes 3 and points out the feet on the ropes.

    Sexay gets a chair on the outside and cracks Windham in the ribs with it. He then goes to hit Pillman who is against the ropes with the same chair but after Windham who again refuses to stay down gets at him Lawler Jr mistimes his swing and actually takes out the ref (who rolls to the outside) with it instead. Windham pulls the chair out of his hand however and chases him back up the ramp with it leaving just our two competitors in the ring with a downed referee. The King tries to not let the loss of his son on the outside and the referee he had in his pocket inside the ring change things but Pillman reverses out of his attempted big slam into position to hit the champ with his Hangman's neckbreaker finisher but there is nobody there to make the count and a frustrated pillman rolls to the other side of the ring taking a moment to recuperate.

    It literally is only a moment however as Andre The Giant makes his way out and into the ring. The commentary team bring up his loose cannon moniker as Pillman get to his feet and actually beckons Andre towards him seemingly inviting the attack. Lawler who himself had ran afoul of Andre last night now rises to his feet with a big smile on his face. A loud gasp is then heard from the audience however as Andre truns and cracks the champ across his head with a big overhand chop! Even Pillman is caught off guard by that and perhaps that is the only thing that allows such a big man move quickly enough to also catch the challenger as he grabs Pillman across the throat and Chokeslam! Andre takes a moment then grabs Lawler and drapes his body over Pillman before going to the outside and tossing the ref into the ring before leaving. Still a bit groggy it takes a moment for the ref to make the count but when he does it is still quick but again 1..2...Kickout!

    Both men get back to their feet together and begin to exchange big rights and lefts. Somehow after everything he has gone through tonight from the backstage attack by DX, the pre match assault by his opponent and now Lawler Jr & Andre's involvement Pillman is back in the races her and going neck and neck with The King much to the fans approval. They especially approve when as Pillman avoids Lawlers last closed fist attempt and delivers a tornado DDT to Lawler in it's stead before pinning the champ. This time however the countisn't fast it's slow and Jerry is able to kick out after a long 2

    Incensed Pillman screams at the ref a little too long and allows Lawler to get back to his feet behind him. He is however able to spot this on the titantron and when The King tries to swing a clothesline at him ducks leading to Jerry taking out the referee. With this being the second ref bump it seems the people in the back decided he needed to be replaced as another ref immediately cam sprinting down the ramp and entered the ring just in time to see Pillman hit Lawler with a picture perfect dropkick. Then as the champ goes to get back to his feet the challenger goes to the apron and BOOM hits his Air Pillman springboard Lariat and makes the pin....1.....2......3!

    Winner: Brian Pillman

    Yes, We have new Champion!!

    final thoughts
    BWA Roster 2016
    1. Shawn Michaels
    2. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    3. The Rock
    4. Brian Pillman
    4. Arn Anderson
    5. Ricky Steamboat
    6. Jerry "The King" Lawler
    7. New Age Outlaws
    8. Chyna
    9. Tessa Blanchard
    10. Andre The Giant
    10. Haku / Meng
    11. Bruno Sammartino
    12. Minoru Suzuki
    13. The Fabulous Moolah
    13. Mae Young
    14. Muhammad Ali
    15. Tully Blanchard
    16. Barry Windham
    16. Kendall Windham
    16. Jimmy Savile
    (gifted) Grandmaster Sexay

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    LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment - LWE



    IC Title Match - The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith (C) Vs. David Hart Smith with Shaul Guerrero

    David had been getting involved in his father's matches which angered Davey. Davey did not like how David and Owen Hart were talking and treating David's girlfriend Shaul. David and Owen attacked Davey backstage leading to David teaming with Eddie Guerrero on the weekly tv show Friday Night Ignition. David challenged his old man to a match for his IC title which Davey accepted. Eddie and David both tried to talk to Shaul to tell her that she could do better than David but she choose to stay with him. David tried every dirty trick to win even asking Shaul to distract the ref and get him a chair but in the end she slapped him and walked off. Davey picked up the win and kept his title. He tried to shake hands after with his son but he refused.

    Winner: The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith

    Tag Team Titles Ladder Match - The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) Vs. Austin Aries and Magnus (C)

    Despite Chris's injury, Shelley climbed the ladder to get the tag titles at their rematch

    Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin - they new tag champs

    Mr. T with Santina Marella Vs. Nigel McGuinness with Brooke Hogan

    Santino has been asking Mr. T a guest host GM one week of Friday Night Ignition could they make a team MrSanT, Santina has taken Brooke Hogan's clothes, entered a beauty pageant and won leaving her furious so she encouraged Nigel McGuinness to beat up Santino, Mr. T helped the fool and this lead to the match. Nigel won but Mr. T knocked him out after the match with Santino's help and the two posed in the ring after the match. Santino chased Brooke from the match to the back.

    Winner: Nigel McGuinness

    Marty Jannetty Vs. Christian

    Jannetty had attacked twice the GM Christian who had in ring retired, as he did not win to be the No. 1 contender for LWE world title, he blamed Christian, calling him Edge's unawesome side kick who rode Edge's coat tails. He goaded Christian into attacking him and accepting the match. Jannetty even got help from Jack Swagger in the match but in the end Christian won with the killswitch. After the match Christian's stalker Liz was shown in the audience. Christian called security to have her removed.

    Winner: Christian

    Take Me to Heaven and Hell Match: Anything Goes - Owen Hart Vs. Eddie Guerrero

    Owen has lost his chance to be LWE No. 1 contender and blamed Eddie, costing Eddie his chance at the LWE title. Owen was also racist in his comments to Eddie's daughter Shaul. Eddie challenged Owen to a match. David Hart Smith got involved in a match that involved chairs and ladders, both also went backstage but in the end it was Eddie who won with help from Shaul who used a chair on Owen. Shaul helped her dad up raising his hand.

    Winner: Eddie Guerrero

    LWE World Title Match - Seth Rollins (c) Vs. John Morrison

    Morrison had won to become the No. 1 contender, Despite a close match Rollins retains his title but raises Morrison's hand as a show of respect after. Bo Dallas comes out dressed as Seth to congratulate him. Seth and Morrison look on in disbolieve at him.

    Winner: Seth Rollins

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    MWA WrestleRama VI

    Stable of Geniuses w/President Trump vs Team Hassan
    Test, Albert & Titus vs Hassan, Daivari & Low-Ki

    Finish: Hassan has Titus locked in a Camel Clutch but before Titus submits Trump drags the referee to the outside & the ref falls with a thud. Trump's smirk doesn't last long as he is thrown into the ring by Low-Ki. Hassan & Daivari intimidate him into the corner but before Hassan can hit him he is attacked from behind by Low-Ki with a chair. Low-Ki hits Daivari, sending him out of the ring, before hitting Hassan again. He puts down the chair & hits Hassan with a Ki Krusher onto the chair. Low-Ki drags Titus onto Hassan as Trump revives the referee outside the ring. The ref slowly makes his way back in & counts the pin Stable of Geniuses have won & it's all thanks to a betrayal by Low-Ki

    Titus, Test & Albert
    This isn't the time for Trump to get his comeuppance and a turn from Low-Ki will both keep Hassan strong and give him & the fans a feud to get invested in as Low-Ki becomes the figurehead of the Stable.

    Intercontinental Championship
    Apollo Crews vs Jordan Devlin vs Shinsuke Nakamura (c)

    Finish: Devlin's mouth made him prime target for both men in this match, he suffers a broken nose after a stiff palm strike by Nakamura & he is basically eliminated from contention when Apollo leaps from the top turnbuckle to splash him through the announce table. Both men fight it out inside the ring with plenty of near misses. The match climaxes when Nakamura escapes from an attempted Powerbomb, bounces off the ropes & hits a Kinshasa with such velocity Crews flips off his feet. Seemingly out of nowhere Nakamura is tossed out of the ring & Devlin pins Apollo Crews, becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

    Jordan Devlin
    I wanted Devlin to win here as I feel he could be a breakout star for MWA but also don't think it would work if he out-performed both men here. Devlin never really earned his shot, he talked his way into contention but he didn't wrestle his way there. This way he continues to talk himself up, he gets the job done when it mattered, albeit unconventionally, and it sets the feud to continue. Now that he's the champion Devlin's mouthing off is going to go into overdrive but moving forward I would have him back it up in the ring much more consistently, beating both Crews & Nakamura fairly in the upcoming feuds.

    Also I thought the bloodied Becky Lynch moment last year was one of the coolest images in wrestling recently and wanted to attempt something like that with Devlin holding his Championship aloft with blood pouring from his broken nose.

    Tag Team Championship
    Kings of Wrestling vs American Wolves

    Kings of Wrestling
    Cesaro & Hero win on the night after an even contest. I would intend on only keeping them together for a short while though as Cesaro would quickly rise the ranks to challenge on his own

    Submission Match
    Tyson Kidd vs Samoa Joe

    Finish: After a brutal 20 mins Samoa Joe has Kidd in a Kokina Clutch, choked in the middle of the ring. Kidd is turning purple but refusing the tap out as Natalya is at ringside, tears streaming down her face begging Joe to let him go. Tyson finally passes out & the referee calls it. Medics rush down but Joe isn't letting go. Natalya is screaming that Joe is killing her husband, he eventually releases his grip and stands in the corner. Medics are now giving Tyson Kidd oxygen in the ring, Natalya in inconsolable & Joe is laughing as he looks at the chaos he has caused.

    Samoa Joe
    With Joe the victor he moves onto the MWA World Championship feud. Tyson Kidd is forced to leave MWA but he makes a return a few months later saying he never submitted & so should never have been fired. He aligns himself with his old buddy Cesaro as he attempts to get his job back.

    MWA Women's Championship
    Io Shirai vs Asuka (c)

    Io Shirai
    Io finally accomplishes the goal she joined MWA for over a year ago. Asuka's character would shift to a much darker tone as she tries to get her title back, seemingly hearing voices from her mask as she becomes more and more deranged & vicious

    Hardcore Match
    Jeff Hardy vs Diamond Dallas Page

    Jeff Hardy
    The battle is lost for DDP, he leaves MWA shortly after WrestleRama as he accepts he cannot save Roberts if he can't defeat Jeff Hardy.

    MWA World Championship
    Jake 'The Snake' Roberts vs Daniel Bryan (c)

    Finish: President Trump gets himself involved in the match when he pushes Bryan off the top rope. He instructs the referee this is now a No DQ match and orders him to continue. The match finishes with Jake Roberts tapping out to Bryan's Yes Lock. As Bryan celebrates Jake brings the snake Damien into the ring; Bryan hits Jake causing him to drop the snake to the outside. It slithers towards Trump who runs around & into the ring to escape it but he goes straight into a Yes Lock by Bryan. Trump taps out immediately.

    Daniel Bryan
    Time for Trump to suffer a bit at the hands of Daniel Bryan. The environmental crusade would continue but Bryan would maintain his role as Face of the company for the foreseeable future. Jake Roberts disappears from MWA shortly after WrestleRama but would return looking much healthier in order to fight Jeff Hardy.