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apc ups as power backup

  • 07-02-2019 8:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 229 ✭✭ lovehathi

    Hi Everyone,

    My friends office are disposing old apc 2700watt 3000v some what like that model. It does boot but does not hold power for long. So they are replacing with new.
    So if i get solar panel, can i use this as power back of some kind. Is there Any way this can work, if i replace the battery.

    And will it take the load of the house. Any rough guide to put load of house on to it.

    Lastly , i saw in manual hot swap-able battery but they are lead acid. Can i change with lithium ion if possible.



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3,364 ✭✭✭ rolion


    They are good old beasts but not efficients..

    I have 3 managed cloud based Smart UPS but i am using for different reasons:
    -one to protect my vintage audio video
    -one to power the critical life elements such as lights,pumps,ventilation,gas boiler and alarms
    -one for all the IT related gizmos
    I had a single 3oooVA unit but was very hungry in power consumption,i had to let it go.

    I had to rewire the fuse panel to get all the circuits bypassed and rerouted so that in event of grod failure those UPSes will keep me going for a number of minutes until panic is over or looking at options.Imagine yourself in the evening grid going of and panicking inside...with the ups you will have between 30-45 minutes to look at options or hope power grid is restored. Same for servers,more for my vintage equipment.

    They are working online mode,so they protect for any funny electrons on the circuit / grid and they kick immediately if grid goes of.
    The amount of power that consume to keep it online mode is around 50Wh per a small unit.
    Make the maths... as they are not designed to keep for long time /term a appliance powered on but rather to allow a gracefull / normal clean shutdown of the connected IT equipment / Servers.

    Overall,i will not think of them as battery storage but rather protection / panic deal breaking.

    A 2500VA unit comes at around €1,000 these days with batteryes special designed for them at almost half the price when needs to be changed.Better buy new units..
    You cant change the battery as they are managed by the internal controller as certain parameters.

    What you could do is trade in the older units for newer UPSes if you can find the right supplier...

    Good luck