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New Build - Heat Pump or Rads?

  • 04-02-2019 8:29pm
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    We're planning the heating system for our new build house which will be a timber frame house, timber clad, highly insulated and airtight to the current A3 standard (at least) as required. Floor area is 125sq. m, floor will be concrete screed to act as a heat sink.

    We've been quoted 15 - 20K for an underfloor heat pump heating system which seems phenomenally expensive to me. I'm wondering if that capital outlay for the system isn't better spent on super efficient electric radiators, possibly powered by a PV cell. For hot water, I'm thinking solar thermal and to confirm to Part L requirements, a wood burning stove? I think this would come in at a lot less than 15k. Additionally, we could install MVHR to recycle the warm air produced, if necessary. We have spruce trees on site which we need to cut down to gain access so we have a couple of years wood supply for the stove also.

    Apologies if I haven't given all the relevant information but what are the thoughts? If I need to supply any extra information, let me know.



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    Heating with pv isn’t efficient. You’d have electric heating half the time and the BER assessment would take account of that.

    Stove for back up heating and hot water. Only works if there is someone lighting the fire every day.