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Erasmus in Prague (Charles University) or Utrecht University? HELP!

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    Hi all.

    I have put this in both the Prague and Utrecht forum as there is no general topic forum.

    I am currently studying a BA in Politics and IR in Dublin.

    I have been offered a place at both Charles University in Prague and Utrecht University in the Netherlands as part of an Erasmus for the year 2019/20

    I am completely lost as to what choice to opt for. I have done extensive research and both have positives and negatives. Can anybody give their advice or knowledge from both universities and cities? Which deals better with Erasmus students, which has better departments etc, which is a better place for student life, etc etc. I know these questions are subjective, but any information or tips atall, and I would be extremely grateful as I have to make a decision over the weekend. In addition I don't speak Czech or Dutch, so will this be a problem for finding part time work in either country etc.

    All advice welcome,


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