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How much should my rent be?

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    Hi all,

    In college at the minute and currently living in a chalet in a lovely family estate in Doughiska in Galway City with my partner. The chalet is behind the main house where it's garden should be and there are tenants in the main house. We're currently paying 860 per month for a small chalet that has a kitchen, bedroom and dwarf ensuite and have the use of our own kitchen and cooker etc.

    So I'm wondering what the rent should be for this house (if you want to call it that). A few things to note - the house was built a year ago. There is a very bad problem with dampness especially when we have a shower as it's such a confined space. The heaters are electric and run up the bill very badly. There is a bad draft in the house and we find it very hard to heat it. There's a built in wardrobe in the bedroom but it's tiny and also there's very little storage in the place. We pay our own wifi and the rest of the bills are shared with the main house.

    Personally, I think our rent is very expensive. It started out as 750 rent with 50 Euro for bills and has only gone up since we moved in. Would love your opinions!



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    It's whatever you agreed to pay, presumably both parties knew what market rent was.

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    It's whatever you agreed to pay, presumably both parties knew what market rent was.

    Well thanks for stating the obvious

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    If the old rent was 750 per month and you have a signed lease and proof of that rent, the most you should be paying now is 780 pm.......

    4% is the most rents are allowed to increase in each annual lease and the landlord has to give you 90 days notice and a sample of three similar properties in the same general area and size and character as the place your are renting to prove any increase.

    The issue with damp needs sorting and could be down to ventilation while showering which is very common in older houses especially in the rainy west.

    It should be possible to register a complaint with the RTB but they are so slow that your course could be over by the time you get a result depending on how long you intend to stay in Galway.

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