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Body & Soul Campervan Campsite

  • 29-01-2019 3:07pm
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    Hi all!

    I'm considering renting a campervan for Body & Soul this year and wondering if anyone can give me some more info about the campsite - there's very little on the website. I've been to B&S a few times before but have always stayed in the other campsites (in a tent). Is it worth splashing out on a campervan? What are the facilities like in the campsite? I know it's generally the furthest away but I don't think it's to much of a trek from the main area - am I right? Also, is there an electricity hookup available?

    Sorry - I'm totally clueless, I've never actually camped in a campervan in general so all info would be greatly appreciated :)


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    You don't get anything for your money, in terms of the campervan pass, other than the ability to bring a campervan!

    There's no electric hookup (understandably, it would be super expensive to set that up for a single weekend), the facilities are essentially the same as any other campsite (toilets, place to dump your chemical toilets, water taps).

    Body and Soul is small, so there's not really much of an extra trek - we pushed a kid's trailer around all weekend and it never felt like a substantial walk (it was located basically at the entrance to the campsites last year).

    Having my own campervan, I can only say that it's a superb experience to go to a festival with one. Ours is a simple thing without a shower or toilet in it (we have an awning that we use with a portaloo and portashower instead), but having a proper, warm bed is excellent, and you will likely have running water in it too for cleaning, refreshing, etc. You can turn up to the festival with your van fully packed with all your booze and not have to worry about carrying it or unpacking again. You'll probably have a built in stove, which lets you make a tea or coffee any time you want (great in the morning), or even cook some breakfast if you feel like it (your close enough to food trucks to not need that though).

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    Thanks a lot for your reply and for all the info :) I think I might have to give it a try - it would certainly be an improvement to sleep in a real bed and not wake up in a plastic oven!

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    This is going to sound silly but I take it unless you have a campervan pass, you can't get into the campervan site but If you have a campervan pass is it OK to stay in the general camping site?