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Smoothies giving me migranes

  • 26-01-2019 8:13pm
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    I started making my own fruit smoothies at home, for health reasons but also because I can bring them to work with me so Ive been making one every morning. I just put in 3 or 4 strawberries, a small handful of blueberries and another small handful of raspberries, soy yogurt and milk and sometimes a small teaspoon of sugar.
    Since ive started doing this, a few hours after finishing the smoothie I get a really bad migraine, I dont usually get headaches and the smoothies are the only thing ive changed in my diet so I really think theyre causing them.
    I used to drink innocent smoothies or buy a smoothie in a cafe with no problems.
    I would often eat a bowl of fruit with yogurt and not experience any side effects so I dont know why the homemade smoothies are causing me to get headaches.
    Has anyone experienced this or can explain to me how a smoothie could cause a migraine?



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    First thing I'd suggest is to stop taking the homemade smoothies and see if your headaches stop. If they don't, then you know you have a different problem which will have to be figured out.

    If they do stop, then it could be an ingredient in your mix that is triggering them, so you might have to adjust your mix and try identify what is the trigger. So, no strawberries for a day or two, no blueberries etc. Could be the brand of yogurt or it could just be a reaction of the combo.

    Why it is triggering you though, could be a number of things - bad batch of fruit, combo isn't agreeing with you, too much of one particular fruit is causing a reaction (this happens to me with apples), could be the container that you carry the smoothie in. Could be a longish process, but elimination method does work, just remember to log what you have tried out

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    Mod note: Sorry OP, we cannot offer medical advice here. You should discuss this with your GP. Thread closed.

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