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Replacing Lost Share Certificate...?

  • 21-01-2019 3:02pm
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    Up to a couple of years ago, I had 10k shares in Bank of Ireland.

    They had a reverse stock split and that left me with 334 shares.

    Today I phoned Goodbody's - the only company I have had any correspondence from on this matter, though I don't have an account with them - asking about a share certificate for the 334 shares. (I still have the cert for the 10k shares)

    Goodbody's said to phone Computershare. Computershare said that they sent me a certificate for the 334 shares in July 2017. I have no record of this, and I'm fairly meticulous about this sort of thing.

    Computershare said that they can issue a new certificate for a fee of €62 if I have a document (I can't remember what they called it) countersigned by a recognized bank or company of their choosing. I think that having the document signed by BofI would be ok.

    Do I have to go through with this? Or is there an easier way of replacing the cert?