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US influencer, Caroline Calloway - how not to do it

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    I don't know either the "influencer" or the journalist here but this Twitter thread is epic. The "influencer" is an American girl called Caroline Calloway who tried to set up some workshops for her fans to spend some time with her, learn from her and generally be in her company (from what I can make out). Kayleigh Donaldson is the journalist who was already following her and tweeted step by step as the whole thing blew up.

    Tl;dr: influencer tries to organise nationwide tour of events, charges $165 for tickets, doesn't book venues, doesn't organise anything, has one event, cancels the tour.

    Kayleigh is still tweeting updates to this so read to the very end.

    Article here if you'd rather read it in long form.

    I actually feel a bit sorry for the influencer, she is obviously young, completely clueless and has no one with a bit of sense in her life to tell her to STOP. On the other hand, she is doing all of this out of what i can only assume is greed and/or laziness - the idea of 'easy money'.