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Visiting Sydney

  • 17-01-2019 3:23pm
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    I basically planned my honeymoon and a trip to Thailand out of the wonderful people of boards so i am asking a question that while asked before, hasn't been asked by someone in my shoes:

    Question: Recommendations on things to do when based in Sydney for a break?

    So the background is: My Wife and I are travelling over to see her brother in Sydney (Manley). We have a 3 month old baby with us so that rules out the going out and getting locked part every night.

    So we are going for 2.5weeks, obviously have to spend time with the brother but we are renting a car so we arent too tied down. Money really isnt an issue (I know that sounds crazy but we are mid thirties and you know yourself if your away your away) so hostel type stuff isn't the main thing, but i do like the free stuff too. :D


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    There is a really nice small beach in manly called Colins Flat beach. Easy to get to and if its been raining, it has an actua waterfall that falls onto the beach. It's pretty amazing.

    Nearby Colins Flat Beach is Little Manly Beach which is more family oriented and has a secure swimming area.

    If you head north maybe 2-3 hours to Port Stephens/Nelson Bay/ Anna Bay area there are nice beaches, you can take camel rides, there are some small theme parks.

    About an hour north of Sydney, places in and around The Entrance (yes, its name is "The Entrance") on the Central Coast is a really nice estuary, parks, swimming, fishing and a nice town for a day trip.

    Just south of Sydney is the Royal National Park. Great drives and has small little towns in it like Bundeena, again with a nice estuary, nice beaches, kayak rentals, BBQ areas.

    Ku-Ring-Gai Chase national park is really close to Manly as well to explore. More beaches, scenery etc.

    Palm beach is north of Manly on. Home & Away has its beach scenes filmed there so you can see the surf club and the beach is obviously nice as well.

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    Botany Bay National Park is the one I’d highly recommend.

    It has a real tranquility and you can sense the connection to history as you walk around the monuments and memorials

    Plus, with a car it’s incredibly easy to get to