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Major Update -- Unit Conversion Website -- -- Feedback please

  • 13-01-2019 6:28pm
    Registered Users Posts: 9 brendan353

    Hi everyone.
    I just wanted to let ye know that I have updated the website and I am looking for feedback please.

    I have added a host of new features and improvements

    1. Fractional values
    You can now express numbers not only in decimal but also in fractional units
    i.e "1 3/4inch in cm == 4.445 centimetres"

    2. Multiplication and division
    You can multiply and divide units by a number now
    i.e "2m 4cm * 4 == 16 metres 32 centimetres" or
    "5m / 2 == 5m / 2 in m cm == 2 metres 50 centimetres"

    3. Volume units
    Added a number of volume units for conversion
      Kilometre Cubed, Metre Cubed, Centimetre Cubed, Millimetre Cubed, Micrometre Cubed
      Mile Cubed, Yard Cubed, Foot Cubed, Inch Cubed
      Kilolitre, Litre, Centilitre, Millilitre, Microlitre
      (Imperial) -- Gallon, Pint, Cup, Fluid Ounce, Tablespoon, Teaspoon

    i.e "10litres in gallons == 2.2gallons", "4 fluid ounces in cm3 == 113.652 centimetres cubed"

    3. Furlong Distance Unit
    For those who venture to the races and need to be able to convert between miles and furlongs to kilometres then this unit has been added.
    i.e "2miles 1/2furlongs in km == 3.319 kilometres"

    Speed and Pace Units
    Because the converter can divide units by each other you can now express speed and pace units in terms of distance and time. i.e (speed) "4mph + 8km/h in m/s == 4.01 metres / second" i.e (pace) "4min 8sec / km in min sec / mile == 6 minutes 39.117 seconds / mile"

    You can also convert between speed and pace. This will make it easy for athletes to get their pace from speed and vice versa. i.e "10mph in min sec / km == 3 minutes 43.694 seconds / kilometre"

    You can also get the distance traveled by multiplying speed by time i.e "10km/h * 2h 21min == 23.5 kilometres"

    Fuel Units
    I have added the ability to be able to convert between mpg and litres/100kilometres. This will be very useful for people who need to be able to convert between different fuel consumption units. i.e 10miles/gallon in litres/100km

    It is much more powerful than that and you can represent any combination of volume and distance units. i.e "10miles/gallon in km/gallons" -- "10litres/100km in gallons/km"

    I hope you like my updates and you will find them useful. If you have any feedback let me know.