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Old steak in freezer

  • 04-01-2019 4:22pm
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    Way too close to food safety I’m afraid. This means it’s against Forum Rules. If in doubt, Chuck it out!

    The Gloomster!


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    Mod note:
    A refresher for anyone not familiar with the forum charter. Please note the only advice permitted with regard to food safety - the one that errs completely on the side of caution:
    Food Safety

    We absolutely do not allow threads about food safety. If you’re not sure if your chicken is still edible, then we cannot help you. Threads started will be immediately closed. We (the Food & Drink mods) feel it is unsafe for posters to accept advice from random people on the internet about food & drink products which they cannot see, smell, touch. Furthermore they would not know the conditions that the item had been stored by either the retailer or consumer. If you cannot tell if the food is safe to eat, then how would you think that someone at the end of an internet connection would be in a better position to decide if it was safe? As they say in professional kitchens – “When in doubt, throw it out”.

    If any advice was given & subsequently taken after which you or another poster became ill - it would potentially leave liable. It is our duty as moderators of these fora to protect from this happening.
    Finally, any breaches in the charter will be dealt with by warning, infraction or ban – there will not necessarily be a warning prior to banning and not learning from prior action will result in your posting rights to the forum being revoked permanently.

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