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Do Facebook page owners make money directly through Facebook?

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    Obviously, youtube channel producers can make loads of money if they have enough followers watching their videos, but is it the same on Facebook?

    There are pages there with millions of followers, and they release video content there also, and I am sure they are not doing it just for how do they make money from it? Ads revenue, the same as youtube?


  • Multiple ways to make money through Facebook. They can share affiliate links on the page, they can advertise their products, they can post advertisements of other people and charge them per post.

    Now Facebook has also started the Adbreak, which means Facebook page owners can make money through the videos they publish.

  • They seem to be preparing for monetizing all the traffic they have on their website. Old 'It’s free and always will be' slogan just got removed from main FB login page and it is not a surprise for me. FB can charge people lot of money and they will still pay to be there - same as all the companies relying on social media and internet.
    Big money to be earned, seriously BIG.