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Looking for advice to managing online portfolio

  • 27-12-2018 2:28pm
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    (Hopefully this is not against the forum rules - apologies if so)

    So I work for a large multinational who merged with another, and we previously had a online stock trading platform (based with UBS in the US) where i still have shares.

    So now UBS are no longer dealing with our company but I still have access to shares I hold there but can only access them via phone. UBS have recommended I setup a local account with someone that I can transfer the shares that I hold with them too.

    So I suppose has anyone every had to do something like that? I assume the correct thing would be setup a trading account with someone like davy or goodbodies or someone similar beforehand?

    Thanks in advance


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    There are usually charges involved in shifting shares around like that.

    It may be worth it if you intend to hold them and to trade further or are in line for further job related share options.

    If not, consider selling the lot.

    There are also different types of account with the brokers. Some have annual account fees and others just execution fees (ie buy and sell fees).

    You really need to root around online to find the best option for you.