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Best way to profit from revoking Article 50.

  • 20-12-2018 6:06pm
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    There is a high enough chance that Article 50 will be revoked that im considering the best way to profit from it.

    Given that would likely massively help the GBP strength and give renewed life to the FTSE what do you think would be a good way to profit from such an event.

    Would a simple investment in a FTSE index be the best option?


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    Funny I was thinking of starting a thread to the flip side - what Irish business to invest in that benefits from Brexit, surely there must be some with reduced UK competition and mostly domestic market or perhaps further afield?

    To answer the OP pretty much any Irish company with exposure to the UK will boom if A50 is revoked, Ryanair would be an obvious choice to me, I'm sure that there are many many other UK companies on the LSE that will also or an ETF for sure.

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    The value of sterling has dropped 20% approx since the Brexit vote, so in theory the value of sterling should rise by 20% approx in a revoke A50 situation.

    The value of sterling rising by 20% in a revoke A50 situation would have a negative impact on FTSE 100 stocks which generally earn more outside the UK than within while reporting in sterling so in theory they should fall.

    The companies that should benefit most from a revoke A50 situation are FTSE 250 companies as most of their income is earned within the UK.

    Irish and European stocks would also get a general boost imo as one of those unpredictable thingys that markets hate would be removed.

    Of course predicting anything around Brexit is unpredictable at best.