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40th birthday ideas for the wife

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    Hi All,

    Could people give me some ideas what to plan for the wife for her 40th. What I was thinking was to give her €2k as I know she wanted to buy some jewellery and surprise her with a night away and dinner in a nice restaurant. Would this be considered a good present or would anybody have any other ideas? We have young children and she is not set on the idea of going abroad and leaving them with family.

    I was hoping to put more thought into the birthday itself - I feel with the above ideas I have not put much thought into it.

    Just to note she does not want a party and is very much a low key person so no big fuss but I want to mark the occasion.

    Thank you all


  • Do Not Give Money.
    I'd leave my OH if she gave me money as a present. Jebus.

    I'd prefer nothing, money is awful, awful, awful present for a partner. Buy a ring/necklace and book the nights away yourself!