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C&C Rivals

  • 20-12-2018 2:52pm
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    So now it is actually out......turns out it is amazing! Anyone else playing it?

    For those who don't know it is this

    It is another case of a trailer not doing a game justice.

    They have done a great job of converting the C&C formula into short little intense battles while still retaining the strategy of the original. I started playing for nostalgia sake, expected a dumbed down version for mobile gamers. But it has so much strategic depth, and takes a lot to learn how to play it properly I'm pretty hooked. You don't have to just understand the units, but their speed, their pathing, the general's special powers all play a part.

    It follows the same principle, harvesters gather Tiberium, you spend that on buildings and the building produce units. You can have 6 units in play at once, heavier units have a longer cooldown and bigger cost so it is hard to flood the battlefield with tanks. But the Rock Paper scissors balance is really good.

    You have to blow up the opponents base, you can attack it outright but the best way to battle for control of the missile, two hits kills the base. There are usually 2-3 pads if you control the majority of them the missile ticks up in your favour but it can be stolen at any time. Makes for some really good last-second comebacks.

    The game keeps ramping up, you earn loads of XP, coins and crates that I've never had to buy anything, and each PVP league is ranked so you never play against anyone who had spent a fortune upgrading units until you are at the same level. Once you unlock NOD at level 9 you get much more control, second harvesters etc.