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New sat nav advice Garmin

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    I just got a Garmin Sat Nav with camera for 270 in Halfords. So I am new to this. I attached it to the right handside of the front window. I would have preferred the dashboard but the suction thing only works on the Window.

    When I take the Sat nav off, it can loosen the suction thing off the window meaning I have to reattach. So, wondering do most people just leave the Sat Nav on the suction holder or what do they do when they leave their car?

    If I manage to get it off the suction thing, it can be a bit awkward getting it back on. Also, that bloody wire, what's the story with that? I have run it from ciggy lighter around the back of the wheel. Not nice.

    Give me some user tips - please



  • I generally only use the sat-nav when far from going unfamiliar places, such as around Dublin. I just detach the suction cup and put the whole lot in the boot, wiping off the coffee ring spit stain on the windscreen also.

    A sat-nav is worth around €200 - €350 (depending on make and model etc.) and in Dublin plenty scumbags would break the side window to steal it, leaving you with even more expense as insurance nowadays exists merely to prevent the Gardai fining you as you could bet your two testicles no insurance company would cover sat-nav theft either.

  • I have a garmin, and it's a bit older so they may have changed things, but you can press a clip on the back of mine and it detaches from the suction mount quite handy, without having to remove the suction mount itself from the window.

    I find the best place for them, depending on what car I have, is the top of the windscreen, in the passenger corner. This way it's up out of your way when you don't want to use it, and when you do want to use it, it's not stuck in your face.

    Personally, when I'm leaving the car alone, I tend to just leave it on the windscreen. Unless i'm in a particularly dodgy area. It's not too often I hear of satnavs being stolen.