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Lab Suggestion for independent for food analysis

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    Registered Users Posts: 15 ✭✭✭ Dr.Silenec


    I'm planning to bring in some content online in terms of quality of food that we can buy in the supermarkets. I am in need of a Lab that could do this for me or even work on this with me proactively.

    A quick example of what I need:

    Let's say testing tomatoes in around 5-6 samples and checks for:

    1. antioxidants
    2. possible toxins
    3. pesticides residues



  • Welcome Dr.Silenec. Hopefully one of our members will have comments on how you may find a lab for your research.

  • If it's regular testing there is no point in going to a lab that isnt accredited so get yourself over to and check out the list of accredited labs (link)
    Each lab on the list will have a scope which will outline which tests they are accredited for and the sample types they can test.

    If it's more of a one off project you may get more interaction and direction from Teagasc (Food Research Centre at Ashtown in Dublin) who will have scientists that can advise on tests, sampling etc. AFAIK they do all the tests you mention and have horticulture experts on site too who know a lot about tomatoes.
    Similarly, many third level institutions will do a similar thing - UCD, UCC, DIT Cathal Brugha etc. - they might work out cheaper but may not have the breadth of knowledge that Teagasc will.

  • Shannon ABC in IT Tralee work with several supermarkets - Tim Yeomans is the contact
    Food Science and Environmental Health, DIT - Reena Barry Ryan is the contact.

  • Thanks a lot! I'll definitely look into all the options. The tomatoes was only an example :)