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I want to add US maps to my Garmin nuvi

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    I have a Garmin Nuvi with UK and Ireland maps. It's around 7/8 yes old. It doesn't have free updates do has never been updated.

    Anyway, I'm going to the states next year and would like to put US maps, Florida specifically onto it. Hiring one over there is expensive and so is using data on my phone.

    If I buy the US maps would it delete the UK and Ireland ones?

    Any idea where would be best to get them ?


  • You can buy the US maps from the Garmin website and download them.
    If you have space then you'll then have both N. America and UK/Ireland. I had to add an SD card into my Garmin to make more space for everything, your model may or may not have this possibility.

    Nowadays, you can also get free maps derived from Openstreetmap. There are mostly fine, but probably don't have all the lane information that Garmin ones have and this can be useful in the USA.

  • Might cost €80 to download US maps for your existing Gamin with lifetime updates.
    Better option is to go into one of the big stores [eg Walmart], over there when you arrive and buy a brand new Garmin sat nav for around $100-$120.

    Alternative is to buy a new one from Garmin Ireland with US maps pre-loaded.
    Which ever one you go for you need the lifetime updates, it worth it for driving in US where they regularly change junctions.

    Also worth nothing - US maps are BIG so may not fit on your 7/8 year old device.