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Programming Grinds

  • 07-12-2018 10:16am
    Registered Users Posts: 40 Sweg

    Hi Guys,

    I’m offering weekend grinds for the following languages / technologies:

    • HTML / CSS, Javascript
    • Java
    • C#
    • ASP.NET
    • Visual Basic.NET
    • SQL
    • Microsoft Access

    These technologies span across several modules, so if the modules you’re doing involve any of the above then the grinds will aid your improvement.

    The grinds are open to any level of developer. So if you’re just starting off from scratch & want to go through the very basics, that’s no problem.

    Also, if you’re experienced & just looking to fine-tune your code (refactoring, etc.), I can cater for that too.

    As for the sessions themselves, I can provide material to cover, but the content will vary depending on your specific needs.

    For example, you can come to me with any specific issues you’re experiencing in your own personal projects.

    As mentioned above, we can start with the basics. But by the end, you’ll know how to use the above technologies to read/write from/to an Access database, SQL Server, or any other DB you’d like.

    But before you decide to do anything, here’s some of my background:

    • Graduated from BIS a couple of years ago with First Class Honours, and am currently working as a java developer.
    • Received First Class Honours in all my development modules.
    • Tutored Masters in C# and MS Access (performing CRUD operations on an Access DB using C# and SQL).
    • Tutored 2nd Years in Visual Basic, C# & Access. (performing CRUD operations on an Access DB using Visual Basic (Semester 1) & C# (Semester 2) & SQL).

    We can have one-on-one sessions, or if you'd like to have a group session then we can come to an arrangement for that also.

    Still interested?

    If so, then please send me a message with the number of people interested, & we'll sort something out :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you!