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Club for Gamers / Meetups / LAN Party in Dublin (Console, PC, Nintendo).

  • 29-11-2018 9:40am
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    I had a thought today. My Mum (yes I say Mum, if you got a problem with that then gway! :pac:) is in a book club where they pick a book, read it and then meetup in one of the members homes to discuss the book (whilst drinking a lot of wine :pac:).

    Anyway, I searched online and can't seem to find a gamers club in Ireland. Maybe they do exist and you boardsy gaming nerds can help me spot it? If not, I'd be willing to set one up. Please note, I am not talking about board games or card games, strictly console / PC only.

    The idea stems from my passion for gaming. I moved up to Cork for a couple of years for a job, and I met a bunch of lads who loved gaming also, so about once a month one of the guys setup a little LAN party. It was so much fun playing Gang Beasts, Bomberman...etc physcially with people, in a room, a few beers...etc. Now that I have moved back up to Dublin, my friends up here aren't gamers, so I've nobody to setup a LAN party with.

    The reason I have come on Boards about this is because when I moved back up to Dublin I wanted to play 5 a side footie once a week. Of course, good owl reliable boards, a guy set one up and I messaged him and I've loved every game since. (I mean lets be honest, us gamers don't get out much, so if I can play footie once a week, it feels great :rolleyes: ).

    I can game on my own happily at home, or find a discord to find some people to play with online. But I'm over that. I'm over Fortnite and competitive gaming. I want to be with people, in a room and have a bunch of laughs and discuss upcoming games...etc I have never laughed so much in my life playing Gang Beasts. What a game. Maybe I should title this Thread 'Gang Beasts Club'. Although that sounds very dodgey.. :eek: :P

    Anyway, here are my ideas starting out:

    - Meetup once every 2-3 weeks (Could turn into a weekly thing if desired).
    - Bring along your console / PC / Controllers / Spare Monitors if we need them
    - It would run 7pm - 11pm.
    - Have a few beers, order Pizza..etc
    - Sort out where the missus will go if you are hosting the night
    - Repeat
    - Game ideas (Non AAA titles): Gang Beasts, Human Fall Flat, Broforce, Portal 2, Overcooked 2, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Bomberman

    I would love to hear your ideas. It would essentially be FREE. All you need to do is get to the house. Between us we would have enough controllers...etc. We could setup a WhatsApp group for attendance / gear needed...etc

    If you would be interested in joining me in this venture pm me, or reply here.


    NOTE: My idea doesn't mean, let's review games when we meet up, more so just to meet up and play games in a local environment.

    I can find nothing online so far. MeetUp just has board / card games.


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    I tired something like this before.

    A list of games randomly chosen and then to be played for a month.

    It ended up petering out quite quickly unfortunately.

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    Retr0gamer wrote: »
    I tired something like this before.

    A list of games randomly chosen and then to be played for a month.

    It ended up petering out quite quickly unfortunately.

    I probably should have mentioned that we wouldn't be reviewing games like in Book Club. More so meeting up to play games and just chill out and enjoy local gaming.