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College drop out - can I study again any bypass years I already did?

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    Hi all,

    So I stupidly dropped out of ITB (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown) in 2011. I was in my 3rd of 4 years studying a business degree.

    I am thinking of going back to study business part time and was wondering if any one could advise me as to whether or not the 2 years I passed can be off set against the new course or do I need to start all over again. Thanks.


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    Contact whatever college you are considering and see what they say.
    Back in the day I did a cert and then a diploma. When they working and after about 10yrs out decided that I wanted a degree. Contacted my old college who said I could drop into 2nd year. Contacted another who said 3rd year. Finally found one who said I could get into the final year(4th). Really though it felt to me as if I was doing 4 years worth of work in one. Managed to get my degree and a great result but boy was it hard hard work. Never actually used that degree as I only used it to get into a different course.

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