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Interesting books about Irish geology for a beginner?

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    Hi all,

    I have recently developed an interest in geology after travelling around Scotland last Summer. I've been reading books about Scottish and Welsh geology so far, but would like to know more about Irish geology now and anything interesting on climate change.

    If you have any good recommendations, that would be very much appreciated. :)

    Also, does anyone know of anyone who does little field trips for the inexperienced?

    Thanks so much.


  • Hi. I would highly recommend Reading the Irish Landscape by Frank Mitchell and Michael Ryan. Mitchell was a real authority on the natural sciences in Ireland, and his writing in this is very accessible. It's a great introduction to the Irish landscape. You'd most commonly see the 2nd Edition (1997) but a 3rd Edition was published in 2007 and you'd occasionally see it on Amazon.

    Next year the International Quaternary Association are holding their annual congress in Ireland and there's loads of field trips planned. The full list is here so you could check if anything interests you, but MG:L-6, the Wicklow trip, has run before and I believe was very well received.

  • Hi Conchir,

    Thanks for that information. I will take a look for that book. It sounds ideal.

    The Wicklow trip sounds very informative. What a landscape! Looks a bit like the glens in Scotland-the glaciers are fascinating.

    Great tips.