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  • 20-11-2018 10:49pm
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    I'm interested in getting on the Blitzortung network. I'm a user of the Boltek-Astrogenic system for the last 10 years and want a new lightning detector as there has been very little development in the NexStorm system since getting it a decade ago.

    From looking at the website, there are only a small few (8) stations here in Ireland:

    * Belfast
    * Newtownards (Conlig)
    * Galway
    * Wexford
    * Kenmare
    * Castlemaine
    * Maynooth
    * Thurles

    The Thurles station is not too far away, c.40km or so and I think it is the LIT Tipperary campus there.

    Ideally, I'm looking to get in contact with the owner of one of these stations for advice, assistance or whatever.