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Santa Present for 5 Year Old Girl (that I don't know)

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    In work we run an anonymous xmas gift programme where we buy the Santa presents for disadvantaged children near the office. We are told the name and age of the child and (since the programme has been running for a few years) we are told the gifts they received previous years. The parents then collect the gifts and give them to the child as if from Santa.

    This year I am buying for a 5 year old girl. Apart from stocking fillers and girlie bits and pieces (sparkly hair bobbins/hat & gloves/pjs) I'd like to get her a proper santa present. Does anyone know what is the "in" thing this Christmas? Or something that every 5 year old girl wants?


  • I used to love doing this until they stopped the one i used to do it for. Such a nice thing to do... I think those LOL canister dolls are all in now Surprise Under Wraps. I must say I was quite impressed with them as an adult seems like lots of fun in the one thing.. Was in Smyths recently too and the lady at the till said they were all the rage

  • interactive coloring, interesting backpack, a set of sand with memory .... Book or set for creativity.