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Tax on shares and funds

  • 14-11-2018 4:21pm
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    I have my mortgage cleared and would like to invest some of my income as will need a bigger house in a few years. Lived in another eu country previously and had shares and funds and paid 22% tax on the profit when I sold them on return home.

    I will be using Degiro and would like to invest in a few index based funds. How does taxation work on these in Ireland? Will this effect which funds I choose? How can I look at a fund and reliably establish what tax I will need to pay when selling it?

    I am also interested in buying a few shares on the irish stock market. Again what considerations do I need to make with regard to tax?

    Very greatful for any advice,


  • Registered Users Posts: 145 ✭✭ alph

    I'd also be interested in this as I'm looking to invest some money on a regular basis (likely ~500 / month) but don't know much about the tax implications here.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,991 ✭✭✭ Taylor365

    This thread worth reading: Using Degiro

    Stamp Duty
    Deemed Disposable
    Income Tax

    I only invest in US Stocks so pay income tax on dividends and CGT on profits.

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    Can someone explain step by step what needs to be done (or point to a website/thread with this)? I'm not seeing anything specific on that DeGiro thread.

    I am a PAYE payer and registered with MyAccount. Via DeGiro, I have a few thousand in profit from trading (many trades) throughout the year and about 100 euro in dividends (mainly from US Shares and spread out over many payments throughout the year).

    Everything I am seeing online is either Form 11 (Income Tax) or using paper forms. Is there any way to do this via MyAccount?
    1. I understand I have to pay the tax by Dec 15th (for all disposals up to Nov 30th) and Jan 30 for disposals in December. How do I pay this via MyAccount (I am not seeing any option)?
    2. I then need to give the specifics on the Form 12 next year (by October). Again, I am not seeing anything on Form 12 on MyAccount for Capital Gains. how do I do this?
    3. With respect to the dividends, while I see Form 12 has a slot for both Irish and US Dividends, given the DeGiro is taking 20% DWT already, what figure should I be using here? Also, given that these dividends were paid in USD, is there anywhere on DeGiro that I can see how much they were worth in Euro?

    Finally, why do revenue make the process so friggin' hard and intuitive??? I'm an intelligent guy. I am financially clued in. I want to pay my taxes, but they are making it extremely difficult and very likely for me (and most people) to make a mistake (for which I'll/we'll get blamed/penalised). We're talking small sums of money here. It's not worth going to an accountant over!