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Anyone know what mic Ninja uses?

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    Hey dudes. I'm very interested in starting with some streaming of horror games or video recording (for Youtube) at the very least.

    I watch quite a few streamers on Twitch and I've always thought Ninja had super solid sound quality.

    So, my question: what microphone does he use as of lately? This guide (link) says he uses an AT2035 some sort of USB audio interface, but I dunno if it's outdated or not.

    Anyone able to give a heads up on whether this is his actual audio signal chain setup at the moment?


  • I would thoroughly recommend looking into what would suit YOU, not what someone else uses, especially big streamers who are very likely to be operating inside a sound-proofed studio and/or with multiple machines and/or or have more going on than meets the eye. For example, I recently purchased a Yeti Nano Microphone based on recommendations, not realizing that it was so good that it picked up literally EVERY sound in this room, even the birds chirping over the rootops 50ft away, nevermind the sound of my computer whirring right next to me. Unless you are in a position to perfectly replicate their environment and/or setup, chances are it won't be identical for you as it is them.

    I know that's not as nice as hearing the actual answer to your question but do keep that in mind if you're going to go all-in based on what someone else is doing/using.