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Star Wars Music

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    Had a look but couldn't find a General Star Wars Music thread on this board.

    Kicking one of bos of this article I saw:

    Listen to John Williams' Lush New Arrangement of an Iconic Star Wars Theme
    “Across the Stars,” too, better known as the love theme for Anakin and Padme, is also incredibly memorable, pulling all of the grandeur that John Williams’s music is known for together and melding it with a deep, galaxy-rending sense of longing.

    As noted by the people over at John Williams Fan Network, a new arrangement of “Across the Stars” has recently been released, created by Williams himself for German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, to be released as part of a compilation of Williams songs reinterpreted for the musician next year. It’s a rich, yearning arrangement, both intimate and sweeping, hopeful and tragic.

    The video of the single song used in the article is here:
    It just uses a background image though

    Someone in the comments of it links to the full concert though and you can see her play it (jump to 2:03:25):

    This link should be direct to it: