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Ursuline for secondary school - sports and extracurricular??

  • 04-11-2018 12:45am
    Registered Users Posts: 2 Tallow8

    HI there.
    I'm hoping someone with a daughter in maybe 1st or 2nd year in the Ursuline can help me with a bit of info about extra curricular activities and homework club. My daughter will be starting there in Sept, (we got an offer for a place). Had hoped to get an offer from Newtown because the longer day being available there for sport and tea and study would have suited us really well but no luck. When at the Ursuline open day, one of the girls bringing us around (a 5th year) did tell us that there was some sports training after school and also homework club and that the students could go home around 6pm. This would be ideal for us, but she wasn't sure of the times of anything and there wasn't any Q&A opportunities at the open evening. There were a lot of sports and extra curricular activities mentioned, but no idea when they are on!
    Would anyone be able to tell me what extra curricular activities there are at the Ursuline after school and what time they are on and also if there is evening study, what times and is it open to first years?
    According to the schedule we got, the normal school day is over at 3.25, 3 days a week and 4.05, 2 days a week and the idea that we would have to collect at those times will make things pretty impossible for us.... there is no bus from where we live and both my husband and I work full.
    I have tried to call the school a few times before Midterm but no answer and then they have been closed for a week. We have to accept the offer this coming week so any info gratefully received! Thanks


  • Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ Lilo66

    Hi sports timetable only goes up after school starts. Most sports on one pm per week. After school study for first years pay as you go.

  • Registered Users Posts: 491 ✭✭ Daisy 55

    Extra curricular activities, such as sports after school would depend on teachers volunteering. Couldn’t be counted on as a definite every week.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2 Tallow8

    Thanks... that's what I would have thought. I know they have fixed hockey training everyweek but the girl who took us around on the open night wasn't sure when for 1st years... and I know there are other sports too... I will call the school tomorrow and try to get an idea of the school day. Thanks for your reply.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,357 ✭✭✭ dartboardio

    I went to the ursuline, only left a couple of years ago. The after school homework club is an ongoing reliable thing, came in handy for my mum as she worked full time all week so I’d finish at 4pm and go into homework club until half 5 when she’d pick me up but it goes on until six or after. It’s €2 each day as far as I’m aware, and it’s nothing to do with teachers volunteering there would be one lady who does it everyday as far as I’m aware and yes it is available to first and second years and beyond

    When I was there there was lots of extra activities, hockey, basketball, Gaa, badminton, swimming, chess etc you name it. As far as the times go I’m not 100% possibly some lunch times and the teachers would take the girls out on a bus etc away for a match or after school until six which would suit you!

    They have a Facebook page and are very active on it so might be worth checking out there and asking. It is a great school I just wish I took advantage of that! Definite the best in Waterford apart from Newtown (for girls).