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What 'makes' a murderer?

  • 02-11-2018 9:47am
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    So with the art of profiling and all the knowledge that has been collected over the years, what do you think makes a murderer? Not talking crimes of passion or fleeting moment of anger, but full blown serial killer types. Is it nature or nurture? So many have 'mommy' issues, but then some have perfectly good upbringings in happy homes.

    I think I'm on the fence leaning to nurture more than nature but probably feel some are just born that way. I find the whole profiling thing so interesting and loved Mindhunter to see how it all came together (dramatised I know), but some of the profiles are so on the money it seems to be a true art.

    Thoughts on this?


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    It's probably a bit of both with nurture being the main factor but I think someone needs to be predisposed to being affected to that level by their upbringing.

    I find it fascinating too, I love the psychological aspects or crimes and what drives people to commit them. The book that Mindhunter is based on is a very good read.

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    =(:-) Me? I know who I am. I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude (-:)=

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    I definitely think there is some kind of nurturing disconnect in your most formative years that inform that side of yourself. Nobody is born evil, and it doesn’t seem to be a genetic thing (although psychopathy is) Also there has to be some kind of attachment issue through your developing years which tends to turn you into an exploitative individual with poor behaviour control and blunted emotions. Ted is fairly certain that his childhood didn’t inform who he is but I think it probably had more of an influence on his behaviour than he thinks.
    A one time, fit of rage, heat of the moment type of murder you could almost rationalise, but it’s the ones who are career killers who are harder to understand.
    Ted had quite a superficial charm which is why I think he was a psychopath, but indeed not all psychopaths are serial killers and vice versa.
    It’s something I’m really interested in but I don’t think it’s something we’ll ever be able to pin down to specific traits or variables. People can seem perfectly lovely and normal on the whole and then turn around and commit the most heinous crime.

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    In relation to Ted Bundy, if you've watched The Confession Tapes, it was certainly his mother that made him.

    It's insatiability in my eyes that plays a big part. Ted talks about pornography being the motivating factor. I like to use this in the drugs analogy. With drugs, you start off with small stuff, then true addicts go bigger and bigger and bigger.
    Ted started off with Porno, then more extreme porn, then.......well, lots of other stuff. It's just one of the stepping stones much like weed would be for an addict.

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    From looking at the stories of many serial killers - the social misfit or similar has often been cast as the usual type of personality deemed likely to be killers. However it appears that many are in fact sociopaths / psychopaths. Glib and even superficially socially acceptable - the reason these individuals are able to kill and kill again is that people trust them are and often least likely to raise suspicion.

    Ted Bundy comes across as just that. The blame of external influences, the appeal to others to understand, the wiping away of a tear - pure classic narcissistic sociopathy. Funny thing is I've met a couple of people in life with these traits - though I've no idea whether they would make possible serial killers...

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    =(:-) Me? I know who I am. I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude (-:)=

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    Misanthropy and being mistreated by humans for years creates a mind fit for killing, however just because you have a mind fit for killing doesn't mean you will kill. There are many potential killers around but they have control over their actions. All humans have this killer mindset in them somewhere, we are animals after all, if someone broke into your house and threatened to harm your family I am sure most men would be ok with killing the intruder.