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Bus Eireann interview process

  • 15-10-2018 5:23pm
    Registered Users Posts: 28 ✭✭✭ likeadoctor

    Hey all,

    I have applied for work as a driver with Bus Eireann and just heard back- after about three months! I am wondering if anyone knows about their recruitment process?

    I've been given a date and location to show up for the first of several stages:

    - Supervised assessments.
    - Interview.
    - Driving assessment.
    - Production of satisfactory references.
    - Pre-employment medical examination.

    So a "supervised written assessment". Does anyone know what this will be about? I was given no information beyond this and I have got a much better chance of a swift response on here than from themselves. My best guess would be an assessment on my knowledge of the rules of the road perhaps?

    Any genuine insight or advice would be greatly appreciated! :)