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Getting a Female-Only STEM Scholarship as a Man

  • 10-10-2018 1:45pm

    I am a student currently attending university, and I am required to pay a large tuition fee as a result. However, it has come to my attention that there are an array of women-only scholarships/grants for the STEM field (a field in which I am studying at the moment). In order to help cut down on costs, I was wondering whether it was possible to make use of these as a man. I am already investigating a particular scholarship (but will not name it here for privacy reasons). I have been searching online for resources on this, but cannot find anything on the topic.

    Would it simply be enough to change my identified gender to a woman? I don't mind having to play a part (given that I could save quite a bit of money). Has anyone ever attempted this, and if so, tell me how it went?