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Child Depression

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    My very young son has recently been diagnosed as depressed. He has attempted suicide more than once, but its all news to me...

    He has been referred to CAMHS and is waiting for a bed for treatment at their Linn Dara in patient unit.

    I guess I'm looking for other peoples experiences with CAMHS. Was the treatment successful or a waste of valuable time, did their child recover and lead a normal life after? I'm aware of the waiting lists and I'm concerned about his delay in treatment while waiting for a bed.

    I have tried to get a second opinion or to at least check with someone else that this is the correct procedure to follow, I have since been told that I am putting my child at risk by trying to get him to see another doctor against his will.

    So I basically have no options with my own childs care and absolutely no guarantees that this is the right path for him.

    Any feedback from any parents would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.