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How are you finding the season so far?

  • 08-10-2018 11:51am
    Registered Users Posts: 36,030 ✭✭✭✭

    I'm one of the lucky ones.

    My OR is just over 3k, and most of my decisions have gone my way.

    Not getting Kane at all.
    Having Fraser at the start of the season, and getting off him at broadly the right time.
    Playing Adam Smith for 2 games only. And he returned in both.
    Not having a single captain fail.
    Having Mendy at the start, and selling him for Trippier at the perfect time.
    Getting Patricio at the absolute perfect time.
    Jimenez consistently returning points from pretty much the moment I got him in.

    There have been blips - AWB on the bench in GW1. Getting Alonso ever so slightly late. and a few others.

    Also, having Salah hasn't hurt me, despite not being at last season's level yet.

    I think the key so far is that having Salah, for instance, hasn't affected my team because of the lack of value, generally, in the 8.0-10.0 range, bar Mane. Wolves are providing great assets for cheap. AWB at Palace. Arnie at 7.0. Fraser. Bournemouth's strikers.

    if Spurs start firing, it could get interesting with all their mids in that range. or if Ramsey gets consistent returns, and Arsenal prove to be a reliable home for assets. you may not realistically be able to hold Salah for almost 13.0 if he doesn't starting doing the business properly.

    This season, it does seem that decent players are doing well, as opposed to a lot of seasons where the first few GWs have some mad teams at the top. But there are a lot of good players faltering badly. Jay Egersdorff, for instance, is close to 1m OR. so it's all proof that 50/50 decisions going wrong are getting punished harshly.

    What are you making of the season so far? I'm obviously loving it, but that's because I'm biased because of my good OR :D

    What are you making of it?


  • Registered Users Posts: 15,262 ✭✭✭✭manual_man

    I'm 15k and delighted with my start. Returns for every captain choice, transfers for the most part have worked out pretty well. Frustrations have been gk points (this week I finally got a score over 3!) and then obviously there's a few players I've missed out on (Bournemouth lads, Doherty, Trippier). I've had more points on the bench than I'd like on occasion, but really I think this has affected nearly everyone (and some to a worse degree). Used my wildcard but otherwise all chips available. Overall delighted with my start and hopeful of achieving my best finishing o.r. for many seasons.

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,339 ✭✭✭✭Rikand

    I'm half a million in the world and I'm hating it. Not getting any transfer decisions right, the wrong side of every single 50/50. My interest in even logging into FSA on boards is almost zero. Its demoralising.

    The LMS is pretty much all I have left

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,751 ✭✭✭Thepoet85

    Just inside the top top 10k. This time last year I was 1.7m and finished 45k mark.

    Enjoying it but it's small margins as others have said. The game can turn for the better or worse in one week.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,048 ✭✭✭Brian201888

    I'm at 30k having used my wildcard and I'm not happy with my team at all. Half tempted to take a 16 point hit to get it where I want to be

  • Registered Users Posts: 36,030 ✭✭✭✭SlickRic

    Rikand wrote: »
    I'm half a million in the world and I'm hating it. Not getting any transfer decisions right, the wrong side of every single 50/50. My interest in even logging into FSA on boards is almost zero. Its demoralising.

    The LMS is pretty much all I have left

    keep going.

    i've been demoralised many a season.

    for a good player, my brief enough history has shown me (8 years) that luck is often the difference between getting a top 100k and getting to top 5k and beyond.

    you can make a load of good decisions and still falter for a lot of the season. but you will get a good OR if you keep making well reasoned decisions.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 708 ✭✭✭loadwire

    Currently 184k, happy with that considering I was 1.6M after GW3.

    Started badly, missed the high end defenders and some bad captain choices. Wildcarded after GW2 and had another bad week in GW3 but slowly that early WC has paid off. Took a gamble getting rid of Salah at that point which could've backfired. Getting Haz in this week and captaining him turned what would've been a bad week into a good one.

    Good guys: Alonso, AWB, Ricky, Fraser
    Bad guys: Lukaku, Eriksen, Salah

    Overall it feels like there are more good options for the front 8 than the last few years resulting in fewer template-y players but I guess it's still early.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,022 ✭✭✭✭Iused2likebusts

    Im at 375k. Have been happy with my team most weeks even if it hasnt delivered the points it possibly could have. I think its been the year of the wildcard delivering instant returns. Every week since last international break it seems a lot of the obvious picks are delivering straight away for those that wildcard. My biggest regret so far is not moving for doherty before his home game against burnley in gw 5. Think it has the makings of a very good season as there are a lot of options and difficult choices to make.

  • Registered Users Posts: 39,498 ✭✭✭✭KevIRL

    Season going decently enough so far.

    Current rank is 50K. Most of the season I've been inside the top 100K but this is my highest rank of the season so far.

    Good - Have gotten captaincy returns every single gameweek
    Bad - Missed out on Aguero's hatrick and Hazard hatrick
    Good - Didnt have them captained, but had them in my team at least.
    Good - On Arnie since the start got Mitro in pretty quickly
    Bad - No Wilson
    Good - Got Hazard in before Bournemouth game and caught his wave nicely
    Bad - No Wolves
    Bad - Awful keepers
    Good - Ricky in at start
    Bad - Walcott
    Bad - Useless bench apart from AWB
    Good - Havent had to use them
    Good - Mendy from start
    Good - Got Trippier in for him at just the right time
    Good - Got Alonso in at perfect time. Robertson since start

    Feel like I'm well placed going into International Break with 2FT's.

    Have my WC still to use and all my chips. Would reckon a fair amount of those ahead have used at least one.

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,223 ✭✭✭✭Cienciano

    I'm 280k, doing alright, nailing captain choices but not so much on transfers. No kane this week was nice, best move so far was dumping salah for hazard the week hazard got his hattrick.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,191 ✭✭✭✭Shanotheslayer

    I'm 52K after a drop from 15k.

    The good - I've got Hazard in since before his Hat trick. I got rid of Salah and it's paid dividends.

    The bad - DDG. Shocking signing. I had 13 points on my bench this week. I went Wan B over Laporte and Bennett.

    The good- my transfers have been decent most of the time

    The bad - my transfers last week were woeful.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,952 ✭✭✭Morzadec

    Very disappointing so far, 415k overall.

    Definitely a sense of "what could have been" with a pretty poor start but a lot of players I was strongly considering performing. Went with Eriksen and a cheapy ahead of Richarlison and Pedro and have been playing catch up ever since.

    Then for the early WC I played I was on the verge of transferring out Salah but bottled it. Decided that Salah and Pedro offered better captaincy potential than Mane and Hazard.

    It's a long season so some time to catch up, but already 70 points behind the leader in my long-standing mini league (although he just used BB, so maybe more like 50 or so in reality). Haven't even bothered checking the pay in leagues I entered on boards, I know I'll be nowhere near in contention.

    The plus side is slightly less interest / obsession in the game, I felt like I was getting too invested last season when things were going well in terms of time spent reading / planning etc... and in the build up to this season too. I'll still do my best to catch up but I have no expectations to do so

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,702 ✭✭✭Pete_Cavan

    I had a horrendous start, I'm not even inside the top 3.7m in the August leaderboard! I WC'd, got my **** together and my transfers/captain picks have been coming good since. In the top 10k for September. I didn't have the early season bolters (Richie, Alonso, etc.) but was in early on the next wave form players (Mitro, Maddison, Laca) so have amassed points and team value since. Comfortably inside the top 300k now OR so needless to say, I have enjoying it much more now.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42,079 ✭✭✭✭Scorpion Sting

    Well what can I say really, the perfect start. 97th in the world, no captain blanks and 2 free transfers ahead of gameweek 9, I’ve never had it better in FPL. Getting in Hazard before his 20-pointer, ignoring the Jamie Jackson article and captaining Aguero for his hat-trick and doubling on Doherty and Patricio with the wildcard have proved to be the key decisions so far for me.

  • Registered Users Posts: 19,651 ✭✭✭✭Ace2007

    Rikand wrote: »
    I'm half a million in the world and I'm hating it. Not getting any transfer decisions right, the wrong side of every single 50/50. My interest in even logging into FSA on boards is almost zero. Its demoralising.

    The LMS is pretty much all I have left

    I don't even have the LMS, on paper my team looks decent, but just can't get selections and captain choices right. I've been on freefall since GW2.

    I'm tempted not to do anything with my team for next few GW's and leave capt on Hazard and just see how it goes, captain choices/transfers are killing me slowly.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,906 ✭✭✭claw

    Pretty much stuck around the 200-250K mark till last week's disaster. Now 470K. Thought Kane was a great choice of a captain last week and even though it didn't work it out it is more the fact that I don't have Hazard is why I dropped so much. Have had Salah and Mane since the start. Would blame Mane rather than Salah for the fact that hasn't paid off the last few weeks.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,358 ✭✭✭macraignil

    82 points in the game week just gone with two green arrows in row bringing my OR to just over 157,000. Spent more time on the game this year than previously and paying off with OR which is the best I've got to. Being making transfers early and played early wildcard after game week 2 so squad value is now 102mill with 2.2mill in the bank. This is the first week I'm considering banking my free transfer as I'm fairly happy with the way the team looks now. Missed some points on the bench with Fraser there when he scored 18 and Ings and Wan Bissaka also on the bench when scoring well at times so potential there to be even higher in OR with same squad if I can be better at picking the first 11. Mane looks to be the weakest link in the team currently but Liverpool have had a tough few weeks in the teams they have faced so he'll get another couple of weeks to prove his worth.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,361 ✭✭✭Shedite27

    Bout 100k all season long, happy with the start,, my big regret was getting Shaw instead of Trippier when Mendy was injured. It really was a 50/50 decision in my head, cost me about 15 points

  • Registered Users Posts: 929 ✭✭✭Markx

    Going OK. Started GW1 at 83K but somehow was forced to pull the pin on the WC
    in GW5 at 500K. Back up to 76K now. Usually hoping to be top 100K at the turn of the year and kick on from there if possible.

    The Jamie Jackson affair was a bad day but it caused me to change my mindset a little following which I've made better decisions.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,537 ✭✭✭Dr. Bre

    Tough. Outside top 500k. I normally finish inside top 100k. Only positive is having wildcard still! Normally used by sept

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,400 ✭✭✭✭machiavellianme

    Rikand wrote: »
    I'm half a million in the world and I'm hating it. Not getting any transfer decisions right, the wrong side of every single 50/50. My interest in even logging into FSA on boards is almost zero. Its demoralising.

    The LMS is pretty much all I have left

    I'm at 1m and don't even feel like that. There's still most of the season to go.
    I'm still on track to amass 2000+points by the end of the season (which is a personal goal for the last 16 years). Hating the slow build up of value and the price volatility but I'm still optimistic despite getting only 1 in 4 choices right yet.

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