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Luas repairs or maintenance

  • 01-10-2018 2:24pm
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    Hi all, I live at Charlemont in a ground floor apartment right next to where the Luas comes down the slope from the bridge to street level. It's a pretty loud place to live in general but you get used to it so it's not too bad.

    The problem I have was last night they were doing something to the line right outside my window. I'd say I am about 6 metres from the track. It seemed to involve welding the track, or at least blowing it with some sort of torch. The welder was powered by a generator that was making a huge amount of noise and the light from the torch when it sparked was literally like someone flashing a camera into my room in a strobe like effect every minute or. I have curtains, but they were doing nothing.

    I got basically got no sleep until around 5 in the morning when they finished up.

    Does anyone know if that sounds like routine maintenance or an extraordinary repair? There was nothing scheduled on their website. If it is routine I think I'll have to buy blinds or something because I presume they'll be back. I don't really want to be nimby resident who complains, but I wish they could erect some sort of tent or blocker to prevent the light from hitting windows at night it was really bad.


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    You should probably contact them and check. But sounds more like an emergency repair rather then regular maintenance.

    If it is ongoing I'd recommend a face mask and ear plugs. I've had to use them myself from time to time and they can work well once you get use to them.