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40th birthday present ideas (sort of, eh, urgent)

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    So, this is purely hypothetical... but say if one were married to a woman and her 40th birthday is coming up very, very, em, verrrrry shortly - hypothetically, say, tomorrow! - and she doesn't want to leave the very young kids for even part of a night, even for one of those rosemantic dinners from your 20s, what in the name of Jesus would a poor Irishman give as a present?

    I know the radicals among you would suggest something mad like "Ask her" but what if that question had been asked, and the wonderfully fúck you answer from herself was 'Have you no ideas yet?', and the only idea the poor lamentable schmuckeen had was to ask anseo, what would the helpful cailiní suggest?

    A dinner out with the kids doesn't sound very calm - and it definitely wouldn't last four courses (Ha!!!) - but she wants something with the kids. I could throw in her auld pair and bring them all out for dinner and that might be the nearest I'll get to a bit of old-fashioned romance at this stage in life. So, any ideas? Also, jewellery could be a winner in this hypothetical scenario. Any suggestions there? (it could be bought today and "I didn't want to get it inscribed until I knew you liked it" used as cover) Perhaps a family photo?

    I've already checked Dealz, Aldi and Lidl but couldn't find anything although I got a nice card for €1.50 in Dealz so that saved me about €10 on Hallmark.

    Anything to recommend from My Deal

    Yes, I suppose this hypothethical scenario is seeking a sort of MacGyver of rapid romantic ideas to fix this one!


  • What about a voucher for a family photo shoot? You should definitely have some sort of token gift for the day though. Get the kids to draw/ make her something, wait on her hand and foot all day and if she doesn't want a dinner out what about breakie or lunch?

  • Could you book her in for treatments somewhere (facial, nails, massage etc..) while you mind the kids?
    Not sure if anywhere near you open on a Sunday though! Check local hotels with spas.
    Maybe have a nice dinner then that evening?
    Make as much of a fuss as possible.

    God love you OP!!

  • Jewellery.
    Get to the jewellers before it closes today.
    Does she already have an eternity ring? Traditionally a 1st wedding anniversary/1st child gift.
    Buy one today. She can get it resized in her own time.

  • Voucher for a spa day/facial. Give the house a bit of a clean. Tidy the kitchen, set table, get in a feed of nice takeaway/delivery and tidy up after. Everyone gets fed, don’t let her lift a finger and she can treat herself to spa day on another day.

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