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Cocktalk stirrer from a bricks and mortar shop

  • 27-09-2018 10:53am
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    Hi there,
    Anyone any idea where I would get a cocktail stirrer around dublin city centre.
    Looking for the long spoon like stirrer for adding tonic water and the likes.


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    Stock on South King Street, Nisbets in the ILAC; Nisbets likely cheaper but depends which is closer as it'll be a euro or two in the difference at most.

    edit: also there is a chance Nisbets wouldn't have it in store as only a fraction of the items on the site are; Stock always do.

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    Thanks for recommendations, will pop into both :)

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    Dealz have long latte spoons, 2 for 1.50.

    If you had a metal BBQ skewer you could probably bend the end into a suitable shape.