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Looking for a mouth to lung e cigarette for high VG juice

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    I took up vaping last year to give up cigarettes. I had an on and off relationship with both the cigarettes and vaping. Many times I caved and bought a pack of cigarettes.

    There was some trial and error with juices. Eventually my preference was towards high VG (70) and sweetish juices like salted caramel. 18 mg nicotine. I have to source my juices from the UK because local shops and online shops don't have what I need in a juice.

    I started with a naulitus 2 tanks and 0.7 coils. This worked for some time. Over time I began to experience problems with leaking and the tanks seizing up and getting stuck.

    I currently have an Nautilus x tank and its ok. However I don't like the mouth piece. I have to take apart several times a day to clean it and the amount of muck that comes out is unreal.

    I'm looking for a new tank. Something that will tolerate relatively high VG. Any recommendations?


  • I have to clean my mouth piece several times a day and this is what I find. Sometimes I find black spots on my lips from the juice too.

  • Juul is a gamechanger if you can get it with the 5% USA pods. No juice, better hit than an actual cig!

  • I have to clean my mouth piece several times a day and this is what I find. Sometimes I find black spots on my lips from the juice too.

    Looks like your coil is burnt out/gunked up. High vg isn't really suited to mtl vaping as it clogs up coils and doesn't wick as well as say 50/50 liquids. Personally I find high vg liquids have less flavour and throat hit when mtl'ing but if that's what you're into you should consider getting into rebuildable tanks. There is some really good options out there at the moment for mtl. I started out on a nautilus like device and then got a Digiflavor Siren V2. I'd highly recommend it, just get some cotton and precoiled 1ohm Kanthal coils from fasttech and you're good to go. One advantage is you can very cheaply change out the cotton regularly when it get's gunked up by your high vg juice.

    As far nic salt based devices as mentioned above they are worth trying. I'm not a big fan, found it a very different experience to normal freebase nic liquids

  • Yep, mtl juice is better mixed at 50/50 or max 60/40. Some of the newer mtl rta's can handle 70/30 VG but for flavour your better off with a higher PG content.

  • Yes, for MTL you need a higher PG ratio. Try and steer away from the sweeter liquids as that's just gunk city. As mentioned by others, higher PG liquids are much better suited for MTL. I've tried 70/30 a few times in my kayfun and it doesn't work very well. It verges on the edge of dry hits as the thick juice can't keep the wick sufficiently wet in a timely manner if your chaining which I tend to do. I dabble in squonking pretty much daily, but I'm probably 90% MTL. I much prefer the sensation.

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  • Just trying a liquid with no colouring might help. The colouring really clogs up the coils. I find I have to replace coils a lot more with coloured juices.

  • Bit late to the party but if you haven't yet, try the salt nic nautilus coils for higher vg liquids.