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St Andrew's Classic 2018 Sep 21-23

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    The 2nd St. Andrew's Classic at St. Andrew's, Booterstown, Co Dublin runs Fri 21 - Sun 23.

    Early Bird discounts expire Sunday 9th.

    Standard discounts available until Wed 19th.

    Online entry:


  • Not a great entry yet for what was a very enjoyable tournament last year . I wonder why? It is quite a similar tournament to Gonzaga in ways but Gonzaga is 5 rounds compared to six,the time control is more generous and the Gonzaga is FIDE rated. St Andrews is also falling two weeks after the City of Dublin and two weeks before Cork (another excellent tournament which isn't being very well supported yet) so only a few masochists like myself are likely to play all three (or maybe even two).
    Irish Chess has probably never been healthier than it is at the moment but there is a responsibility on us all to ensure that it continues to thrive. We can all play our part by paying our ICU and club subscriptions, playing in the leagues, attending club nights and entering tournaments. Strong players in particular can do a lot in attracting others when it comes to tournaments. Always if a tournament advertises well in advance that a few strong players have entered we get a knock on effect where lots of lower rated players follow suit. Perhaps there is a case to be made for our titled players to get "conditions" , not just free entry but perhaps free accommodation? I'm sure that the increased entry would warrant this in most cases.
    So come on you 1800+ players, get off your butts and get your entries in, apart from being a really excellent tournament it is a charity event!!

  • Thanks for your support, Sodacat.

    The event is a week earlier this year (for internal reasons) and, while avoiding the Ryder Cup ;) , clashes with the Eton rapid involving around 20 from Gonzaga. Last year (and the preferred for next and future years) was the final w/e in Sept.

    So sign up folks. Standard discount still available until Thursday.

  • If Cork keeps to the first weekend in October next year we could end up with tournaments on consecutive weekends. There is never much happening in March, would that or maybe late October not be a better slot for the Cork Congress?

  • Over recent years, March has been Cork's "traditional" slot (If there is such a thing.)
    The school calendar would make it difficult to have the St. Andrews Classic at any other time of the year than late Sep.

  • Timing is very unfortunate this year - it clashes with the Olympiad too. Pity, because the location and playing conditions are great.

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  • anchor4208 wrote: »
    Timing is very unfortunate this year - it clashes with the Olympiad too. Pity, because the location and playing conditions are great.

    But even if the big cats are away it does provide a rare opportunity for the mice to play. It is not easy to win a tournament anywhere these days so it surprises me that more lesser lights don't try to step up to the plate whenever a chance like this does come along. Winning St Andrews or Cork would be a feather in anybody's cap no matter how strong the events may or may not be.

  • Well done to the organizers on an excellent spacious venue, with easy access and very good parking.
    Having live boards for all games in the top two sections is also a very positive feature.

  • It's a shame that more 1800+ players didn't bother to enter. A tournament like this deserves support. The lower sections are all very well attended and the "fun Sunday" will be too.

  • St Andrews was again a very well organised and friendly tournament in an excellent venue. I hope that it will be better supported next year. Considering that the Masters ended up being a six player all play all the prize money was excellent 250 euro, 150, and 100 so only two of the six went home empty handed.
    Cork is next and again the entry so far is sparse. People need to wake up and realise that if our weekend tournaments aren't better supported they will die and we will have far fewer opportunities to play. It is the 18 to 2200 players that need to get up off their butts and support these events because they attract other players. Tournaments like Cork are a good social event in a nice venue as well as being hotly contested chess wise and with the Olympiad crew away it gives a chance for some lesser lights to pick up prizes.

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