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Confusing situation with work and college trying to juggle both - wondering how

  • 31-08-2018 5:03pm
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    Hey guys, just wondering if anybody can give me ANY information at all on my promblem - so basically the story is I have finished a PLC course in Limerick City and have gotten into college in LIT and have accepted my course for social care work..however, during the summer things have changed and opportunities have came along for me, I was offered a job out in a nursing home out in Askeaton I have already had the interview and my Garda vetting has came back already and I have yet to fill it out - I get to move in with my old college friend who will be working in the nursing home with me too, I would still love love to do college but I keep thinking I am being unrealistic , I will be working an average of 20 hours a week - so not full time but my friend said my hours will increase overtime.. the bus from asketon leaves in the morning at 7:35 I was thinking I could come in to college whenever I get the chance to I will obviously miss a few days is well because of work and no the boss will not work around my college hours, what do you think I should do ? I was talking to a woman and she said I could always drop out and they will save my place for next year but it will have to be done properly and I will need to fill out a deferral form , sorry if this is all confusing and over the place but I hope someone can help me in what I should do - I will be getting the SUSIE grant too but not much because they have taken my parents house into account and will not leave me change my now new current address , I have applied to boi awhile ago for a student credit card so I will be able to pay for my transport


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    Only you can answer this really
    Can you fulfil both obligations? Is absence from college noted or allowed? I know in my course I could have gotten away with it but others not a hope.
    Can you afford college without working?
    Could you get another job somewhere else with less hours to help you financially through college?
    Can you do your college course part time anywhere else maybe at night?

    I'll tell you now, if you get used to working and earning it's likely you'll never go back to education.
    A qualification is more important long term and I know income might be important to you short term.

    It's your choice, your decision, your own mind to make up.
    Have a think about the few questions I asked anyway to see what's for you. They came off the top of my head in seconds so there's loads more you could ask yourself or get someone to ask you.

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    Can you transfer to a night course in social care? It's a longer road but would give you a similar qualification.
    While the money and the job look good what is your career aspiration for 20 years from now? Do you want to be doing this job or do you want to have moved on/up?
    IMO The qualifications required will only increase as the general population become more educated and organisations will begin to look at the skill base as a selling point. Continuing professional development will roll out across more and more roles particularly in health care where methods and best pratice will change.
    As for your new boss not supporting you gaining a qualification, what is the career plan and how will the job support and add to the plan.

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    I've heard that the LIT college is easy going on your attendance, in LCFE last year when I was doing a PLC I know they were strict on attendance. My college is being paid for by SUSIE they pay my tution fees and I also will get a maintenance grant of possibly 135 euro a month. I'm just wondering how I will be able to pay for transport to and from college - it is going to cost me 50 euro for a weekly pass, there is no way SUSIE would cover the costs of that, hence why I want to get a student credit card just to pay for my transsport fees and not to blaguard it. I am living approx 24km from the college and SUSIE cannot do anything for me regardless of my address because they are taking into account my legal guardians address which is 3km from the college! I don' think I could get another job because I have already moved some of my belongings into my friends house and the nursing home is waiting for me to start soon, I have received my Garda vetting today in my e-mail but have not went through with my application yet because I am afraid they will want me to start straight away and I don't want to yet because I have my induction for college this Tuesday and I do not want to miss that because you have to go to that! I will contact them tomorrow regarding online courses, but I had a search up on it and I'm full sure they do not offer an online course for the course I have chosen. I wish I could do college at night but it could still interfere with work! Some days my friend works 8am until 8pm that would be a whole day of me missing college , just so stuck right now .. wouldn't it be rude of me to turn down the job when I have been offered it and have told my boss at the start that I have choose not to go to college when now I am having second thoughts - I really am trying to juggle things right now I know it could be possible but it would be very stressful with all the travelling and financially.. My plan was to work for a year and go to college next year, but this year I want to just try and do my first year even if it means I won't be in most of the times and next year my 2nd year knuckle down and get my work done, I don't want to waste a year and start all over again next year.

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    Only seeing this now, but Wow.
    Here is what you do. You go to college. The job will still be available when you finish, although at least you'll have more options than working for someone who won't even accommodate you going to college to improve the job that you're doing for them.
    Go to college, focus fully on it.