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Ferry trip for little fella,

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    I was just wondering, I hope to be bringing back a car from the UK, probably Holyhead in the next month or so and I have a ship fanatic at home and wants to come along.

    is there any particular vessel I should use.

    i guess my first concern is smooth sailing, not to be suffering sea sick etc for the child. so I guess the quicker the better then. 2/3 hr sail.

    any boat nicer than that other for a kid in aw at ?



  • You can't really beat the Ulysses, biggest on the route, lots of facilities and entertainment for himself to explore. There isnt a massive difference in crossing time between it and the Stena SFX and the Ulysses is a supremely stable ship, youd barely notice any weather up to Force 7 and it travels up to Force 10.

  • Do note that the outside decks aren't necessarily child safe.

    To my knowledge, the high speed ferries don't allow you to go outside.