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First Year What to Expect

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    Hi, I'm going into the science course that Maynooth has and am so excited to start. I recently got my accommodation sorted after ages of worrying. My only concern about starting is that I'm not very social, which is something that I've always wanted to fix. In 6th year I started to fix that where I went on nights out with friends and met new people.

    Basically what I'm asking is what can I expect based on the social side of things? What's Fresher's week like and what's involved (is that the 17-22nd or 24-29th)? How much should I plan to spend on night's out weekly? Would work clash with that? I plan on working about 20 hours a week, 16 at the weekend and 4 on one of the weekdays. Will this effect anything?

    Thanks for reading and sorry for asking so much, I'm just super nervous and terrified in case I don't actually make any friends!


  • Join any society you think might even vaguely interest you, whether it's teasoc, anime soc, a political party, whatever. The more you join the more chances you have to meet new interesting people. Go to their meetings, they'll usually try bribe you with free food for the first few meetings. If your department or course has a specific soc related to your subject, join that as well. Join one or two of the sports clubs too. If you're not sporty don't worry, Rovers, Muck and a few others are more social than sports focused and have really cool trips and outings.

    As for nights out, spend whatever you feel comfortable with or can afford. You can have a fun night out on €20 including paying into a club, or you could spend a few times that if you're maaaad for the sesh (which it seems you're not).

    A few cans in a mates place before heading to the roost/brady's is always advisable as a way to save a bit of money.