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is the church really to blame for sexual abuse issues in ireland?

  • 26-08-2018 2:45pm
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    i'll try and keep this as short and concise as i can; i'll be open to having any facts corrected - thanks. my opinions are neutral because the church is not involved much in my life

    all the following being in my opinion; one of the reasons i believe the pope did not apologise and has never apologised for political reasons. no matter what pope is in power there are limits to that power

    that one limit being that if the pope apologised and the taoiseach apologises it means state payouts....with the amount of people affected the cost would be detrimental and put the country out of business; but there is more to it than that...

    however, it is important to note that the church is not the "real issue" here.

    paedophile rings exist in every institution or they "meet and organise" some other ways be it a secret society, a bunch of travelling business men or a bunch of factory workers. they are all around you. 1 in every 100 people you meet on the street is a practicing paedophile; most likely a practicing paedophile will be reading this thread and perhaps a few) one way i have heard of and it's documented is that paedophiles meet by offering their child so they can use another child - just by using suggestive words about kids in everyday conversations and seeing if it goes deeper with the person they are talking to

    social media is plagued with abusers because 1 in 7 i believe, children, in a classroom have been abused - perhaps verbally or physically (such as being hit) and in some cases it's sexual abuse

    the church just it made life easy to be to express the paedophiles predatory nature in a secretive fashion

    once you read the linked article below, then you should go out and think well what has the pope brought to ireland (whether you are interested in the church or not) that's had a positive effect on some peoples lives, some of those people that spend a lot of time in churches pray for hope that those angry at the church can relinquish their anger (in issues far beyond what the church could cover) and accept that not everything is bad - no matter what you look at in life there are pros and cons

    the church is there to guide people in the direction of following the ten commandments; because in the long run if you don't follow those simple basic 10 rules your will will most likely end up having more crises in your lifetime to manage than those than do, and some of those crises can end up in murder, man slaughter and even effect and damage whole communities like tuam in co. galway - there was no good reason to go out and destroy a community by digging up stones that should have been left unturned and written off in history as a lesson learned where society need to be more aware of what is going on around them on a day to day basis.

    you don't even need the church in your life or prayers or anything - all you need to follow are a good set of rules, and everyone has their own rules for coping with life in every other aspect except their morals with some people.

    there are many people out there that are willing to overlook the flaws of institutions and human nature because they know that not all of them are bad

    anyone got any views or thoughts?


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