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Higher Diploma in Digital Media Design (Wicklow Campus)

  • 25-08-2018 12:38pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 oohlah

    Hi there,

    Was thinking of taking up the Higher Diploma in Digital Media Design in the Wicklow Campus of IT Carlow. There isn't a terrible amount of information available as to what this course really gets into. I was specifically wondering how far the course gets into the adobe suite. And also what weight is put on different areas ie. graphic design/ web design/ marketing?

    I'm also wondering if this is a good course in general. What are the tutors like? Do they let you focus more on what you're interested in? Also, would I have to purchase indesign, illustrator etc. if I want to work on the software from home??

    Really looking forward to hearing your responses. Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Orla, did you start last week? im only just registered for the same course and was looking for the same info as you. hoping to start this week