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Double / Upright Bass Rental Offered

  • 19-08-2018 12:33pm
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    We're a band from the Netherlands, and we're offering our double bass for rental to anyone in Ireland. We bought the bass as we tour Ireland every year, and it saved us the hassle of flying our bass over, but since it's just gathering dust the rest of the year, we decided it'd be great to offer it to people for rent.

    Perfect for touring bands or those that would love to learn how to play double bass.

    The model in question is a Thomann 111TS/BK 3/4 Rockabilly Bass. Carry bag and bow included. It's in great condition, almost as new. We only bought it a month or so ago!

    The instrument is located in West Clare.

    Short or long term rental is possible, but most likely not during July/August, as that's our touring season. The price is negotiable; the longer you'd like to rent it, the cheaper!

    Please PM for any questions.