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Medtronic Psychometric test

  • 13-08-2018 2:48pm
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    mike1994d wrote: »
    Hey. I have the 90 minute assessment with them on Thursday for an intern r&d position and just wondering if you could give a few tips for preparing for it. Like what kind of questions come up etc. Any help would be great. thanks

    Hi Mike, I have a 90 min assessment tomorrow for an intern BI role. Could you let me know how your test went? And give few information on the test, its format & structure, toughness, and were calculators allowed?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi can I ask how you got on with the Psychometric Test with Medtronic?

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    Hi All, thought I would tell yee a bit about the psychometric tests seeing as there are a few questions here about them. A contractor/operator psychometric test is not the same as the intern ones fyi. I can't remember much from the operator oone bar it was very straight forward and there was nothing you could do to prepare for it, so dont stress about it.

    Similarly for the intern one-intern psychometric is taken at associate level, so if you get accepted to an intern position you should nnot have to retake a psychometric to gain an associate role. There are no technical questions its based more about assessing your personality and judgement/motivation in abstract ways. The test is split into different sections, I cannot remember them all, but one section does require working out some maths in a weird way. Questions would be like "Select A if half of 76 is greater than 33, but only if triple 9 is greater than double 2, other wise select B". Other questions were like, "What is the seventeenth letter of this sentence" Another section had 3 paragraphs that you read (like a small story) and presented you with facts about the story, you had to select if the facts were completely true, mostly true, not enough data to come to a conclusion, probably untrue, definitely untrue. Other questions gave you a fact about yourself and you selected between 1 and 5 if you agreed with the fact (and to what degree) you agree with it eg I am always upbeat and positive. I never get angry at colleagues, etc etc, I am a kind person. THEN later on you were given the same statements but rate yourself against the general population when it came to these traits. One thing to do is be honest imo, a lot of statements will call into question your honesty, or conflict with previous statements etc, its just easier to be honest and give the correct answer-not everyone is ALWAYS going to get on with colleagues, sometimes people have days that are not as great as others, its normal. If you score too highly theyll spot this, your statements conflict. theyll notice etc.

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    That was interesting, thanks for sharing, I agree also re honesty, most often questions are presented to you phrased in several different ways. Consistency will count for something.