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Hurling Tickets

  • 04-08-2018 10:16pm
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    I thought slow about this and this is what I have to say against the defence of people who bought terrace tickets reluctantly as last chance to be at match but then when became available later also bought stand tickets and now foolishly expect to get their bucks back for the terrace tickets! If you buy a terrace ticket my view is go to the match and view it from the terrace there is a great view from any part of the stadiums anyway. It appears that some people are too demanding of type ticket rather than been happy at the match! Secondly the country must be more wash with bucks than one thinks that terrace tickets are not good enough for certain people!
    The arrogance that they now expect one to take the terrace tickets back! Live by the sword die by the sword. Very silly expectations and messing with tickets. I am a die hard clare fan but I question this kind of silly thing.


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    Ah shur the silence says it all!

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    Moved this thread from the Clare forum as I think it's better suited for GAA. Please note the new charter is in place.

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    I presume thats for the semi final.
    If you get any class of a ticket for the final you'd not be looking to hand them back !