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Lapsed Vaper returning to the fold


  • My advice would be if you are going for a stock coil tank, make sure you can buy the coils locally in a brick and mortar shop as there's nothing worse than running short and having to wait for the post. Maybe look into the Smok TFv8 or Prince line of tanks as almost everywhere sells the coils and the vape from them is not bad at all.

    Unless you are dead set on the Switcher, check out the Geekvape Aegis dual battery, the Innokin Proton or for a tad more money the Vboy 200w. These are much better mods with the Vboy being a really nice bit of kit.

    As for batteries, pick up some Sony VTC 6's.

  • Appreciate the recommendations Venom. Time to do some research.

    Went for the Geekvape Aegis from ivape with Sony VTC 5A's.

    The Aegis looked really well built from reviews