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What the Psychic Said

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    Posting to see if anyone else has heard or been told this.

    At a tarot reading at a house party in the Midlands, my colleague was told by the man doing the readings that, at the end of this summer, she would meet an older man who would pay her to go to functions with him as company as he would be shy and quite and she is not, he would give her money for clothes to wear to these function and in the end she would move into his house(assuming it's his house in the country)

    As she is more likely to starve than take money from anyone for anything, it's all unlikely. Ok, it's a tarot reading and a certain amount of 'inaccuracy' are to be expected, but this sound to her(she is not on here)like he was telling her to find a sugar daddy or circumstances would force her into being an escort.

    She's at a low ebb now as its nagging at her. So anyone heard anything like this before?